Motrac Motorcycle In Global Market

Saleh Md. Hassan
January 18, 2017

In the pocket bike market Motrac Motorcycle is a fast progressive name. Originating from Industrial park in Zhejiang, China the Motrac motorcycles are now available worldwide. Accordingly here is our Motrac Motorcycle In Global Market.


Motrac Motorcycle – Back Story

Motrac Motorcycles doing their business worldwide and also concentrating in Asian market. In Bangladesh they have the distributorship with MAX Motors Limited. These days Motrac Motorcycle planning for expansion of their product line in Bangladesh.


So in that interest previously we published the Motrac pocket bike line up detail with Motrac Motorcycle in Bangladesh. Accordingly here we are to give a global view of the Motrac brand to our readers.

The Motrac Motorcycle is originating from China now expanding globally. They are selling their product over 35 countries worldwide. They are directly dealing their motorcycle business in Asia, Europe, North America, Central & South America.


Motrac Motorcycle In Global Market

In Asia and Europe Motrac has a wide market. Due to concentration on personal bikes the Motrac Motorcycles are very much dedicated to their designs. That’s why Motrac products very nicely match with user need and personality. Moreover their competitive price and prompt service put them stronger position in those market.

After the succession of Asia and European market Motorac Motorcycle now developing their market in North, Central and South America. Motrac has worked deliberately in Asia and Europe for five years. Now they are strong enough with their brand in those markets. In sequence they are now headed at America.


In present Motrac Motorcycles have adopted the marketing strategy with the period of five years to develop the market in America. They started their activities from the state of Florida. They are now expanding their market with some exclusive distributors in north central and South America.

Motrac is now working to expand at least 120 showrooms and 40 service centers with in first three years. And within the five years they are planned to enter all the states of America with their dealer, showroom and service centers.

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