Roadmaster Prime 80

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roadmaster prime 80 price in bd

৳ 60,900

Updated: 26th Dec 2020

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Key Specs


84.41 cc


48 kmpl

Maximum Power

6.0 bhp @ 8000 rpm

Roadmaster Prime 80

৳ 60,900


The beauty of motorcycling/biking is that even if you don’t have a budget of 2 lac or 1 lac, you can still find a decent bike under 1 lac. Similarly, the Roadmaster Prime 80 is one of that motorcycle. And the bigger fact about this motorcycle is that this is mass-produced in Bangladesh.

The Roadmaster Prime 80 is an 84.41 cc commuter bike. Roadmaster made this bike, keeping the average income of a regular Bangladeshi in mind. Roadmaster received a good response from the biking community with this bike, as it enables more people to buy bikes.

Key Features:
The Roadmaster Prime 80 comes with a special feature that even high-end bikes don’t get, a USB port. Running out of battery of the phone in the middle of nowhere is a scenario, which bikers often find themselves in. Having a USB port eliminates that problem. And the best thing about the USB port is that, unlike most aftermarket ones, this one comes with a waterproof cap.

The dash of this bike is probably better than most bikes available in the market. It comes with a Gear position indicator, which is a luxury and a plus point for a new rider. It also comes with a battery health meter, which is very important for a bike. The rest of the functions are all analog and are quite average.

The bike comes with simple yet sleek graphics. If you look at it from a distance, it might look like one of the small classic motorcycles that we all love. It comes in one single color, which is red.

Physical Attributes:
The Roadmaster Prime 80 has a fairly low seat height, which allows riders even of 5’1″ ride the bike fairly easily. The bike is also slim and lightweight, which ensures that the bike is easily maneuverable. The bike also has an upright pipe handlebar, which means the rider will not have any shoulder pain either.

The Roadmaster Prime 80 has a height, width, and length of 1210 mm, 860 mm, 1930 mm. The bike is fairly slim, which will make it easy to commute on, as the bike can squeeze through most of the city traffic. It also has an 8.5-liter fuel storage tank, which may seem inconvenient, but it does have good mileage.

Engine and Transmission:
The Roadmaster Prime 80 comes with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, and 84.41cc. The engine also comes with EFT technology, which is claimed to avoid overheating of the bike. The bike also has quite a fascinating power figure of 6.03BHP of power at 8000rpm. The engine is also quite efficient, at a claimed mileage of 70kmpl and a tested mileage of around 60kmpl above.

The bike comes with a 4-speed gearbox. This does ensure that you don’t have to shift down for taking turns, just the engine brake is enough to help you take turns.

Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels:
The Roadmaster Prime 80 has drum brakes for both the front and the rear. This does seem a bit boring or backdated, but an 84.41cc bike is fine with drum brakes. Also considering most riders will be very new riders, they will not get overwhelmed and will have a good learning curve.

The Roadmaster Prime 80 comes with telescopic forks on the front, so you know that the potholes of the city won’t rattle your bones. The bike also comes with spring-loaded rear suspensions, which is mostly there to keep the cost of the bike low.

The bike especially comes with alloy wheels. Which is an exciting feature for bikes of this price range! The bike also comes with 2.50/17 tires at the front and 2.75/17 tires at the back. The interesting thing is the rear tire treads which are semi off-road. So, if you have to ride through rain and mud, that won’t be much of a problem.

Roadmaster Prime 80 has quite a competition in its segment.
Victor-R Classic.
Hero HF Delux (Kick).
TVS Metro KS.
Runner AD80S.

Target Audience:
The Roadmaster Prime 80 was not made for performance, rather it was made for efficiency. It was not made for style; it was made to take its rider from one place to another. It was not made to look good; it was made to do good. The Roadmaster Prime 80 is for the rider on a bike who is on a budget and just wants a bike to commute. This bike also is for the ones who are still learning to ride and want to learn on an affordable bike before getting a bigger bike.

Overall, the Roadmaster Prime 80 is a good cost-effective bike which will be a bang for the buck and will give you good comfort, but it will do that till a certain limit. Of course, the Roadmaster Prime 80 is a well-built bike, but the materials are what you can expect at this price range.

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  • Where is Roadmaster originated?

    Answer: Roadmaster is a Bangladeshi brand which assembles/makes its bikes in Bangladesh.

    Answer by : rafi on Dec 26, 2020 11:28:11 AM
  • What kind of bike is Roadmaster Prime 80?

    Answer: Roadmaster Prime 80 is a commuter bike.

    Answer by : rafi on Dec 26, 2020 11:30:13 AM
  • What is the mileage of the Roadmaster Prime 80?

    Answer: Roadmaster Prime 80 has an average mileage of around 60kmpl.

    Answer by : rafi on Dec 26, 2020 11:30:44 AM


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