GPX Legend 150 Specification,Price In Bangladesh,Review

GPX is a Thailand motorcycle company (Source). GPX launching GPX Legend 150 in Bangladesh. So, if you want to know about the GPX Legend 150 Specification then check the table below.gpx legend 150 specification


GPX Legend 150 Specification

Engine:148cc 4 strokes
Compression ratio:9. 0: 1
Cooling System:Air
Start system:Motor starter
Front brake:Single Disk Brake
Rear brake:Disk Brake
Shock absorber:Telescopic
Rear shock:Double Rear Shock YSS
Front tire:Vee Rubber 110 / 90-17 "
Rear tires:Vee Rubber 130 / 80-17 "
Width x length x height:830 x 2,015 x 1,100 mm.
Height from floor to seat:790 mm.
Between front wheel – rear:1,340 mm.
Weight:130 kg.
Headlight:12V 25 / 25W
Back light:LED

GPX Legend 150 Price In Bangladesh

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. When is the GPX was founded?

Ans: GP Motor (Thailand) Co Ltd is formerly known as ATV Panthers founded in 2007.

2. Who is the founder of GPX?

Ans: Kryptonite New York Legend Chain is one of the best motorbike locks and chains.

3. Does GPX have off-road bikes?

Ans: Yes, GPX produce off-road bikes, FSE 190R (12X14) DAYTONA 4V one GPX’s off-road bikes.


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