15 Motorcycle Riding Tips For Women

Riding motorcycles has lately turned into a sort of “trend“ for the female ones out there. Some motorcycle riding tips for women will help this trend to be safe. Of course, not only does it bring out the daring and adventurous features of a woman, but for a woman herself it is the thrilling experience of freedom. But are you really doing it right? Are you taking the correct measures to be safe while on the run? Let us go through the 15 safety measures a bold female motorcyclist should take!

1. Helmet

One of the best and most comfortable items of protection you can use is a helmet (Source). But only wearing one isn’t enough, you have to get the right one. Helmets come in all sizes, so you can find the right one for your head with a little care while in the market. Make sure it fits you properly, and that you are comfortable wearing it. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Helmets come in all styles and prices too, so you can buy one that suits you. Nowadays helmets are made of light new materials with attractive designs and colours. Helmets not only make motorcycling more enjoyable by cutting down wind noise and lessening exhaustion, but it also makes you look attractive!

motorcycle riding tips for women

Tina GRZ

2. The perfect hairstyle

Being a lady, you have to keep your long, lustrous hair out of your face so that it doesn’t obstruct your vision (or tickle your face! ), unless you have short cropped hair, that is. It takes time and practice to find the right hairstyle to fit snuggly in your helmet that not only stays intact for a long time but also doesn’t harm your hair in any way, since constricting your hair may even damage it. Leaving your hair out to let it get swept away in the wind (like in the movies) is not a good idea either, since wind damages your hair too. To reduce friction, you may keep your hair moisturized. Any hairstyle is great as long as it is safe and you’re comfortable wearing it!

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3. Say no to long, dangling jewelry

Long, fancy ornaments sure look pretty but while riding a motorcycle it is a big no-no. They may get tangled up in the helmet or get pulled at in the process of either wearing a helmet or taking it off. If really necessary, keep it in your bag until you reach your destination and then wear the chains and stones on your body. Another true fact is that wearing expensive ornaments on the road may even attract robbers! So be careful with your ornaments, ladies.

4. Protective clothing

In Bangladesh, most women wear saris or kameezes. But if you are opting to ride a motorcycle, then you need to wear protective clothing made of a strong fabric. Skirts or shorts are usually not preferable on a motorcycle, so try to wear long pants. Many companies sell gloves, jackets and pants specialized for motorcyclists. Leather is ideal since it’s strong enough to protect your skin if you slide along the road surface. Get yourself some chic riding gear and get on the road with full safety!

5. High visibility gear

Always keep in mind that people fail to notice you. It is thus your responsibility to make yourself visible. Wear brightly coloured clothing (for a girl it may not be that hard to find some hot pink or neon green clothes!). If you are riding in the dark, put reflective strips on your helmet and your clothes. Don’t forget to keep your headlights on!

motorcycle riding tips for women

6. Protect your feet

Sandals and flip-flops are not at all the best way to protect your feet and legs when you’re on the road. Your feet tend to get hot, and open toed sandals may hurt your toes when you have to shift gears. They may even slip off your feet! Shoes or boots made of leather usually provide the best shield. Look for rugged soles, since you don’t want your feet to slip and lose your balance.

7. Know your vehicle

Don’t treat every vehicle in the same way. A motorcycle has its own controls and gears and brake systems. Make sure you are not only familiar with it, but you know your motorcycle like the back of your hand in order to ride safely.

8. Check before you ride

Before you set out on the road, it is a must to check your vehicle for any fault, and make sure that you have everything in order. Go through the T-CLOCS. They are :

T –Tires and wheels
C – Controls
L – Lights and electrics
O –Oil, gas and any other fluids
S –Side stands

9. Be fit to ride

Check your own fitness to ride the motorcycle. If you are tired, emotional or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do NOT try to drive a motorcycle. If you are feeling under the weather, or you are pregnant, then driving a motorcycle is definitely not the best option for you.

10. Know your limits

Riding a motorcycle is a skill. You develop gradually as you learn, and this never happens overnight. It takes time, practice and patience. Do not overestimate yourself. Ride in a safe and controlled way, and do not set challenges to yourself unless you know you are up for the job. Never let others influence how you drive and always maintain the rules of the road.

tina grz

11. Take periodic stops to rest

Do not drive for a long period of time. Take short intervals of breaks in between to rest yourself. Do some stretches and maybe even have some snacks. Remember to check your bike again before you set off!

12. Avoid distractions

When riding a bike, even the smallest distractions can cause a chain of events leading to an accident. Be hyper-aware. Don’t count on others to see you and avoid you, but rather be alert yourself. It is usually safe to not listen to loud music while on the road, and always place your cell phone where it is easy to reach. It is always best to stop at the side of the road to take a call if it is really urgent.

13. Overtaking isn’t always the best option

If you have to overtake, make sure there are no corners coming up ahead of you. It is also safe to position your bike in a way so that other vehicle drivers are able to spot you easily. Think twice before you want to overtake, and let those around you know what you are doing.

14. The perfect position

There are around three usual types of riding postures:
A. Standard riding posture
B. Sport riding posture
C. Cruiser riding posture
Be sure to know whether you feel comfortable or not. If you have back pain, then work on your posture in order to feel relaxed while you are driving. The best way to enjoy yourself is to be at ease!

15. Keep your eyes open

The last and most important advice for every motorcyclist out there, male or female, is to keep your eyes open. Don’t be shy to use your horn and let others know that you exist. Execute your actions according to the situations that you face. Look at your mirrors when turning a curb. Never apply your brakes all of a sudden, and always keep yourself at a distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Of course there isn’t any particular advice that is more important than the other, and the above are only a few common tips. What makes a motorcyclist skilled is the execution of not one, not two, but in fact all the motorcycle riding tips for women there are to be safe on the road!

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question

1. How do I get better at bike riding?

Ans- Protect your head and use your gears.

2. Are jeans good for motorcycle riding?

Ans- If you wear normal street jeans to go riding, then you may as well be wearing nothing.

3. Should a passenger on a motorcycle lean?

Ans- You will naturally lean into turns as the bike does, but it is not necessary to lean more than that – a good rule of thumb is to just look over the riders shoulder in the direction you are turning.

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