Updated & Latest Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2017

Wasif AnowarApril 4, 2017

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Since December last year most motorcycle companies reduced the price of their motorcycles after the Bangladesh government reduces the tax on the companies who will go into progressive manufacturing.  In this article you will find the Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2017. Some of the price may vary if the company is giving any sort of discount or cash back offer.


Back in the budget of 2016-2017 Bangladesh government announced a new regulation of progressive manufacturing. In this new regulation if any motorcycle company will sign up for progressive manufacturing to the government and upon its approval they will get import permission with reduce duty for two years from the date of approval.

On the Second year importer has to localize 10% of parts that is parts made in Bangladesh locally and then assembled with the motorcycle. Gradually each year importer has to add another 10% of parts till 5th year when the localization ratio becomes 50%.

Currently the tax for CBU motorcycles are 151%,  for CKD Motorcycles 130% & for the companies who will go for progressive manufacturing will pay a tax of under 100%.

Back in 2016-2017 in the national budget the government decided to promote progressive manufacturing in Bangladesh, so they made a new policy SRO NO: 155-AIN/2016/17/Customs Date June 2 2016(SRO 155), under this new policy all the motorcycle companies who will get permission for progressive manufacturing will pay a customs tax of 20% from 45% which is a reduction of 25% for CKD progressive manufacturers.

Given below is the Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2017 of some of the leading motorcycle companies in Bangladesh. Here we didn’t update any price of any motorcycle importers who are not authorized in Bangladesh.

honda motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd: HONDA

Model Current Price
CD 80 86,000
Honda Wave Alpha 135,000
CB Neo Dream 119,000
CB Shine 146,000
CB Trigger (SD) 186,000
CB Trigger (DD) 196,000
Honda CBR150R 450,000

yamaha motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

ACI Motors Ltd: Yamaha

Model Current Price
Saluto 125 (Drum) 145,000
Saluto 125 (Disc) 152,000
SZ-RR 190,000
SZ-RR (SE) 195,000
FZS Fi V2 255,000
FZS Fi V2 (SE) 265,000
Fazer Fi V2 275,000
R15S 440,000
R15 V2.0 480,000

suzuki motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

Rancon Motorbikes Ltd: Suzuki

Model Current Price
Hayate 125,000
Sling Shot 150,000
GS150R 200,000
Gixxer 225,000
Gixxer Duel Tone (SD) 230,000
Gixxer Duel Tone  (DD) 240,000
Gixxer SF 265,000
Gixxer SF (DD) 275,000
Gixxer SF MotoGP (SD) 275,000
Gixxer SF MotoGP (DD) 285,000

bajaj avenger street 150

Uttara Motors Ltd: Bajaj

Model Price
CT 100 95,500
Platina KS 106,500
Platina ES 117,500
Discover 100 129,500
Discover 125 (Drum) 141,500
Discover 125 (Disc) 152,500
V15 167,500
Avenger Street 150 199,500
Pulsar 150 177,500
Pulsar AS150 223,500

hero motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

Niloy Motors Ltd: Hero

Model Price
HF Dawn 92,500
HF Deluxe KS 100,000
HF Deluxe ES 114,000
Splendor 115,000
Splendor Pro 119,000
I Smart 126,000
Passion Pro (Disc) 133,000
Glamour 142,500
Hunk (SD) 177,000
Hunk (DD) 189,000
Xtreme Sports (SD) 185,000
Xtreme Sports  (DD) 202,500

TVS Motorcycles Bangladesh Ltd: TVS

Model Price
Metro KS 100,000
Metro ES 110,000
Metro (Disc) 133,000
Metro Plus 124,000
Stryker 138,000
Phoenix 149,000
Apache RTR (Matt Blue) 185,000
Apache RTR (SD) 180,000
Apache RTR (DD) 199,000

aprilia motorcycle price in bangladesh


Motorcycle World Ltd : Aprilia

Model Price
Aprilia RS4 125 575,000
SR 125 Motrad 350,000

Navana Automobiles Ltd: Mahindra

Model Price
Arro 98,000
Arro XT 100,000
Rockstar (Drum Brake) 110,000
Centuro NXT (Digital Meter) 125,000
Centuro NXT (Analog Meter) 122,000
Centuro Disc (Digital Meter) 132,000
Centuro Disc (Analog Meter) 130,000

runner motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

Runner Automobiles Ltd: Runner

Model Price
AD80S Alloy 73,000
AD80S Deluxe 75,000
Cheeta 77,000
F100-6A 80,000
Bullet 100 97,000
Royal + 93,000
Turbo 125 122,000
LML Freedom 110,000

lifan motorcycle price in bangladesh

Rasel Industries Ltd: Lifan

Model Price
KPR150 185,000
KP150 V2 155,000
KP150 (Air Cooled) 135,000
KP Mini 150 143,000
Glint100 93,000
Victor R V80 Xpress 77,000
Victor R V110 Link Advance 95,000

 keeway motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017

Speedoz Ltd: Keeway

Model Price
Magnet 100 90,000
RKS100 105,000
RKS125 130,000
RKS150 160,000
RKV150 156,000
Superlight 150 185,000

Karnaphuli Motors Ltd: Haojue

Model Price
Cool 150 127,000
KA 135 133,000
TZ 150 130,000
TR 150 162,000

 Race Global: Hysoung & Race

Model Price
Fiero 150FR 209,000
GSR 125 250,000
SR 125 199,000
Hyosung GV125 350,000
Hyosung GT125 300,000
Hyosung GTR125 360,000
Hyosung RT125 250,000

Roadmaster Motors Ltd:

Model Price
Rapido 165,000
Velocity 110,000
Delight 95,000
Rex 81,000
Prime 65,000

atlaszongshen motorcycle price in bangladesh 2017 

Atlas Zongshen

Model Price
ZS80 85,000
ZS 112-72 112,500
ZS 100-27 120,000
ZS 125-68 140,000
ZS 150-58 173,500
Z One T 173,500
Z One 173,500


Model Price
DBR150 175,000
Vento 140,000
Rex 130,000


Model Price
Avatar 150 187,000

loncin gpr 150 price in bangladesh

Grameen Motors

Model Price
Loncin 180,000
RX 1 175,000
Dark 180,000
RSZ 175,000

So guys these are the motorcycle price in Bangladesh 2017. To stay updated with the latest price of every motorcycle in Bangladesh, Click Here. Stay Safe and Always wear helmet while Riding.

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