Pulsar Stuntmania – Episode Eleven | The Final Challenge

The first-ever motorcycle-based Reality Show – Pulsar Stuntmania is officially coming to an end – and the final challenges of the season were completed in episode eleven. The winner of the Stuntmania will be announced the next week,  meanwhile,  let’s talk about the final episodes, and the challenges the finalists had to face.

pulsar stunt mania season 1 winner

Pulsar Stuntmania – The Final Challenge

Only a few days to go before Pulsar Stuntmania announces the winner of the season one, and in this episode, the finalists were challenged with 4 heavily difficult challenges! One of them was a team task, while the other three were solo performances.

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In the final episode of the Pulsar Stuntmania was hosted by Indrani Das, and the honorable judges were Actor Sohana Saba and Actor ABM Sumon. Popular music artist Hridoy Khan joined in the judging panel as a guest judge for the episode.

Tirlochan Singh

Before the challenges, The finalists were greeted and wished by a very special guest, Tirlochan Singh, the winner of Pulsar Stuntmania India Season 3. He put on a show with Donuts and wheelies and wished all the best to all four finalists.

pulsar stuntmania finalists

The Final Challenge | Puzzle In The Jungle

The challenge was set in the daylight, in a jungle track. The finalists had to set off, find three hidden hockey sticks one by one, and follow the instructions written on them. The rider will have to break specific colored pots mounted on top of the tree with the hockey-stick, and repeat the process until all three sticks are found and all pots are broken.

The challenge was done in the daytime, and the honorable judges gave their markings by watching the recording of the challenge.

bajaj pulsar stuntmania

The Final Challenge | Free Style

For this challenge, the 4 finalists were split into two groups. Ali and Sanoar were in one group, while Kaium and Sadaf were another team. The teams were given three minutes each to perform freestyle stunt, with co-ordination with each other.

pulsar stuntmania season 1

In this performance, there were three aspects upon which the performers would be judged – stunts and skills, showmanship, and understanding with the team partner. Both the teams and all the members set the ground on fire and kept the judges stunned.

rolling burnout

The Final Challenge | High Chair Rolling Burnout

The finalists had to do a high chair rolling burnout, and do two full circles around three cones placed in the track. While Sadaf and Kaium did good on the challenge, Ali did tremendously, but unfortunately, Sanoar couldn’t complete the task, as he was having problems doing high chair rolling burnout.

high chair burnout

The Final Challenge | Spread The Colors

The final challenge of the final episode of the show was something really different than the rest. Some pots with colors were placed at ground zero, and each finalist had to hit the pots with their rear tyre to put the colors on the ground to create art. All the riders created wonderful art, and Sanoar painted the ground zero with flying colors, literary.

motorcycle stuntpainter

The Winner of the Pulsar Stuntmania Season 1 will be announced on the Grand Finale Gala on 8th November, at 8 PM, live on NTV. Keep an Eye on Pulsar Bangladesh Facebook Fanpage and BikeBD Facebook Page for updates about the Grand Finale, and the Winner of Pulsar Stuntmania Bangladesh!

motorcycle stunt in bangladesh

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Pulsar Stuntmania?

Ans: Pulsar Stuntmania is the first-ever motorcycle stunt-based reality show in Bangladesh.

What Bikes Are Used In Stuntmania?

Ans: In Pulsar Stuntmania Season 1, Pulsar NS160 is used for all the stunts. (Source)

When Is The Pulsar Stuntmania Grand Finale Gala?

Ans: Pulsar Stuntmania Season Finale will be aired like on November 8, 2019.

What Is The Grand Prize of Pulsar Stuntmania?

Ans: The Winner of Stuntmania will receive 10 Lac Taka and a Bajaj Pulsar NS160!

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