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New Suzuki Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh: Price Reduction

Breaking News: New Suzuki Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017 – Huge Price Reduction

Rancon Motorbikes Ltd the sole distributor of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh have reduced the Suzuki Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017, the price reduction is due to the fact that government have reduce the import duties of raw materials for the manufacturer who have gone for progressive manufacturing in Bangladesh  (Source).

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Few weeks back we saw that Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd has reduce the price of their models (except for Wave Alpha). During the 2016-2017 budget government announce that they will reduce the import tax for the motorcycle companies in Bangladesh who will go for manufacturing in Bangladesh, government gave a plan of 5 years in which slowly slowly the manufacturing motorcycle companies will start to manufacture certain parts in Bangladesh, hence they will get a reduction of tax.


It is a nice initiative by Rancon Motorbike as their flagship product Suzuki Gixxer is one of the most sold 150cc bike (air cooled segment) in Bangladesh over the past 2 years, not to mention Hayate too was a choice for many companies for corporate use. Here is the chart of the new price & the amount that has been reduce which will be valid from 23.12.2016

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Suzuki Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017

Sl No Model Old Price(BDT) New Price (BDT)
1 Hayate 1,39,950 1,24,950
2 Lets (Scooter) 1,59,950 1,59,950
3 Sling Shot 1,64,950 1,49,950
4 Access (Scooter) 1,79,950 1,79,950
5 GS150R 2,15,950 1,99,950
6 Gixxer 2,49,950 2,24,950
7 Gixxer Dual Tone S.D 2,54,950 2,29,950
8 Gixxer Dual Tone D.D 2,64,950 2,39,950
9 Gixxer SF 2,79,950 2,64,950
10 Gixxer SF D.D 2,89,950 2,74,950
11 Gixxer SF Motogp S.D 2,89,950 2,74,950
12 Gixxer SF Motogp D.D 2,99,950 2,84,950

From the chart we can see that the price of Hayate which is their only 100-110cc bike has been reducing by 15,000 BDT! While Slingshot, a bike which I barely see on the road have been reduce by 17,000 BDT. Biggest reduction came in the 150cc segment in the name of Gixxer! Which is a naked 150cc bike & very popular among the youngsters in Bangladesh, Rancon Motorbikes reduce the price of Gixxer by 25,000 BDT!

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Am not sure why they didn’t change the price of scooters. The entire price will be valid across all the dealers of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh from 23rd December 2016.


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We are thankful to Rancon Motorbikes Ltd for thinking about the bikers in Bangladesh by reducing the price of their motorcycles by following the terms of condition of Bangladesh government in progressive manufacturing. We hope in the future more big players in the market will follow the trail.

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