Speeder Volex 125

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৳ 124,500

Speeder Volex 125

৳ 124,500


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Speeder Volex 125
Speeder Volex 125
  • Compact body.
  • Large foot space.
  • Brakes.
  • Very sporty design.
  • Ground clearance.
  • Rear suspension.
  • Rear tire.

Here we will be talking about the Speeder Volex 125. What is the Speeder Volex 125, you ask? But let me digress first. Sports commuters are quite common in Bangladesh, but there is a new competitor in town. The sports commuting scooters. These are scooters that look sporty, are sporty, and move sporty. Now coming back to the topic, the Speeder Volex 125 is a sports commuting scooter. This kind of scooter is becoming more and more popular over the years.

Speeder motorcycles are not very popular in the Bangladeshi biking/motorcycling scene. This is mostly because Speeder motorcycles were not very active till a few years ago. However, in recent years, Speeder motorcycles are being slowly recognized by the lot. One of the most popular bikes by Speeder is the Speeder Countryman, which is a neo-retro café racer.

Key Features:
The Speeder Volex 125 is a commuting scooter with a shade of sportiness to it. The physical characteristics of the scooter fully support the sporty side of the scooter. The front of the scooter has a huge headlight section. The rear of scooter gets a very interesting look as well. The scooter may seem quite compact, but it isn’t, its rather quite spacious.

The Speeder Volex 125 comes in three color variants. They are:
All three variants have similar designs and decals.

The Speeder Volex 125 is expected to have a good mileage as well. Although most scooters don’t have good fuel economy, this one is expected to have around 30-35kmpl. Which is more than enough for commuting inside the city regularly.

Physical Attributes:
As previously mentioned, the Speeder Volex 125 comes with a compact body, which is intended to squeeze through the hectic city traffic. The weight of the scooter is not officially declared, but it can be assumed from the appearance that the scooter will be quite light. This scooter comes with a fuel capacity of around 5liters, so basically you have to top up your fuel tank now and then.

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The dimensions of the scooter are also not quite known, but from a visual standpoint, it is quite compact. The scooter has a ground clearance of 120mm, which is definitely not enough for the Bangladeshi speedbumps. The wheelbase of the scooter is about 1240mm, which makes it stable enough at corners.

Engine and Transmission:
The Speeder Volex 125 comes with a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, and 125cc engine. The engine is air-cooled. The scooter comes with only an electrical self-start mechanism and no kick-start. The engine provides 8.6BHP of power at 7500rpm. The scooter may not have the most fuel capacity, but it is expected to have a fuel economy of about 30-35kmpl.

The Speeder Volex 125 comes with a fully automatic transmission system. There is no gear shifting involved while riding this scooter. Although the scooter is expected to be very smooth with its acceleration on the road. The scooter is expected to reach a top speed of around 95+kmph.

Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:
The Speeder Volex 125 comes with a dual-disc setup. Both wheels get disc brakes. The front brake is expected to have decent performance. However, adding the rear brake has put this scooter on a pedestal among 125cc scooters.

The Speeder Volex 125 has regular telescopic forks, and a one-sided mono-shock absorber. The front telescopic suspension is expected to perform well among scooters. The rear mono-shock however, may not have the best performance. This is mostly because it is simply spring mounted, secondly, it is one sided and not at the center.

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The Speeder Volex 125 also comes with alloy wheels and tubeless tires. The front and rear tires are 70/90 and 80/90 respectively. The front is expected to perform decently on the road. The rear could have been a bit thicker. However, the present tire setup will not pose any problems.

Target Audience:
The Speeder Volex 125 is a very forgiving commuting scooter. It is not very overwhelming for beginners. This scooter is intended for beginners and intermediate riders to ride around the urban jungle. The Speeder Volex 125 will also attract many youths of Bangladesh, due to its design and features and the fact that it is very much unisex.

The Speeder Volex 125 has competitions in both 100cc and 110cc segments. Here only scooters are mentioned, mopeds are not taken into account.
Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI.
Vespa VXL 125.
Aprilia SR 125.
TVS Rockz 125.

The Speeder Volex 125 is a well-built and well-designed commuting scooter. It has more pros than cons. It is also a very suitable scooter for beginners to learn on. The Speeder Volex 125 ticks most of the boxes for most people looking for a good and sporty scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The FAQs about the Speeder Volex 125 are answered below.

1. What kind of scooter is the Speeder Volex 125? 

Answer: The Speeder Volex 125 is a sports commuting scooter.

2. What other bikes does Speeder have? 

Answer: Speeder has the Speeder Countryman, and Speeder Big Monster 165 FI available as well.

3. What is the fuel consumption of the Speeder Volex 125?

Answer: The Speeder Volex 125 has a fuel economy of around 30-35kmpl.

4. What is the top speed of Speeder Volex 125?

Answer: The top speed of the Speeder Volex 125 is expected to be around 95+kmph. 

5. What kind of handle is used on the Speeder Volex 125? 

Answer: The Speeder Volex 125 has conventional scooter type handlebar. 

Additional information

Specification: Speeder Volex 125

1. Details

1,24,900 BDT

CC Category

125 cc



Product Availability


2. Engine & Transmission

125 cc

Engine Type

Single Cylinder, Air cooled

Max Power

8.6 Bhp @ 7500 rpm


Automatic CVT



Engine Cooling

Air Cooled

Fuel Supply


Starting Method

Electric & Kick

Transmission Type


3. Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity

5 L

Ground Clearance

120 mm


1240 mm

4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


5. Top Speed and Mileage
Mileage (Average)

40 Kmpl (Approx)

Top Speed

100 Kmph (Approx)

7. Features
Handle Type


Seat type

Single Seat

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