Lifan KPR 165 Carb 3500KM User Review – Abrar Arko

From my childhood I love bikes. My love for tow wheels was crazy. I learned bike riding when I was in class 6. I love to ride, because riding gives me a feeling of freedom. I started touring with my bike in 2014. I have ridden more then 3lk recorded km. Today I am going to talk about my Lifan KPR 165 Carb.

lifan kpr 165 carb

Now let’s talk about how did I come across to Lifan KPR. As I love to do tours so I needed a machine which can run fast & for a longer period. All oiled cooled bike was so expensive which was not on my budget.

Then I got information about Lifan Kpr. One of my close vai Sajjad Sojib vai let me ride his KPR V1 for a spin. I was so amazed by KPR acceleration, braking, and balance. On the next day, I bought KPR 150 version V1 in 2017.

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I rode that bike for 28,000km. That KPR never let me down. KPR felt never tired on the highway. Even if I give extreme pressure. KPR seems very ok with it.

lifan kpr 165 carb price in bangladesh

Then the next model of Lifan KPR 165 Fi arrived in the market. I was so happy with the KPR 150 V1. So I decided to buy the new Kpr 165 Fi. On 17th January of 2019, I bought KPR 165 Fi. Ride that bike about 8,000 km. That bike was awesome.

Then I got information from Rasel Industry LTD that they will bring a new KPR 165 carb version with a new NBF 2 engine & 130 section rear tire. Immediately I booked one. I waited 2 months and 23 days for that bike. Then I got my Lifan KPR 165 Carb. I was the fast one of the KPR 165 carb bike.

lifan kpr price in bangladesh

Let talk about the all-new carb KPR 165. I am riding it about 3500km and running. I will be sharing my personal opinion about this bike. When I fast turn on the ignition switch & started the bike the sound was awesome.

When I rode for the first time I was amazed cause the engine was so much smoother, the clutch was lighter, gear was shameless.

Now I will talk about the good sides and the bad side of this bike.

lifan kpr 165 user review in bangladesh

Good sides:

  • Overall build quality
  • Powerful projection headlight
  • Engine cooling system is better in this new model
  • 300 mm front disk
  • Liquid cooling engine
  • Split seats
  • Overall balancing
  • Racing look
  • Pretty durable kits
  • Very good after-sales service

kpr price in bangladesh

Now let’s talk about bad sides:

  • Less turning ratio
  • For the weight of this bike riding is not very pleasing in traffic
  • In traffic heating issues (can be minimized if you follow some tricks)
  • I do not like the back-light of this bike and this is a personal opinion
  • KPR 165 carb required 1200ml engine oil
  • Lifan KPR stock rear mono-shock is not good

Let’s talk about what is new in Lifan KPR 165 carburetor version:

  • New Graphics
  • New Color
  • New NBF 2 Engin
  • Engine oil filter
  • 130 section rear tire

lifan kpr 165 carb price in bd

I have taken the first servicing of my bike at 1000 odd. I was getting 22-27km per liter in fast 2500km. Then I got 30km per liter. Let’s talk about what engine oil I have used. I used pertonas mineral 20W40 Engine oil changed in 100,300,600,1000,1500, km. Then move to semi-synthetic 10w40 Petronas currently

I have updated the breaks to the KPT petal disc for better breaks. Changed stock tire to Timsun Domino 2 for better balance. Changed stock mono-shock and used trigger mono-shock. Changed stock looking glass & using KP moto short looking glass. I get a top speed of 130km in the Dhaka-Mymensing highway.

lifan kpr riding in bangladesh

Lastly, all I want to say is I am using my 3rd KPR because KPR is the most affordable sports bike. Rasel Industry gives awesome after sell service. If u r looking for a sports bike at affordable price KPR is the best choice. The KPR engine is very durable.


Written By: Abrar Arko

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