Nolan Helmet Price In BD

Nolan is an Italian helmet brand and manufacturer owned by Nolan Group which also owns the brand Grex, X-Lite, and N-Com. Under the brand name Nolan, the company manufactures highly featured premium motorcycle helmets for motor racers as well as common riders (source). All the Nolan products are manufactured in their own manufacturing facilities in Bergamo, Italy, therefore Nolan solely made in Italy.


Nolan Helmets – Lander Nocchi

The manufacturing company Nolan founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi who was an official Guzzi rider and a product supplier in the motorcycle and car accessory industries. His father was a motorcycle policeman and thus he involved in the passion for Two Wheels. The brand name Nolan named by the first letters of Lander Nocchi and now Nolan itself is history.


At the time when Nolan established the helmets were used to make with fiberglass which made the helmet’s weight heavy. Then Lander Nocchi intended to use lighter-weighted but tough materials which will make the helmets lighter but safer, cheaper, and easy to manufacture. Resulting Nolan started to produce injection molded polycarbonate and later composite materials to manufacture their helmets.


The first Nolan helmet was made by the injection-molded polycarbonate material named LEXAN in 1972 when Nolan opened its workshop in Mozzo, Italy, and set the polycarbonate printing machine buying from the United States. At that time they used to produce helmets for foreign clients upon orders. Later they started manufacturing for the domestic market when in December 1985 the motorcycle helmet became compulsory to use in Italy.


Nolan Helmets SpA – Nolan Group

In 1979 Lander Nocchi’s son Marzio joined the company and involved in various innovations in manufacturing. Sequentially many innovations came on Nolan helmets like spring-piston visors, micro-lock retention system, noise-reducing design, etc. In the meantime in 1985 Alberto Vergani, a young Bocconi University graduate joined the marketing department and tremendously boosted the sales volume in domestic and abroad.


In 1993, the company reformed by a management buyout and expanded its manufacturing infrastructures and also the businesses. Thus another helmet brand under Nolan Group, Grex born in the same year. Following the development onward the racing dedicated premium helmets brand X-Lite born under which Nolan produces composite fibers helmets.  And later the personal communication system for the motor riders N-Com established in 2005.


In 2018 the board of directors of the Nolan Group decided and began to find a buyer to sell the company. The existing board directors were averagely aged over seventy years. So they wanted to render the group through the new and young hands, and further enriching the investment and the entire management chain. 


Accordingly in May 2019 the Nolan Group owned by the French investment company Eurazeo and the global investment company 2 Ride Holdings which also is the owner of the SHARK Helmets, Bering, Bagster, Segura, and Cairn brands. Thus a new group of the company created to keep the cooperative ownership of the Nolan Group underneath.


Nolan Helmets – Manufacturing & Distribution

In the manufacturing, Nolan helmets are solely manufactured in Italy in its own manufacturing facilities. Under own developed design and R&D facilities all the Nolan products design, research, testing, and development done under strict supervisions. Further manufacturing, assembling, and packaging are exclusively maintained following the highest possible manufacturing and industrial standards.


Thus Nolan exercises extraordinary control over the manufacturing quality of their manufactured products. In manufacturing, Nolan uses the best possible available materials globally. Further, every part of the helmet is manufactured in-house in the facilities of Nolan in Bergamo, Italy. Thus Nolan products offer high product value and the most advanced features at the best possible prices.


In the sales and distribution Nolan operates not even in Europe but also globally. Therefore Nolan covers the world markets controlling through the dedicated sales and distribution networks in Europe, America, South Africa, Australia, and Asia. In Bangladesh Nolan and X-Lite, helmets are distributed by ACI Motors Limited who also is the official Yamaha Motorcycle distributor in Bangladesh.

Nolan Helmet Price In BD

Nolan N70-2 GT


NameNolan N70-2 GT
Price25,300 BDT

Nolan N53 MX


NameNolan N53 MX
Price13,500 BDT

Nolan N21


NameNolan N21
Price13,500 BDT

Nolan N70-2 X


NameNolan N70-2 X
Price33,700 BDT

Nolan N90-2


NameNolan N90-2
Price24,300 BDT

Nolan N87


NameNolan N87
Price19,300 BDT

Nolan N60-5


NameNolan N60-5
Price12,150 BDT

Nolan N40-5 GT


NameNolan N40-5 GT
Price25,600 BDT

Nolan N21 Visor


NameNolan N21 Visor
Price17,500 BDT

Nolan N40-5


NameNolan N40-5
Price23,000 BDT

Nolan N100-5 Plus


NameNolan N100-5 Plus
Price47,250 BDT

Nolan N100-5


NameNolan N100-5
Price29,400 BDT

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

Nolan is an Italian helmet brand and manufacturer owned by Nolan Group which also owns the brand Grex, X-Lite, and N-Com.

Nolan helmets are manufactured by the Italian helmet manufacturer Nolan in Bergamo, Italy.

Nolan helmets are manufactured by the Italian helmet manufacturer Nolan in its dedicated manufacturing facilities in Bergamo, Italy.

In Bangladesh Nolan & X-Lite helmets are sold and distributed by ACI Motors Limited who also is the official sole distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Nolan helmets are manufactured and qualified the global and racing safety standards like DOT, ECE 22.05, SHARP, SNELL, etc.

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