LS2 Helmet Price In BD

LS2 is an internationally registered motorcycle gear & accessory brand headquartered in Barcelona, Spain (source). The brand LS2 officially formed in 2007 but the company originally born back in 1990 in China. LS2 is worldwide known for manufacturing versatile featured quality helmets and motorcycle riding gears.


LS2 Helmets is the concern of JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD (JPH) that located in Gonghe Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province of China. The company also owning another helmet brand from 1997 named MHR.

LS2 Helmets In Bangladesh

LS2 Vector Evo


NameLS2 Vector Evo
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price9,000 BDT

LS2 Metro Evo


NameLS2 Metro Evo
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price9,000 BDT

LS2 Challenger Squandron


NameLS2 Challenger Squandron
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price12,000 BDT

LS2 Challenger Fusion


NameLS2 Challenger Fusion
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price12,000 BDT

LS2 Stream Evo


NameLS2 Stream Evo
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price5,000 BDT

LS2 Valiant 2 Hammer


NameLS2 Valiant 2 Hammer
DistributorLS2 Helmets Bangladesh
Price15,000 BDT

LS2 Helmet Bangladesh


At the earlier time after the foundation, the company used to produce helmets and other OEM & ODM helmet products. At that time they used to produce helmet and helmet products under the trademark FENGXING in China. In the domestic market of China, FENGXING helmets gained huge success and then moved forward to international markets.


Finding the company history we see LS2 born using the abbreviation of LIAO’S SYSTEM from the owner’s family name LIAO as its brand name in 2007. But the mother company traced in 1990 when the founder Mr. Arthur Liao had started a modest helmet business in a small workshop that spaced less than 600 square feet in China. 


He invested about 350 Euros in his small helmet business taking only one employee Mr. Peng Zheng. Meanwhile, Mr. Peng Zheng still is working for the company. Thereof only two people started to manufacture motorcycle helmets in that tiny workshop in the rural of China.

Within a very short time, Mr. Arthur Liao got successful in his business. Then he expanded the facility leasing 4000 square feet of factory space and employed 100 employees in 1992. At the same time, he engaged one of his brothers Mr. Stephan Liao to the company’s management team. 


By 1994 under the trademark FENGXING, this manufacturing company gained huge success in the domestic helmet market of China. In the same year, the company finally moved to its own factory spaced around 18000 square feet and JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD (JPH) got its home.



In the success of FENGXING, Mr. Arthur Liao focused his vision to the international market. Thus he invested and worked to develop the factory, modernize the machinery and technology. In sequence, he changed his helmet trademark to MHR in 1997 to recognize the brand name seriously in the global market.


In of development and expansion of this global helmet brand MHR, Mr. Arthur invited his other brother Mr. Paul Liao to join in the business. Thus another LIAO brother’s engagement in the MHR it became a family business and the result gone fruitful in all the aspect.

By 2000 the company JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS, LTD. (JPH) owned the certification of ISO9000 holding in-house own R&D, new technologies for helmet production including plastic injection system, composite treatment, painting, testing facilities, and so on.


Thus by 2005, Arthur and Paul brothers did a multi-million dollar investment in the company. At that time JPH owned a 330,000 square feet state-of-the-art factory with over 1,000 employees, and a production capacity of more than 2 million helmets a year. 


LS2 Helmets – Birth Of The Global Helmet Brand

The year 2007 counted as the landmark year for the company. The company set its vision to produce its own branded helmets for the global market rather than producing only OEM and ODM products for other global brands. 


Then the global brand LS2 had born taking the abbreviation of LIAO brothers LIAO’S SYSTEM as the brand name. LS2 registered as the global helmet brand establishing its headquarter in Barcelona, Spain. In the same year, LS2 helmets exhibited for the first time at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. 


From that exhibition LS2 helmets positioned into the global market demonstrating their passion, dedication, courage, and determination. By 2010 LS2 helmet set its steps into the USA market and now it covered the markets of Africa, Asia, Australia along with Europe, and America.


LS2 helmet currently produces different types of world-class helmets meeting international and regional helmet standards. Further, the LS2 Helmets R&D team is involved in the development, innovation, and precision of their products. Thus LS2 is solely dedicated to quality, improvement, and customer satisfaction.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

LS2 is one of the renowned motorcycle helmet brands in the world market and in Bangladesh.

LS2 Helmets owned and manufactured by the manufacturing company JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD (JPH)

LS2 Helmets owned and manufactured by the manufacturing company JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD (JPH) that located in Gonghe Town, Heshan City, Guangdong Province of China.

Yes, LS2 Helmet has an official distribution in Bangladesh.

LS2 helmet produces different types of world-class helmets that meet international and regional helmet standards.

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