Motorcycle VS Car – Which Is Convenient?

Motorcycle VS Car; which is convenient the discussion somewhat can be thousand mile long. Of-course the answer is not so easy but can be summarized with the basic pro or cons of each. In aspect of our modern busy life both of the vehicle has wide range of utility. Hence considering those let’s try to summarize this issue with our discussion on Motorcycle VS Car – Which is Convenient?

motorcycle vs car

A car is a four wheeled motor vehicle that comes with multiple utility. It’s a powerful, spacious & convenient vehicle comparatively for bulk commuting, transporting and also for sporting. The top most favorable feature of the car is it is comfortable, safer and can carry multiple passengers. Moreover a car also shows social status, standard and also luxuries.

On the other side motorcycle also a motor vehicle that comes with two wheels. Hence often it called as two-wheeler. Coming to the utility it also comes with wider range of utility which is really somewhat countless. Moreover the motorcycles are most favored as it allows the feeling of true fun and freedom that can’t be compared with any other vehicle. That why someone said, A car can move you body but the motorcycle moves your soul!

Hence both the features and advantages of car VS motorcycle also can be altered as these days you will find wide range of variety of them. So it’s hard to glue the characteristics specifically on a certain vehicle. But of-course I am here to differentiate a few. So let’s do it.

Motorcycle VS Car – Which is Economic?

This is the biggest issue, which is most economic in between motorcycle vs car? The answer will definitely come in favor of motorcycle. Of-course a motorcycle is the most affordable and economic option among them.

You can buy multiple motorcycles with the price of a standard car. Not only that the fuel cost, service & maintenance, parking, yearly document update everything is far cheaper for a motorcycle than a car. So you can understand a motorcycle is the most economic option.


Motorcycle VS Car – Mobility

Mobility is the core feature of any vehicle. People use different type of vehicle to get comparative better and compatible mobility. Considering this issue a motorcycle is again on the better position.

Yes a car can carry numbers of passengers and much more goods in its boot. But in terms of mobility it’s behind a motorcycle. A motorcycle can go most of the extreme places and terrains where a car can’t go.

Motorcycle VS Car – Accommodation, Parking & Traffic

A standard car is quite wider and larger in dimension than a regular size motorcycle. If we compare a car with a motorcycle that is four times larger than a motorcycle. So you can accommodate at least four standard size motorcycles in space of a car. It’s really very significant in terms of accommodation, parking and also in traffic condition.

Coming to the next, a motorcycle can carry at least two person where a car can carry 4-5 persons. So considering the dimension a car acquire it caries fewer people than a motorcycle. Hence it has a significant impact on mobility in terms of number and time consumption that you should understand.


Motorcycle VS Car – Compatibility & Performance

A car can perform well and convenient in large cities and on open & wider highways. It is better compatible for low density areas with wider roads. In such place a car performs better and there its better compatible. Hence you can not expect a car performing nice on narrower road or in rural areas.

On counter a motorcycle is far better compatible in most of the places even in rural or on narrower roads. It’s also really no matter if its open, wider or even high density crowded city. A motorcycle can go almost everywhere. Even on highways a motorcycle can run thousand and thousand miles as the tourists love to travel with motorcycles.

Motorcycle VS Car – Safety & Comfort

In terms of safety and comfort a car is definitely in advanced position. It’s a covered vehicle and it’s much more spacious for the passengers. Here passenger can travel relax even the driver faces a minimal fatigue comparing a motorcycle rider even driving for long. Moreover weather change has no impact on the car passengers.

On counter a motorcycle is the most dangerous vehicle in terms of safety. It’s a small size vehicle that has the lowest visibility and smaller appearance on the road. So it’s so risky vehicle which most of the time other vehicle driver notice comparatively late. Moreover motorcycle has no covering to save the rider or passenger from hazards. Even for that reason they have to struggle with weather considering rain, sun and cold.


Motorcycle VS Car – Freedom, Fun & Easiness of Handling

People can argue or can fight in debate as which vehicle allows the freedom, fun & ease of handling most. But we know the end result; yes a motorcycle can be the alternative name of freedom. Riding a motorcycle is a true fun that cannot be compared with any other vehicle experience. Again in terms of ease of handling nothing can beat it.

So here you may put thousands of comments in favor of a car but that can be blow off by a single twist of a motorcycle throttle. Here just let me put a comment in favor of motorcycle that is a car may go faster but a motorcycle can go almost everywhere. And from here the freedom & fun begins.

Motorcycle VS Car – Repair & Maintenance

As being a machine every vehicle needs some basic repair and periodic maintenance. Even sometime major repair or service also needed to keep the vehicle rolling perfect on the road.

Hence coming to this issue again a motorcycle is far more convenient than a car. Sometime modern hi-tech motorcycle maintenance, repair or parts replacement may cost high. But a car is far more costly to keep it rolling on the road. Even simple periodic service and maintenance of a car can make your wallet thin. Moreover the session comes too much frequent on car than a motorcycle.


Motorcycle VS Car – Environmental Aspect

Coming to the environmental issue a motorcycle is comparatively more environment friendly. You can argue as a motorcycle is louder than a car and sometime it’s too much noisy. Yes I agree sometime motorcycle exhaust system is noisier than a car but it can be muffled. The modern four stroke motorcycles are far more silent but significant thing its emission is lees harmful for nature.

A car comes with multiple cylinder engine with higher displacement capacity. So it burns large volume of gas and exhausts a large volume of harmful gases in the air. On the counter a motorcycle engine is a small capacity engine which burns very low volume of gas. Resulting the motorcycle is more environment friendly than a car.

Motorcycle VS Car – Documents & Official Formalities

The documentation therefore registration, license, tax or insurance is a related term with any type of motor vehicle. It is government procedure everywhere to be road legal. So in terms of documentation and official formalities a car owner carries more hassle then a motorcycle owner.

Moreover renewal of the car documents every year makes the owner wallet thinner than a motorcycle owner. At the same time monthly parking, accommodation and traffic charge it’s really quite a big amount which is minimal for a motorbike.


Motorcycle VS Car – Social Aspect & Brotherhood

Lastly coming to the social aspect on motorcycle vs car. It’s true a car is more luxuries and it’s somewhat like showing the social status. But again, is it really shows well your status if you do not own a high priced luxuries car! So how the people react when your car is just few years old or faded the color gloss a little!

Hence coming to a motorcycle it’s really like an attitude. It shows one’s personality, gravity and appearance. It also makes a brotherhood within the bikers which is universal and wider like worldwide. You will not find such a universal thing even owning a supercar. And coming to the luxury there are huge option in motorcycle models which truly can show your luxury.


So readers, hope it need no more today.  Here I end the narrower discussion & summery on Motorcycle VS car. Wish you got the terms clear. At the last here I would like to put a request to you. Please don’t forget to tell me a truth with the commentary box what your girl friend says when you take her for a ride on your clean and polished motorcycle? Just tell me the truth how she react rushing though the open air with your motorcycle? Please don’t forget!

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