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Lifan is slowly becoming the leader of Chinese motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and in this article, we are going to give you the latest and updated Lifan BikeBD Price 2020 along with the overview of every model. So, let’s get inside the discussion of Lifan Motorcycle Price Bd 2020. 

Lifan Motorcycles is one of the maximum famous Chinese motorbike everywhere in the international – Though Rasel Industries started out promoting Lifan motorcycles on a complete speed some years in the past, they took their area inside the bikers heart very quickly with their moderately priced products. we are here with the cutting-edge Lifan BikeBD Price 2020. The Lifan bike price bd 2020 price list is given below on a table.

Here is the list of Lifan BikeBD Price 2020.

  • Lifan KPR 165R (EFI) – 2,10,000 BDT
  • Lifan KPR 165R (Carburetor) – 1,99,900 BDT
  • Lifan KPR 150 2017 – 1,85,400BDT
  • Lifan KPS 150 – 1,75,000 BDT
  • Lifan KPT 150 – 2,60,000 BDT
  • Lifan Glint 100 ES – 86,000 BDT
  • Victor-R Classic 100 – 85,000 BDT
  • Victor-R V80 Xpress – 70,000 BDT

Lifan Bike Price BD 2019

Lifan BikeBD Price 2020

ModelPriceClick for the Latest Price
Lifan KPR 165R (EFI)2,10,000Click for the Latest Price
Lifan KPR 165R (Carburetor)1,99,900Click for the Latest Price
Lifan KPR 150 20171,85,400Click for the Latest Price
Lifan KPS 1501,75,000Click for the Latest Price
Lifan KPT 1502,60,000Click for the Latest Price
Lifan Glint 100 ES86,000Click for the Latest Price
Victor-R Classic 10085,000Click for the Latest Price
Victor-R V80 Xpress70,000Click for the Latest Price

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Lifan BikeBD Price 2020

lifan kpr 165r user review

Lifan KPR 165 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

The engine of Lifan KPR 165R is a single-cylinder, 2 valves, and liquid-cooled engine. The engine is connected with a 6-speed gearbox which transfers 16.8 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 17 NM @ 6500 RPm of Torque to the rear wheel.

The bike is aggressive looking & unlike some bike, it has a saddle height of 775 mm which is most helpful for bikers even with a height of 5 feet 3 inch but some bikers around the 6 feet mark will find it uncomfortable to ride.

There is also a full LED tail light but what is disappointing that they didn’t change the indicators of the bike, they could have added an LED unit. The speedometer has an analog REV counter while a digital speedometer. The speed indicator is very small; it should have been a bit more large font.

lifan bikebd price 2019

Lifan KPR 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Lifan KPR is certainly one of the maximum popular 150cc motorcycles in the present era. Since the launching, it has been a virtually popular desire most of the youth and the sports motorcycle fanatics due to the fashion, overall performance, and, charge. It is usually considered as an awesome value for money and in terms of overall performance, It doesn’t disappoint the rider. It can preserve up with the maximum of the top class sports or bare sports motorcycle in phrases of performance, and despite being a Chinese motorbike, it is certainly properly built and a durable gadget.

lifan bikebd price 2019

Lifan KPT 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Lifan KPT150 is a motorcycle which is definitely popular amongst adventure and stale-road bikers as it’s miles a simple and one of the high-quality dual sports bike in Bangladesh. It became released simply the preceding 12 months, and it has were given the attention, curiosity, and love of motorcycle fans in Bangladesh. Lifan KPT150 is a twin sports motorbike that’s pleasant for traveling on street, and stale-road. It is ideal to experience in nearly any surface, and that is the principle cause it is preferred by all.

lifan kps 150 review

Lifan KPS 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

The Lifan KPS150 is a naked sports activities model of the well-known Lifan KPR150 – however, the whole thing is a chunk unique. Lifan KPS150 is a 150cc bare sports bike from Lifan created to fulfill up the wishes of the street riders. Street motorcycles continually had been a little aggressive and stylish – Lifan KPS is not any different. Lifan KPS150 is a virtually stylish bike with all of the contemporary functions – and maximum interestingly, an inverted the front suspension! Lifan KPS150 has launched only 12 months ago but it has already been a favorite preference for riders who pick agility, fashion, and aggressiveness.

lifan kp150 V2

Lifan KP150 V2 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

The Lifan KP150 V2 is an upgraded model of the Lifan KP150 – that is one of the most famous Chinese motorcycles in Bangladesh. Lifan KP150 V2 is one of the first-rate value for money 150cc motorcycle within the 150cc phase. It is a liquid-cooled motorbike and though being well built, it has a good charge and pumps out an amazing overall performance. Lifan KP150 V2 is famous amongst bikers who need a 150cc motorcycle with extremely good price and desirable overall performance.

lifan kp150

Lifan KP 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Lifan KP150 is largely a 150cc all-rounder motorbike which turned into first added in 2014 with the aid of Rasel Industries. It became one of the maximum famous Chinese bikes amongst 150cc phase around that point and it still is clearly popular inside the 150cc section. It is the bike which broke the taking into consideration the mass about Chinese bikes. It is a wonderful combo of energy, performance, and, price.

lifan kp mini price

Lifan KP Mini Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

KP Mini is a mini bike from Lifan advanced for the city experience. It is a 150cc motorbike with a minimum body and incredible styling to make certain riding in style and to reduce via the traffic. Lifan KP Mini is an excellent minibike which is perfect for the city experience and additionally using with fashion anywhere and on any road. Lifan KP Mini is appropriate for any rider who wishes to stand heavy traffic regular and wishes to cut the visitors. Lifan KP Mini is a superb value for money with top-notch styling.

lifan glint 100 price in bangladesh

Lifan Glint 100 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Lifan Glint is a 100cc commuting bike from Lifan which is clearly famous in the rural area. It is a great cost for cash motorbike which gained its recognition through its an excellent performance, true fee, and proper mileage. In the rural regions, It is wildly used for using in village roads and as price and mileage is an actually vital issue there, Lifan Glint is actually popular.

victor r classic 100

Victor-R Classic 100 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

In the Lifan Bike Price BD 2020  article, Victor-R classic 100 is a different kind but they are also from Lifan,Victor-R Classic 100 is a restaurant racer styled motorbike which has to grow to be a new sensation to the bikers – mainly the kids. This is a motorbike which looks as if it is from the ’80s but packs the functions and the performance of a current 100cc motorbike. It is a superb 100cc motorbike with excellent mileage, exact overall performance, and clearly incredible styling.

victor r v80 xpress price in bangladesh

Victor-R V80 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

In the Lifan Bike Price BD 2020 article, the last bike is, Victor-R V80 is one of the most popular 80cc motorbikes in Bangladesh. Well, At least it changed into a definitely popular preference due to its surely properly styling and properly mileage. Victor-R V80 is the truly popular bike in both city and rural regions. It is a notable preference for all of us who are looking for an excellent bike with excellent mileage, styling, and performance within an inexpensive rate.

Lifan is a great motorcycle company in our country for their bikes. So if you choose one of them and want to buy Lifan motorcycle then see the Lifan BikeBD Price 2020 price list above. Thank you all. Stay with us for more update information and don’t forget to subscribe on our channel.

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