Honda CBR150R 2016 Thailand Edition Price In Bangladesh – October 2018

honda cbr150r

honda cbr150r 2016 specification

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Honda CBR150R 2016 Thailand Edition Price In Bangladesh

Model: Honda CBR150r 2016 (Thailand Edition)

Engine Displacement: 149CC

Type: Sports Bike

Price: 4,30,000 – 4,40,000 BDT

Status: Available In Bangladesh

Color: Black+Golden, Red+Black,White+Red,White+Blue

Last Update: 01.10.2018

Showroom: ERS Global , Hotline – 01789881111


Honda CBR150R 2016 Specification

Review of Honda CBR 150 (Thai Edition):

Overview:  Honda has many subsidiaries in Asia. One is in Thailand called A.P. Honda. They made their own CBR 150 in 2014 the CBR 15RG TH. The basic CBR 150R is the same bike that A.P. Honda designed but manufactured in India. So it looks like the basic CBR 150R with slight changes in graphics and dimensions. Then let’s check out the Thai version of the CBR 150RG TH.

Engine:  The Thai CBR 150R uses the same engine that has been used in the Indian CBR 150R as both came from the same designing. As the flagship in the 150 CC sport bike category and the king of the performance, Honda had to use an engine that will live up the name “Honda” and also deliver the performance that a CBR has to give.

So they used a 149.4 CC, single cylinder, 4 stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled, single spark, fuel injected, DOHC super smooth and high revving engine. The engine has a bore of 63.5 mm and stroke of 47.2 mm resulting the 149.4 cc of cylinder displacement.  The compression ratio is 11:1. So considering the fuel condition found in Bangladesh anything but octane is BAD for the engine.

The engine is feed through a PGM-FI fuel injection system and controlled by an ECU or Electric control unit or a computer that ensures that the engine is feeding properly based on the weather and altitude. The fuel injection system of the bike (PGM-FI) is invented by Honda for giving the maximum efficiency as well as not compromising the performance by analyzing different riding condition, weather, altitude and inclination or disinclination.

The engine is equipped with Viscous type paper filter element as air filter for its healthy breathing. The engine’s lubrication system is also unknown.  All these result in 18.28 BHP of peak power at 10500 RPM and 12.66 NM of maximum torque at 8500 RPM. The engine is feed from a 13 liter fuel tank. The Wet weight is 138 Kg as a result this bike has a power to weight ratio of 6.01 HP for per 100 KG.  The CBR 150 has only Electric starter.

Transmission:  The Thai Honda CBR 150R is mated with same 6-speed standard transmission 1 down and 5 up configuration, so no surprise there. The transmission has a wet multi plate clutch. The gear ratios are also unknown.

Design:  In the design part the Thai Honda CBR 150R has the same design as the Indian CBR 150R has just some color and graphic difference. In the 2015 model, the bike has old 2014 colors with new sticker job and new gold finished rims. It is a sports bike so it comes fully faired. The dual tone color scheme is only available in the red variant.

The Black one is all black which looks mean with the new graphics. The red one looks astonishingly hot with the graphic job and those golden rims. The Thai CBR has a silver finished exhaust muffler shield where as the Indian one has a matte black guard. Everything else is basically same as the Indian CBR 150R. The big bulky head lamp to the conventional tail lamp everything is the same.

Instrument console:  The Thai Honda CBR 150RG uses the same semi digital unit for its instrument console. It can be separated in 2 units. Analogue unit is equipped with an analogue tachometer and the digital backlit black-white LCD unit is equipped with speedometer, trip meter, odometer, clock, fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge. There are some indicators to assist the rider.

Switch Gears:  The same switch gears of the Indian CBR 150R which is also lacks engine kill switch and Headlight switch as the bike comes with AHO. Other than that everything is standard and quality is premium too.

Electricals:  The Honda CBR 150 uses a 12 V, 5Ah maintenance free battery and an AC generator. The bike uses a Digital Transistorized Spark Ignition System. The Bike has brightest 60/55 W for Low /High beam clear lens AC head lamp, 5/21 W LED tail /Brake light and each 10 W clear lens turn signal light.

Chassis & Dimensions:  Though the Thai and Indian CBR are identical in design, they are slightly different in the dimensions. A.P. Honda used a Diamond frame for the foundation of the CBR 150RG TH, which should give this bike maximum stiffness and amazing stability on the highway as well as city roads.

The Honda CBR 150R has overall length of 1977 mm less than Indian one, width of 695 mm narrower than the CBR 150R, height of 1130 mm higher than the Indian 150R, shorter ground clearance of 185 mm and longer wheel base of 1310 mm. The wet weight (with tool kit & 90% of fuel) of the bike is 138 Kg.  These mean that the bike has an average footprint in terms of dimensions in its competition but it has the more ground clearance than most and fare wheel base among its competitors.

Suspension:  The Thai Honda CBR 150RG TH is equipped with Telescopic forks at the front and 5 steps adjustable Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type Pro-Link Monoshock at the rear which are attached with rectangular swing arm just like the Indian CBR 150R. This suspension setup was expected as a flagship. This setup serves the purpose well for which it was made for, giving stability.

Wheels, Brakes & Tires:  The Thai Honda CBR 150RG uses 17 inch Gold finished 5-spoke alloy wheels and 276 mm Disc with Nissin dual caliper at the front which is the best in this segment and fitted with 220 mm rear disk with Nissin single caliper. The tires sizes are 100 /80-17” at the front and 130 /70-17” at the rear. Both of these tires are tubeless and offer great amount of grip in the competition.

Performance:  The Thai CBR 150RG is the rocket that should reach the 100 Km/H mark in around 12 sec and mileage claim of 45-50 Km/L on average which is great considering the performance.  The liquid cooled engine should perform better than other air cooled engines. The bike should handle well in the corners and high speed because of its Diamond frame, wide tires and suspension setup. But this bike suffers a lot in the off-road. This is an Asphalt king not for off-road.

Comfort and Handling:  The Thai and Indian Honda CBR 150R are no different in this segment too. So comfort is ensured. They  add the same very well cushioned seat in split formation which is very comfortable and spacious. The suspension on the other hand is a mystery for us for the way it performs and handles the bumps and gives stability on high speed run.

No vibration or instability on high speed and handles city traffics without a sweat. It’s extremely flick able and nimble. The overtaking capability is marvelous. Being light and fully faired the wind blast from large vehicle makes it unstable which is very dangerous in the highway. Other than that it is the king of the performance.

Conclusion:  The Thai Honda CBR 150RG is the same bike that is been selling the authorized Honda dealers in terms of performance and designing except for the colors and some dynamic changes. So, in the segment of 150 CC sport bikes this racing machine remains the king of the performance with handling, looks and performances like a champion. More over this is another proof that “Honda is Honda”.