Speeder Big Monster 165 FI

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Category Naked Sports

৳ 179,500

Speeder Big Monster 165 FI
Speeder Big Monster 165 FI

৳ 179,500


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Speeder Big Monster 165 FI
Speeder Big Monster 165 FI
  • Powerful.
  • Fuel Injection.
  • Braking.
  • LED headlights.
  • Stylish.
  • Front suspension in city roads.
  • Build Quality.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is a cosmetic clone of the Ducati Monster. This bike may be a cosmetic clone, but it still looks pretty good, when compared to most motorcycles in Bangladesh. This bike also gets quite good specifications. The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is quite unique. This is a naked sports bike that satisfies the motorcycle enthusiasts that wish to ride a Ducati but cannot due to the cc limit of Bangladesh.
Speeder first started its operations in Bangladesh back in 2004. It was going strong till 2009. After that they removed themselves from the Bangladeshi market. Later in 2017, they again started their operations in Bangladesh and so far, they are doing good.

Key Features:
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with a full LED light setup. The headlight contains an LED projection unit, a separate high beam unit and a DRL unit. The overall headlight setup is similar to that of the Ducati Monster, but also different from almost all bikes of Bangladesh. The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI also comes with LED indicators and taillights.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with a very informative, yet minimalistic instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes a speedometer, RPM counter, odo and trip meters. The instrument cluster of the bike also includes a gear position indicator and a clock as additional information.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes in one color primarily, which is red. But there are also other colors that pop up every now and then. Such as, black, blue, etc. All of the colors are fully plain and come with almost no external decals, except for some branding and a bold text saying, “Designed by Ducati”.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is fuel injected and also fitted with CBS. First thing first, fuel injection. The fuel injection allows the bike to be very fuel efficient and the power delivery will be very stable. The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI also gets CBS (Combi braking system), which activates both brakes when the rear brake is engaged. This increases the braking performance of the bike significantly.

Physical Attributes:
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with an average seat height which is suitable for people above the height of 5’3” to easily ride the bike. The bike also has a very upright handlebar which makes this bike very suitable for riding over a long period. The bike has a 12liter fuel tank which is enough for long rides out of town. The ground clearance of the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is about 180mm, which is enough for almost all speedbumps.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with a length, height, width, and weight of 1980mm, 1120mm, 830mm, and 135kg respectively. The bike is quite compact, however, a wheelbase of 1350mm can be said to be very much longer than average. This makes the bike quite stable while leaning in the corners.

Engine and Transmission:
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, and 163cc engine. The engine is fuel injected and air-cooled. The power and torque figures are on par with its competitors, and even greater than a few of them. The engine pumps out around 15.3BHP of power at 8000RPM, and 14.6Nm of torque at 6000RPM. The power is sufficient for the bike to ride on the highway comfortably. The bike will have a fuel efficiency of around 30-35kmpl.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI comes with a wet, multi-plate clutch system. The bike has a 6-speed gearbox, with speed being pumped out even in the 6th gear. The bike has an estimated top speed of around 135kmph.

Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels:
The brakes of the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI are also quite good. The front has a disc brake while the rear also has a disc brake. The front brake is more than enough for a rider to brake smoothly. The bike also has CBS, which means the rear brake will activate both the front and the rear brake. This makes emergency braking better.
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI has Upside-down telescopic forks at the front while the rear has a mono-shock suspension. The front suspension may not be the best for the cities of Bangladesh, as USD suspensions are famous for being on the stiffer side to accommodate cornering. The rear suspension is expected to cover up for the front forks. The front suspension, however, will perform adequately at the corners and will keep the bike stable.
The new Speeder Big Monster 165 FI has a very average tire combination. The bike comes with a 110/70 and 130/70 setup for the front and rear wheels respectively. The tires are not exactly perfect for the power figure of this bike. Had the rear tires been 140/70, then this bike would have had a perfect set of tires for both leaning at the corners and having good contact with the ground during braking.

The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI has quite a few competitors in the market presently. They are:
Runner Bolt.
Benelli 165S.
Lifan KPR 165R.
Zontes ZT155 U.

Target Audience:
The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is for the street Rossis. The bike has enough power and torque to overwhelm any kind of rider. This bike is for speed lovers and long tourers. This bike will not be suitable for new riders, as the power and torque may be beyond their control. This bike is for any intermediate rider who wishes to upgrade to a more powerful bike but is on a budget. This bike will attract the young generations of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What engine system does Speeder Big Monster 165 FI use?

Answer: The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI uses a fuel-injected system.

2. Does the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI have a Fuel Injection (FI) version?

Answer: Yes!

3. What other motorcycles are available in Bangladesh? 

Answer: There are quite a few motorcycles of Speeder in Bangladesh. They are Speeder Countryman, Speeder Big Monster 165 FI, Speeder Volex 125, Speeder Republic, and Speeder Cole.

4. What is the mileage of the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI? 

Answer: The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is expected to have a mileage of around 30-35kmpl.

5. What is the top speed of the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI? 

Answer: The claimed top speed of the Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is 135kmph.

Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is a bike that is exceptionally made and beautifully designed. The bike is stylish, powerful, and inexpensive, which makes it easily attainable. The Speeder Big Monster 165 FI is a fighter that will not give up easily in the market.

See Speeder Monster 165 FI – New Street Fighte YouTube videos

Additional information

Specification: Speeder Big Monster 165 FI

1. Details

1,79,500 BDT

CC Category

160 cc


Naked Sports

Product Availability


2. Engine & Transmission

163 cc

Engine Type

Four stroke, Single Cylinder

Max Power

15.3 Bhp @ 8000 rpm

Max Torque

14.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm


Wet Multi-Plate

Fuel Supply


Starting Method

Electric Starter

Transmission Type


3. Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity

12 Liters

Ground Clearance

180 mm


1120 mm

Overall Length

1980 mm

Overall Width

830 mm


135 Kg


1350 mm

4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


5. Top Speed and Mileage
Top Speed

135 Kmph (Approx)

6. Electricals

12V 7Ah

7. Features
Handle Type


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