Yamaha YZF R1M Price In Bangladesh,Showroom,Review

yamaha yzf r1m price


Yamaha YZF R1M Price In Bangladesh

Model: YZF R1M

Engine Displacement:


Price: Not Available

Status: Not Available In Bangladesh

Last Updated: 16.04.17

Yamaha YZF R1M Specification

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FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

Ans- Both the bikes are speed hungry monster is next to same but the major difference between then is Yamaha YZF R1M is more track oriented bike then Yamaha YZF R1 due it has some of the great features such as smart electronic suspension(SES), communication control unit std(CCU), traction control(TC), full carbon fibre.

Ans- R1M is a Street legal bike and with the adaptive suspension more suitable for street riding than the standard R1. 0Reply. No, the Yamaha YZF R1M is not a street legal bike. Instead it is a track ready bike.

Ans- A 2015 Yamaha R1 fitted Woolich Racing Quickshifter gets put on Motorcycle Malls dyno machine to for testing. By adding a Woolich Racing Quickshifter and with a update to the ECU, the bike now gives the rider have the ability to down shift through the gears with out use of the clutch.