TVS Jive 110

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Specification: TVS Jive 110

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TVS Jive 110

TVS Jive 110cc Price in Bangladesh

Model Jive 110 cc
Engine Displacement 109 CC
Type Standard Bike
Price 1,34,500 BDT
Status Not Available IN Bangladesh
Last Update 01.01.2020

Full specifications of  TVS Jive 110cc

TVS Motorcycle Dealers In Bangladesh

Review of TVS Jive (110 CC): Specification Breakdown and Analysis:

Overview: The TVS Jive is the first of its kind on the in the history of TVS Motors. It was first launched it in 2010 in India. Back then TVS advertised it as “The Tension Free Bike”. Why? Because, the Jive does not come with clutch lever. What?  Yes!!! The bike does not have any clutch lever as it has a semi-automatic Transmission. Yes readers!!! A semi-automatic Clutch less transmission on a 110 cc bike.  And because of this semi-autometic transmission the rider does not have to concentrate any more the Clutch-Throttle co-ordination any more.

The tension of stalling the motorcycle in the traffic is gone because of this transmission. This is not the first time that a bike has got a semi-automatic or a full automatic transmission; some of Honda’s Liter bikes have this feature I.E. the African Twin or TXC or Goldwing series etc. have that feature. Now, TVS want that feature to available to the average masses. Let’s see what this bike actually has to offer.

Engine: The New TVS Jive is powered by a 110 CC single cylinder, 4 strokes and air cooled engine like we say in Jive but it is not Eco thrust engine. The cylinder has 53.5 mm bore and 48.8 mm stroke resulting 109.7 CC of piston displacement. The compression ratio used is 9.2 : 1 which is ensures the longevity of the piston hence engine considering the available gasoline quality in Bangladesh.

The engine is feed through a Keihin AV1 Carburetor with a huge 15 Liter fuel tank and 2 Liters of reserve capacity. The engine is equipped with paper filter element as air filter for its breathing.  The engine has a positive lubrication system for it lubrication. The positive lubrication basically delivers lube-oil from a pressurized reservoir with built-in solenoid valve that delivers predictable quantity of oil to the spinning bearings through a system of stainless steel tubes (According to NASA Technical Report).

This positive lubrication should result in smooth transmission of power without much power loss for friction on the bearings and valve ports.  And all these gismo results in 8.4 PS of peak power at 7500 RPM and 8.7 NM of maximum torque at 5000 RPM. This might looks not so impressive but when this it hooks on to vehicle kerb weighted 115 KG it becomes very impressive. This bike has a power to weight ratio of 33 HP for per 1000 KG.  The Jive has any gear Electric starter and a basic kick starter.

Transmission: The TVS Jive is mated with a T-matic Transmission or semi-automatic or clutch less transmission with 4-speed rotary gear box. That basically means that the bike can start to get going in any gear or stop in any gear or can go to neutral from 4th gear without any problem or stalling the engine. All the gears are in up pattern.

The clutch less system does not mean that the Jive has no clutch at all. The transmission has some electrical sensors that senses when rider has pressed the gear lever and activate the clutch electrically. That is the trick of this clutch less system.  This system is new, so needs to be getting used to it.

Design: The design of the TVS Jive has taken from the Metro which is very attractive too. The same contoured muscular fuel tank gives the head turning factor. The bike has some new two tone graphics designed especially for it. The side panels are perfectly laid out with the whole body design. The under seat panels look muscular.

The rectangular shaped headlamp in the front, a tinted visor on top, the body colored front cowl has body graphics. The seat is dual stitched that gives the bike a unique look. In the lower part of the bike is all matte black finished. The bike has a premium looking chrome finished heat shield of the silencer pipe.

The rear suspension has gray finish on it with series spring setup that is also a TVS trademark on the bike. The tail lamp has some reflective curvatures that help to glow more and increase visibility which enhance the safety. The bike comes with three color choices I.E. Blue, Black and Red.

Instrument console: The TVS Jive has pretty common looking instrument console. It uses a twin circular pod that houses instrument console of the Jive. The left one features analogue a speedometer and an analogue odometer and the right one feature a gear indicator and fuel gauge and some other indicators like neutral, headlamp, turn signal indicator. The whole console has white graphic dials.

Switch Gears: The TVS Jive has standard switches with high beam flasher. The bike is equipped with any gear self-start.  This feature definitely helps in traffic and saves fuel as well. There is no engine kill switch which is a downside.

Electricals: The TVS Jive uses a 12 V maintenance free battery and an AC generator. The bike uses a DC-Digital Ignition System. The Bike has bright 35/35 W Multi reflector clear lens AC head lamp, 5/21 W tail/ Brake light and each 10 W clear lens turn signal light.

Chassis & Dimensions: TVS used a Single cradle tubular frame for the foundation of the Jive, which should be enough for a 110 CC bike. The TVS Jive has overall length of 1975 mm, width of 700 mm, height of 1060 mm and ground clearance of 165 mm, wheel base of 1260 mm.

The wet weight (with tool kit & 90% of fuel) of the bike is 115 kg. The steering and Caster angle is 84° & 25.6◦. These mean that the bike has an average footprint in terms of dimensions.

Suspension: The TVS Jive is equipped with Telescopic forks at the front and 5 steps adjustable springs in series setup hydraulic damped shocks at the rear which are attached with rectangular swing arm. This suspension is the best in this segment for soaking up all the bumps of all kind roads with even a pillion in the back.

Brakes & Tires: The TVS Jive uses a 130 mm drum at the front and a 110 mm drum at the rear. No disk brake is offered. The tires sizes are 2.75 X 17 at the front and 3.00 X 17 at the rear.

Performance:  The Jive is a 110 CC bike and has a top speed around 90 Km/H and mileage claim of 60 Km/L.

Comfort and Handling:  The TVS Jive is a commuter motorcycle and it has everything basically the Metro has. So the comfort is no problem. Seating position is upright as a commuter motorcycle. The handling is same as Metro except that whenever gear has to be changed there will be no clutch to be pulled.

Conclusion:  The Jive is the first of its kind. This bike can be a game changer for day to day heavy riders who have to ride bikes for living. The Jive technically can reduce some of your tension in traffics. Moreover the bike is stylish, comfortable, strong, smart and fast at the same time in its segment. It can be a great 110 CC daily driver.

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