Pulsar Stuntmania – The Second Episode | Episode Details

Pulsar Stuntmania is broadcasting on full swing, and the second episode of the Stuntmania has just been aired. Today, we will be discussing everything that happened in the second episode of the show.


Bajaj Pulsar Stuntmania is the first-ever Motorcycle Stunt based Reality Show in Bangladesh. Pulsar Stuntmania started a while back, and the first round of the show was a selection process, wherefrom around 8,000 submissions, only a hundred were chosen for the live audition.

In the first episode of the show, there was a montage of the selection process and live auditions. From the 100 people who performed in the live audition, only 30 were chosen for the main event.

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Pulsar Stuntmania – The Second Episode

The second episode of Pulsar Stuntmania was hosted by Indrani Das. The show was the second round of the show, where the 28 selected riders had to take on a challenge and impress the judges.

The honorable judges for this round were model and actress Sohana Saba and Actor and Hero ABM Sumon (Source).

The challenge for the participants was split into two stunts. The first one was to perform standing wheelie, and the second one was to perform human compass.

For the standing wheelie, each contestant was given three attempts. They had to go from point A to point B by doing a wheelie, but sadly most of them failed to impress the judges.

In the second round, the stunt rider had to perform Human Compass on a marked round area. The mark was based on how many times they managed to circle around, and also on their attitude and confidence.

human compass

In both the rounds, there were minor crashes, and luckily no one was injured. Though during the performance of Human Compass, a contestant suffered from a mild tissue injury. These also demonstrate the importance of proper safety gear, as those protect us from mishaps.

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From all the 28 contestants, only the top 10 best performers were selected for the next round. The journey ended here for the rest.

During the following episodes of Pulsar Stuntmania, only one will be the winner, and he will win 10 Lac BDT and a brand new Bajaj Pulsar NS160!

pulsar stuntmania 2019

Third Episode Broadcasting Date

The third episode of the Pulsar Stuntmania will be broadcasted on Friday, the 6th of September, at 11:15 PM. It will be broadcasted on NTV, and later on, the episode will be available to watch at Pulsar Bangladesh Facebook Page, and NTV YouTube Channel (Source).

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