Motorcycle Fuel Economy VS Build Quality – Which Is Preferable?

Motorcycle is the vehicle that’s posses the multipurpose utility in terms of commuting, mobility or sports. Definitely the numeral figure of motorcycle enthusiasts is huge. But the numeral figure of common user is more than that. Hence in terms of those common users focus motorcycle fuel economy and build quality is the key issue. It really influences huge on buying a motorcycle. Accordingly focusing this significant issue here is our Motorcycle Fuel Economy VS Build Quality – Which Is Preferable? So let’s discuss in brief on those core features of motorcycles.

Motorcycle fuel economy and build quality are the key features those most of the user considers. In premium category motorcycles both the features are quite equally available. But in the country like Bangladesh where motorcycle engine capacity is limited only up to 165cc, how can we expect very good quality motorcycle with premium fuel economy. Moreover price of those premium quality motorcycles is another vital concern.

Hence those high priced premium motorcycles are out of our discussion. Here we are very specifically focused on the common range of motorcycles that available in Bangladesh. The available common range of motorcycles really struggles with price with fuel economy vs build quality. Here you may choose fuel economy for saving money or can go for a good bike that may give you a efficient & standard mileage. Hence that is our issue.


Motorcycle Fuel Economy

You know these days vehicle fuel is something like liquid gold. The price hike of fuel increasing day by day and it directly influences the economy. So motorcycle fuel efficiency therefore fuel economy or mileage is one of the key feature of a motorcycle.

There is no motorcycle manufacturer who can ignore this core feature while designing or producing their commercial motorcycles. Even street super bike or premium motorcycle manufacturer also takes this issue in concern while developing the design.

Accordingly ensuring notable level of fuel economy is must have feature for all the commuter and premium street motorcycles. But ensuring optimum level of fuel economy is not so easy job for the motorcycle designers. Modern motorcycles are more power and performance oriented then the previous models.

Users are also much concern about power and performance. But they also can’t sacrifice the fuel economy figure. Hence in standard designed motorcycle is somewhat a balanced pack of power, performance and fuel efficiency.

But for the basic type of motorcycle especially for the commuter some features are quite sacrificed for ensuring out of margin fuel economy. Here the manufacturer may go for very lighter design in engine parts and body. Can sacrifice structural strength to reduce weight from engine, frame, wheel or body. Thus they also minimize a wider margin of manufacturing cost.

Thus manufacturer concentrates only for fuel efficiency and lower manufacturing cost.  And this type of motorcycle target customers is much price sensitive. Hence accordingly the other features are somewhat ignored. Resulting most of the peak fuel economic regular motorcycles are much weaker in build quality and other features. But of-course they are much advanced in fuel economy and price.


Motorcycle Build Quality

On the other side motorcycle build quality is another supreme feature of a motorcycle. A quality build motorcycle gives hassle free service and performance for longer time. Moreover good build quality ensures road safety, premium control and can tackle many extreme situations. Coming to the fuel economy feature of a good build motorcycle here we should use the word those are efficient instead of economic.

In a good build motorcycle all the features are quite equally focused. These kinds of motorcycles are quite like a balanced pack of features. Hence like the high fuel economic motorcycles theses motorcycles are not only fuel economy focused. Those build in balance of power, performance, mileage with ensuring premium or standard quality.

Accordingly a good build motorcycle manufactured with standard dimension of engine and body parts. So there standard dimension and strength of parts are used. Therefore power, mileage, strength and stability all are packed in standard margin. So you cannot expect out of the margin fuel economy from those regular category machines but can expect the efficient & standard figure.

On the other side a quality design motorcycle carries its price for its design and craftsmanship. Moreover, quality of manufacturing also caries another margin of cost. Hence good build quality and durable machine has its price that is definitely higher than the regular even the same range of narrow focused motorcycles.

Motorcycle Fuel Economy

Motorcycle Fuel Economy VS Build Quality – Which Is Preferable?

So after illuminating on motorcycle fuel efficiency vs build quality the question comes that is which is preferable? Hence you can see fuel economy and good build quality concerns are somehow related with price and spending capability of a user.

Some user thinks, a low priced fuel efficient motorcycle may serve him/her better as the price is low. Moreover on those they will have to spend less for fuel. But when the term of durability comes they think they can sell that before cracking down.

There are also a category of user who somewhat regrets for buying a standard fuel efficient motorcycle with higher price. They regrets for the money they spent to buy the bike and the money of buying fuel.

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So coming to the conclusion of both of those category users we can say nothing to be happy or to regret. Firstly those out of margin fuel economic motorcycles available in our market is really not so durable due to very light and cheap quality manufacturing. Yes those can give notable mileage but that surely that not consistently.

Moreover those light constructed motorcycle often falls for a repair or parts replacement and very frequent of maintenance. Thus the owner had to spent money that is somewhat equal or more than he/she saved from spending less on fuel. Another vital issue, after replacing or unscrewing those parts the performance and mileage figure looses dramatically. So you can understand how the user spent the money that saved from fuel cost.

Secondly those who regrets after buying a good quality motorcycle with comparative high price may not face such issues. Very commonly those motorcycles need less maintenance due to quality manufacturing.  Therefore parts wear and replacement is not so frequent. Thus those motorcycles can save the money which is comparatively much more than you spent more on fuel. In addition these quality motorcycle literary a balanced pack of power, performance and fuel efficiency. That’s it.

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