Lifan KPR 150

lifan kpr 150 price in bangladesh

Lifan KPR 150 Price In Bangladesh

ModelKPR 150 v2 (2017)
Engine Displacement149 CC
TypeSports Bike
Price1,69,000 BDT
StatusAvailable In Bangladesh
Last Update08.10.2020

Lifan Hotline:  01713 444045

Lifan KPR 150 Full Specifications

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Review Of Lifan KPR 150

Lifan KPR150 designed with a full aerodynamic body cowling where the engine is water-cooled you no need to worry about the temperature controlling issue even riding continuously in high speed.

The bike is pretty cool & aggressive-looking alike a small fighter on the tarmac. The raven skulled projection head lamp with aggressive pilot lamps truly shows its uniqueness in the crowd.

The body exteriors trimmed, sharply muscled and properly vented which improved the aerodynamic characteristics. The stretched fuel tank with multiple dents, slim side panel, rear panel with split comfortable seat gave the mule a different appeal among the available sports model in our market. The larger brake disk, rear central mono-shock absorber, puffy exhaust, and sharp LED tail lamp also enhanced the appeal.

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The illumination of the lights are great, we think this is one of the best stock headlights of any bike in Bangladesh. For some reason, they kept the same indicators and tail light from KP, which suggest that despite everything they didn’t forget their old son.

The control console of Lifan KPR150 is another attraction. It’s completely a digital console with boosted analog rev counter and the digital screen illuminated with blue & orange color backlit illumination which is changeable instantly. The screen featured with odometer, trip meter, speed meter, gear indicator, clock, and fuel gauze. Both handlebar is completely equipped with all the necessary control switches.

Brake & Control:

We are impressed with the controllability of Lifan KPR150 (Source). You know it’s a heavy weighted sports model in this segment. The 150kg weigh is really heavy to tackle at low speed but comfortable saddle height of 775mm makes it easier to control for most of the riders.

The braking system is the superior feature of this bike. The larger 300mm front disk brake with rear disk makes the heavier machine confidently capable to stop even while you are with extremely high speed.

Lifan KPR150 is a racing model and its steering turning radius is comparatively narrow as it designed for racing. For the safety on high-speed racing sports bike steering comes with narrow turning radius and KPR150 is not out of that.

For this reason, controlling in heavy traffic like Dhaka city is sometimes a big hassle for KPR150 with heavyweight while moving trough zigzags of traffic or moving back or turning extreme corners below 90*. And it makes more difficult for the new riders.

Suspension & Comfort:

The riding position of Lifan KPR150 is sporty and you have to ride with a racing posture. The handlebar is a clip-on type which gives the rider an aggressive and racing attitude where the front transparent windbreaker tackles the heavy pressure of airflow and guide over the rider while trailing with high speed. If you compare the riding position we would like to put Lifan KPR150 in between Honda CBR150 and Yamaha R15V2.

Engine & Performance:

Lifan KPR150 came with 149cc water-cooled engine with the remarkable compression ratio of 11.4:1 so you can assume how powerful its combustion and how efficiently it delivers its peak power. Thanks to the water cooling system which ensures the operating temperature doesn’t rise too high where the engine operated in a high compression ratio.

The peak power of Lifan KPR150 delivers at 8500RPM where maximum rev limit is 12000RPM but attractive feature is the maximum torque delivered from 6500RPM, so you can easily gain speed with ensuring fuel economy riding at lower RPM.

Lifan KPR150 came with a six-speed gearbox. We have experienced a comfortable & easy operation with all gears with softer clutch operation accept the first gear which was quite harsh and hassle to get the engine neutral.

But all the gears are really powerful where you can accelerate with any gears even with sixth gear which we are sure, not available with other available sports bike; where those bikes sixth gear is applied only for speed up not for accelerating. Tough the first gear is stiff but it works like a missile. If you are not careful, you will surely face a wheelie when unconsciously revving and releasing the clutch at first gear.

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