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Hello bikers I am AB Istiaqe, 33 years young and live in Dhaka. From my childhood I am crazy about bikes and always had a dream of owning a bike. My father was an ex- biker and that was the actual reason behind my craziness about bikes. My first bike was Honda AME100,a china bike. After the first one I rode 150cc Indian bikes almost from all brands and never thought to buy a china bike again. But from BIKEBD review and after having test drive it was much convincing for me to buy a china bike once again. My immediate last bike was LIFAN KPR 150 and I am fully satisfied about the bike. Love and passion make me a biker and I have crush on Adventure series bikes. Finally my dream came true. The sexy LIFAN KING POWERED TOURING. Today I am going to share my experience in the article Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review. 

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lifan kpt 150 ownership review

Why Lifan KPT150?

As I am a biker and I love touring. I always tried to attend at least 2 tours in a month. Also my office location is around 20km from my residence. So I have to on ride for a long time almost every day. In that case I badly needed a comfortable motorcycle and believe me in the question of comfort this one is better than any other available bike in market. In addition it have sexy look, petal disk break, USD suspension, dual sports tire, budget friendly and finally she is carrying one of the best engine of these days.

lifan kpt price in bangladesh

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My Experience with Lifan KPT150:

I purchased a grey LIFAN KPT-150 on November 2017 now it has been 2 month and I have completed 2000+km. So here I am sharing my personal experience about LIFAN KPT150.

Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review – Look:

For me the Look is too hot, aggressive. Its headlight and front fairing look like an angry cobra is ready grab you any time. Perfect shape and 100% plastic fuel tank, at the tail part LED light is small but smart and enough and the rear mudguard is well designed to protect you from mud. Overall it looks like a giant creature.

lifan kpt price in bd 2018

Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review – Riding Condition/ Control:

One of the great thing about this bike is the superior handling. KP remains stick on the road whether you are riding on 50kmph or at 100kmph. Tires are good enough for city ride but I found fewer grips on rural areas. Sitting position is good enough but in the long ride I found a little bit back pain. Overall I am satisfied with the comfortable ride of KP.

lifan kpt price in bangladesh 2018

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Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review – Breaking:

Lifan KPT150 have petal disk and also break caliper designed for single finger break. Generally a bikes major break comes from front wheel but KPT provide major break from rear wheel.


USD Front suspension is awesome but rear mono-shock should a bit updated because an adventure bike expect with a better mono-shock.

kpt 150 price

Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review – Performance / Engine:

Lifan KPT150 has 150cc single cylinder 4-stroke water cool engine. LIFAN KPT 150 have 1340 wheelbase, 100/80-17/175-200kPa front tyre , 130/70-17/200-225kPa rear tyre, Engine oil capacity 1.2L (15w/40-SF) and Fuel Tank Capacity 12L. It produce 12.5 kw (1kw=1.34102bhp) and 16.5 torque. Engine performance is really good; engine is enough smooth, no vibration, racing sound, Reliable. Where KPT surprises all of us is the acceleration, its mind blowing. I have reached 119kmph till now but its feels like it will go further. I got about 45 kmpl mileage in Dhaka city and about 47 kmpl in highway.

lifan kpt150 ownership review bikebd

Lifan KPT 150 Ownership Review – Tour:

Till now I have done 4 tours with my Lifan KPT150. Dhaka-Mymensingh, Dhaka-Comilla- Dhaka, Dhaka-Khagrachori-Sajek-Dhaka and Dhaka to Sylhelt-Satchori-Dhaka . Lifan KPT150 born to ride in the highway. I got 46-48 kmpl mileage on the highway ride and the top end acceleration is quite good.


  • Sexy Look.
  • Dual Petal disc brake.
  • USD Front suspension.
  • Super acceleration.
  • Reliable engine.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Superior after sale service by Rasel Industries ltd.

lifan kpt 150


  • Poor Paint Quality.
  • Disc brake Pad.
  • Rear mono suspension
  • Small Tail light (Cause Problem at night time after hitting break).

Yes Lifan is a Chinese bike but in current situation Chinese bike better than same budget indian bike. That’s why I am wait four months for this beast. Now question is that, what about its durability?? Depend on rider and well maintaining.

touring bike of bangladesh

One advice for all the bikers. All Chinese bike is not same. If you buying a Chinese bike then please search it first at google. Know about the mother company of the Bike. & try to choose a Chinese bike if the brand is established BRAND at China. Hope this Lifan KPT 150 Review” will help the Bikers.

written by AB Istiaqe

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