One Ride In A Sunny Day & An Motorcycle Accident Story

Dear riders greeting to you all. Here I would like to share one of my joyful ride and an motorcycle accident story with my bike. As much I can remember, it was an early summer day of 2006, may be at the end of February at Rangpur. On that sunny Friday morning after breakfast I and my younger brother moved out from home with our bike HONDA H100S Cdi ….vrroomm vrroommm.

motorcycle accident story

The Trip

We had to attain a marriage party of one of my friend’s sister’s marriage at Kurigram. Here I would like to mention that I have passed my school life in Kurigram district and there are many friends with whom I have passed my golden days. Kurigram is about 50km (east) far away from Rangpur. And the road condition is really very good to ride bike and similar to high way. And moreover natural beauty beside the road is really awesome. As my Grand fathers home is in one of a village named Nageshshari at Kurigram (21 km east from Kurigram district), so I have made uncountable rides on that way with my bike.

However, I was not habituated using any helmet till 2010 and that day also moved out without helmet. But my younger brother insisted to wear helmet as he had seen many accidents while he lives at Dhaka. So I put only a cap shaped helmet on my head and started for Kurigram. The day was really delighted and weather was not so hot or so cold. We rode the whole road joyfully not exceeding over 90kmph. I had tuned the carburetor last day as I do always before long ride and also oiled the drive chain with other routine check. So the riding experience was very much pleasant. After running about 19 km we took a tea break at TistaBridge (located at Lalmonirhat district).

motorcycle accident story

Tista Bridge

Here I would like to enlighten, Tista Bridge is about 2 km long a railway bridge which had established at British period. It is a steel framed bridge established only on brick made pillars. As there is no other bridge then, so the Roads & Highway authority fixing more wooden slippers closely made the bridge capable to carry the vehicles (1978). Though it is expired and so much risky but rather no other way we had to move on the bridge frequently. And it was really fearing and also fun to ride over the wooden railway slippers. And we are really very much habituated with that. Whatever after the tea break we safely rode over the bridge. Though many times wheels of my HONDA H100S Cdi were trapped in the slipper, but the bike had a powerful two stroke engine which pulled out the trapped wheel from the ragged slippers. And there was the real fun to discover the bikes engine power and handling ability in such road. After passing over the horrible bridge we joyfully finished rest of the road and reached to the party venue.

At the party we gathered all of our old school friends and rode over the town after the feast. I had a group of 7-8 friends, with whom we used to make trips with our bikes even when we were in high school. After visiting some old spot I said hello to my friends and started for Rangpur.

motorcycle accident story

The Misfortune & Matrix

Again I was on rider seat and my brother was behind me on pillion. It was near about evening and the sun was lying on the west. I was driving out of the town smoothly accelerating the pickup and beeping my horn. There was a right turning at the exit of the town named Trimohoni, I was preparing for a smooth cornering at high speed on that turning. Suddenly from left connecting road one small bike arrived without notice and tried to cross the road for entering at the right side petrol pump. My brother tweaked my shoulder and warned me where we hadn’t enough time or distance to avoid the biker. I just pressed my clutch and breaks together where with beeping the horn and found the rear break is missing little as its shoes seemed decayed. On the other hand the other biker doesn’t hearing my horn. On that short moment I realized that the other biker will cross the road and my bike cannot be driven on any other way. So the accident can’t be ignored and I might hit the bike.

motorcycle accident story

I can do nothing but only try to run over him or try to reduce the force of hitting him. So I just kept my bike straight & steady and tried heart & soul to reduce the speed of my bike. My bike speed reduced & it slowing down but not enough and hit the other bike at the middle of the engine. I saw within few seconds, my brother flying over me & other bike, my bikes head lamp shade and casing pulverized and flied over my head & face. Then my nose hit the mirror rod (a steel bar fitted with two rear mirrors) and I also skidded and rolled over the other bike and dropped on the road. Thanks Allah! The day was Friday and there is no other vehicle on the road. I can remember the whole scenario like the movie MATRIX.


Whatever, the other biker also skidded but safe and tried to escape with his bike, where I was injured and lying on the road. As my brother Mamun was also safe I shouted to him and told to stop the other biker from escaping. Mamun ran to me and saw my nose and mouth is badly blood shaded. I again told him not to worry about me and stop him. He and the other people on the road ran and stopped the middle aged man. People get the bikes out of the road. I tried to stand with the help of a pedestrian but grounded again and found my left leg has badly overturned at my knee. The pedestrian maybe was experienced, he just turned and jerked out my leg and my knee gets its position again. He helped me walking and took beside the road and then I wiped and washed my blood with water with his help. My brother pulled out my cell phone from pocket and called my friends.

motorcycle accident story

People covered us and blamed the other biker not to be careful entering on highway and not to here my horn beeping. They also asked money to repair my bike and for my medication, on the contrary the man threatened us showing his political identity. People tried to be aggressive over him and suddenly he ran out and escaped away with his bike with the help of his known people. At that time my friends reached on that place and arranged first aid for me and repaired my bike as to be ride for Rangpur. They insisted to live there but my brother insisted for better treatment as soon as possible for me at Rangpur.

Return for Home

After being prepared for ride my brother started the bike and I sat on pillion and slowly we came back Rangpur. Entering the city he took me directly to doctor and took the immediate X-ray and medication then we came back home. After that accident I could not fold my left leg around for four months and had to ride my bike with 3rd & 4th gear controlling with clutch as frequent gear shifting was a little hard for me. And till now sometime I can feel little pain on that knee.

I had faced many accidents with my HONDA H100S Cdi, but this was a major accident in my biking life and I always pray to Allah that may the last. After that accident I try to avoid rough & speed riding, but sometime can’t , , , , lolz , , , who can? But I learnt riders should always cautious even for every second of riding. And I think general people have two eyes, where the riders have four eyes with a special (6th) sense. Remember, you are Mr. Smart when you are safe.

motorcycle accident story

Be habituate for simple cautions: 

  • Always check your bike breaks and its working capability.
  • Don’t hesitate to change the old break shoes or pads for efficient breaking.
  • Check the battery, horn, headlamp, high beam, tail lamp, turning signal lamp for perfect activity. Those are extremely necessary to communicate with other vehicle driver and pedestrian on the road.
  • Check your tire grip and its efficiency.
  • Check clutch and break cable and levers.
  • Always use helmet (I have started to use from 2010 and found it’s really very much useful).
  • Wear appropriate riding gears with protector if possible or tight fitting cloth.
  • Never allow Shari and loose Orna for your female pillion rider, especially on highway ride.
  • If possible told your female pillion rider to sit like the rider (positioning legs both side on footrest). No matter if perfectly she covers her with clothing.
  • Don’t take heavy bag or items hanging in handle bar or rear grab rail or carrier.
  • Don’t be panic while riding and facing uncomfortable situation.
  • Don’t try to race in the rush of road. (Lolz , , , , who cares!!!) But try to keep yourself within your riding capability.
  • Stay Safe be Mr. Smart


Saleh Md. Hassan

Photograph courtesy: S. M. Atiqur Rahman (Freelance photographer)

Saleh Mohammad

it's Saleh, a homebound stranger; sometimes unleashes the inner ascetic to trail like an outlaw...

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