Motorcycle Air Filter & Oil Filter – Utility & Purposes

Many times we face various queries related motorcycle performance in our facebook page and group. Commonly most of the issues relates with the motorcycle air filter and oil filter. Hence many of us still don’t know about the importance of motorcycle air filter & oil filter. Accordingly here we are with Motorcycle Air Filter & Oil Filter – Utility & Purposes. Let’s head in the discussion.

Motorcycle Air Filter

Motorcycle Air Filter – Utility & Purposes

Motorcycle Air filter is that part which supplies the clean air to the combustion chamber though it. You know every internal combustion engine therefore motorcycle engine needs huge amount of air for the combustion process. Hence the supplied air needed to be clean of solid foreign particles like dust, dirt, sand or other solid things.

So the engine intake manifold sucks the air through the air-filter element and gets clean air. Hence in such way air-filter supplies the clean air continuously. So you can understand if the air-filter element goes dirty then air flow volume will reduce dramatically.

Assume in such case what will happen? Answer is very easy as if the engine will not get necessary amount of air and will loose combustion efficiency and engine performance. Moreover when air suction is limited then it will suck the fuel more. Resulting fuel consumption will increase where the engine performance also interrupt.


Motorcycle Oil Filter – Utility & Purposes

Motorcycle oil filter is that part which cleans the engine oil supplied toward the engine piston. You know in a motorcycle engine the engine-oil remains in the engine sump. That engine oil lubricates the fast moving parts as well as it also work for cooling those parts.

Hence the engine piston also very importantly needed to be lubricated. So a mechanical injector injects the engine oil from the engine sump. But here you know the piston is the most sophisticated part of an engine. It moves faster than any other parts inside the engine which needs continuous lubrication but with clean oil.

You know the same engine oil in the sump works to lubricate all the moving part inside the engine. So commonly the oil may contain very thin metal grindings or residue which is harmful for the piston and cylinder wall. Hence the oil needed to be clean before injecting toward cylinder wall through the piston vents.

Therefore here the engine oil filter works for cleaning the supplied oil. Here the engine oil supplies through the oil filter element before injecting toward piston or cylinder wall. Hence you can understand an oil filter ensures a long life of the piston and cylinder wall.

So if the oil filter element gets dirty of filtering metal grindings or other residue then what will happen? In such case oil supply toward the piston will reduce. Piston movement will infirm and in sudden moment the piston will siege forever. So never neglect of cleaning or changing the oil filter element within recommended interval or uses.


Performance Air & Oil Filters – Utility & Purposes

Guys you are already known about the motorcycle air filter and oil filter activity and necessity. So you should be caring of maintaining or replacing those parts within recommended interval of riding. Now another issue we face frequent query on it that is, “what is performance Air & oil filter?

Performance filters are nothing but those are made with high caliber materials that can serve extra long life. Moreover those kits can ensure very frequent supply of air or oil ensuring maximum efficiency of filtering. So when a bike designed or modified for increased or high performance then performance air & oil filter needed to support that enhanced activities.

Generally this performance kits made for working in extreme situations like racing, sporting or grand touring. But some of those can be used in our regular bike for getting some extended performance.

Hence here you have to be sure about the product certification or recommendation whether that compatible with your specific model of bike or not. And one more thing you have to keep in mind whether those performance products violates the specific model of bike warranty or not.


So readers that was all about our brief discussion on Motorcycle Air Filter & Oil Filter – Utility & Purposes. Wish you liked our discussion and got a clearer knowledge on those. Hence feel free to comment or ask your questions and stay tuned with us. Soon we are coming with new discussions on some new topic. Until then cordial thanks to you all.

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