BAJAJ PULSAR 150 Price in Bangladesh

ModelPULSAR 150
Engine Displacement149 CC
TypeStandard Bike
Price1,70,900 BDT (Single Disc)
StatusAvailable In Bangladesh
Last Update01.07.2019


Full specifications of  BAJAJ PULSAR 150

Bajaj Motorcycle Showroom In Bangladesh



Uttara Motors silently launched Bajaj Pulsar 150 2018 in Bangladesh. The motorcycle follows all the new regulations which were governed in India but their government which should be implied from April 2017 in their country.  Bajaj Pulsar lunched 27th  March 2017 in Bangladesh. Now its available all Bajaj dealer across the country.

Overview:  As we know Bajaj is Indian company so all new Bajaj Pulsar 150 2018 has come with new technology which regulated by Indian government like new BS4 engine, AHO (Always headlight ON) system. And also has some engine modification than previous model.

Design:  Pulsar 150 2018 is nothing change than its older version except color. Its whole body, fuel tank, chassis, handle bar, same as older version of Pulsar 150. Its seating position is more comfortable than older version of  Pulsar 150. It has all new laser edge graphics its body. It has 3 new color: Nuclear blue, Laser Black, and Dyno red.

Engine & Transmission:  The New Bajaj Pulsar 150 2018 has all new BS4 standard engine. Due to making the new changes in the engine the Power of the bike has gone down by 1 BHP  now its BHP is 13.8 @ 800RPM and its torque gone up by 1 NM now torque is 13.4NM @ 6000 RPM.

The new bike is expected to give better mileage due to new CDI mapping, new CDI has 5 map CDI where older version has 2 Map CDI. New engine is emits less pollution in air. New engine has smaller Bore & longer Stroke than older version. New engine has new Gun Metal color. It has 5 speed gear shift as like as older version. Its also has Bigger muffler. Company claims that the mileage of the bike will be around 65 km/l (under test condition).

Body, Break and Suspension:  Bajaj Pulsar 150  2018 has same body as like as older version. Its front wheel has hydraulic disc break which diameter is 240mm, and rear break has drum break. And the another big change is  the all new bajaj 150 2017 has the both tire are use tubeless tire.  Its suspension is same as previous model. New Pulsar 150  2018  has AHO(Always Headlight ON) system and new speedometer cluster graphics.

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  9. vai amr onek din ar asa ami akta pulsar kinbo…kinto price ar jonno kinte paiteci na…vai jodi ager price ta hoto ta hole kintam..

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