Lets Go Karting: Event Organized By BD Riderz Club

On the 22nd of February few racers & some bike enthusiast went on for  racing on track at Fantasy Kingdom Xtreme Racing, which is in Ashulia just 35 km from Dhaka city for Go-Karting. The event “Lets Go Karting” was organized by one of the best biking group in Bangladesh BD Riders Club which was backed up by BikeBD & BD Ghost Riders.

The day began when bikers started to gather in front of Dhanmondi ULAB university from 8 am in the morning, one by one some good performance bike like SYM Wolf, Pulsar, Hunk & Sports bike like Yamaha R15 V2 & Honda CBR 150R were among the machines, including a little Hero Honda Glamour, everyone was pumped up for Go-Karting, for many it was the 1st time & for few it was business as usual. At precisely 8:40 am they started their journey with a car & 14 bikes. Though we were expecting a healthy crowd but in the end only 29 people get to enjoy what a great day was waiting to blast off.

The rally was lead by two SYM Wolf bikes ridden by the SYM MD Ali Newaz & Piyash GRZ. Though the roads were empty in the morning but everyone stayed in a 2 by 2 queue lead by a car with photographer. Everyone was enjoying the cool morning breeze. Everything was cool until we crossed Hotel Regency @ Uttara, from the pack a Pulsar 180 & a Hero Honda Glamour started a dog-fight between them & then all hell broke through. Everyone started to have a race with each other; it was question of who can go faster than whom. All beautiful bikes with cool riders became ferocious animals. At one stage I felt like am seeing ‘Isle Man TT’ in Dhaka, only with in the traffic.

But before things out of control the two senior pro in the group Suvro Sen & Russell Rider gathered all the warriors together in Abdullapur & ask them not to race or ride roughly as we were going for a fun trip & the last thing we need is an incident that will shed tears instead of happiness. To my surprise everyone listened to them & from then onward not a single rough maneuver was done on the track as all 14 bikes rode in a queue of harmony.

As we approach Fantasy Kingdom we had our breakfast, then we entered into the ‘World of Racing’. As we were in the parking lot Piyash found a empty piece of tarmac so decided to start the session with some fun & did some Foot Peg Wheelie & Rolling Stoppie which were very well supported by the people who were there.

538286_10151318277311173_232745184_nOnly 16 out of those 29 people raced in the Tournament the rest were there to cheer the racers out. It was a well managed racing event though many were there for the FUN but every 16 of those people were in a competitive mood. Some were racing well were other were crashing against the tyre wall. In the end the top 3 came out which was lead by Tushar the only guy as we know of who is trying to go in F1 by participating in the Indian Formula 4 series last year. 2nd was BRC vice-president Saikot with me being 3rd & Piyash bring out 4th.


Though usually winners take all but in this event it was different, all 4 finalist were gifted with gifts by the Fantasy Kingdom authority which was a nice initiative, they also gave us cool beverages. The day ended with people taking photograph of themselves on bikes & karts. Just before leaving the Founder of Ghost Riders (Piyash GRZ) & BD Riders (Russell Rider) exchanged their official T-Shirt with each other in the spirit of brotherhood which shows that though both the group had two different approach towards biking in BD they have huge amount of support & respect for each other.

On our back home we got struck some trouble as we heard that back in Dhaka city there were some riots & with bikes & car we were a little bit scared but thanks heaven that we reached home safely without a hitch. Well when I say safely I meant, on our back home due to some unavoidable circumstances we were divided in two groups of 8 & 6 bikes. The first group left 10 min before the 2nd group. bikes in the group I was started a race of their own & in the end the race ended in Hatirjheel..It was a fantastic day with bikes & riders all coming into the simple harmony of speed. Hope to be in more of this type of event in the future.

 -By Wasif Anowar

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