Latest and Updated Scooter Price In Bangladesh 2018, All Scooter Price List In Bangladesh 2018

Ahmed Shazon
April 16, 2018

In all over the globe, especially in this region, scooters are considered as the best mode of transportation, sometimes even better than bike! Main reason behind this is because scooters are really easy to ride, and really comfortable. day by day scooters are getting more popular in our country. Lets take a glance at the Latest and Updated Scooter Price In Bangladesh 2018.

scooter price in bangladesh 2018

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Scooters are mostly popular among female riders and a really good percentage of male rider. Scooters are often considered as a better option than the motorcycle mainly for some reasons:

  • A scooter doesn’t have any clutch or gears so it is easy to learn.
  • They usually have better tyres for more grip and balance.
  • They have a lot of leg room which comforts any type of rider.
  • The seats are wider and therefore provides good comfort.
  • Most of the scooters have a good amount of under seat storage and many other components to carry more things.
  • Scooters provide smooth ride in any condition.
  • Scooters often have better build quality than a bike at same price.
  • A scooter is more practical than any bike.

Scooters are becoming a really popular vehicle for Bikers in Bangladesh, so today we are here with the Latest and Updated Scooter Price In Bangladesh 2018.

Scooter Price In Bangladesh 2018, All Scooter Price List In Bangladesh 2018

all scooter price list in bangladesh 2018


While Honda is the most selling motorcycle company in India and Honda Activa Scooter is the most sold bike in India, Honda is yet to reach that type of landmark in Bangladesh. Honda has a CUB named Honda Wave Alpha which is a 100cc bike, and often called as CUB 100, the 100cc variant of the legendary Honda CUB50.

Current price of Honda Wave Alpha is 1,35,000 BDT

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But, Honda is going to launch a brand new scooter in Bangladesh, Honda Dio. Honda Dio is a 110cc scooter and it is believed to soon be launched in Bangladesh.


TVS is really a popular choice for scooters in Bangladesh. TVS has a really good lineup and is one of the most popular brand in scooter enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

tvs scooter price in bangladesh 2018

TVS has a good lineup of scooters. TVS Wego is one of the most popular scooters in our country. It is really popular because of it’s great design and good service. And, as TVS has really good availability of their bikes and spares throughout the country, TVS wego is being more and more popular among everyone.

Current Price of TVS Wego is: 1,46,900 BDT

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TVS jupiter Scooter

TVS Jupiter is one of the newer scooter in the TVS lineup. It is a scooter dedicated to comfort and smoothness. It is targeted for users who are comfortable with a slightly bigger scooter and prefers ride comfort as their first priority.

Current Price of TVS Jupiter is: 1,64,900 BDT

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scooty zest

TVS Scooty Zest is the long awaited replacement of TVS Scooty Pep plus. TVS Scooty Zest is a better scooter and there are a lot of color variants of this one – each with a really bright shade. Scooty Zest is a commuter scooter and anyone who wants to get into riding a two wheel and chooses a scooter – can go for TVS Scooty Zest without any doubt!

Current price of TVS Scooty Zest is: 1,47,500 BDT

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tvs xl 100

Another great bike TVS is offering as the cheapest bike currently in Bangladesh is TVS XL100. TVS XL100 is a Moped bike and as of now it is the most low priced motorcycle in Bangladesh.

Current price of TVS XL100 is: 59,900 BDT

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scooter price list in bangladesh


Hero has been a really popular company in Bangladesh because of their motorcycles. Hero has a scooter in their line-up, Hero Pleasure. Hero Pleasure is a 100cc scooter which is really popular among the scooter riders in Bangladesh because of it’s good build, good performance, and great value!

Current Price of Hero Pleasure is: 1,29,990 BDT

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Suzuki motorcycles has been selling two scooters – Suzuki Lets and Suzuki Access and both has been really popular among scooter riders.

Suzuki Lets in bangladesh

Suzuki Lets is a relatively small city scooter designed for commuting and dodging the traffic. It is a 110cc scooter built for city commuters who need a really easy ride to travel. Despite the big price, Suzuki Lets is a really stylish and well built scooter.

Current price of Suzuki Lets: 1,55,000 BDT

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suzuki access

Suzuki Access is a relatively bigger scooter than the Lets from Suzuki. Suzuki Access is a 125cc scooter from Suzuki which is a really comfortable and well built. Suzuki Access is good commuter with great comfort and good performance.

Current price of Suzuki Access 125: 1,75,000 BDT

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Mahindra is a renowned motorcycle company from India and in Bangladesh, they are mostly popular for their scooters and entry level commuter bikes. They have very few options in their scooter segment, and even less in terms of motorcycles.

Mmahindra Gusto is probably the most popular scooter from Mahindra in Bangladesh. the Gusto has two variants – one of them is 110cc and the other one is of 125cc. There are a lot of similarities between them, the main difference is between these two are the engine – therefore, power output, mileage, and other things.

Current price of Mahindra Gusto 110: 1,42,500 BDT

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Current price of Mahindra Gusto 125: 1,52,500 BDT

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Runner is undoubtedly one of the most popular Bangladeshi motorcycle brand. they have a really good line up of motorcycles and Runner Kite Plus is their only offering in scooter segment.

runner kite plus

Runner Kite Plus is a 110cc Cub bike which has manual transmission but without any clutch. It takes place replacing it’s ancestor, Runner Kite. It is really popular mainly because of it’s minimal and compact design, and secondly because of it’s good and aggressive styling. Under the body it has a 110cc engine which packs enough power and torque to Cope up with any situation in the city.

Current Price of Runner Kite Plus: 83,000 BDT

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aprilia 150cc scooter


Though being one of the best Italian brand, Aprilia only has two motorcycles in Bangladesh, and one of those is a scooter. Aprilia SR125 is a 125cc scooter which is one of the most expensive scooter in Bangladesh right now. Aprilia SR125 carries the legacy of Italian legends. It has really stylish looks and great graphics – and the best thing about this is the build quality and the performance.

Current Price of Aprilia SR125 Is: 3,50,000 BDT

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Haouje is relatively a less popular motorcycle company in Bangladesh even though they have a good line up of bikes, including a scooter.

Haojue Lindy 125 is the only scooter from Haojue and it is a really good one. Unlike many other scooters in Bangladesh, it carries a 125cc engine which ensures to provide the necessary power and  torque. It has a descent looks and styling but in the same hand it has a minimal bulkiness so it is really great for commuting in heavy traffic.

latest Price of Haojue Lindy 125: 1,20,000 BDT

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Italijet is a really good bike company but in Bangladesh, most of the people don’t know about them mainly because of their lack of sales and service centers. Italijet has only one model in Bangladesh, which is Italijet Moto Charger.

italjet moto charger

Italijet Moto Charger is a really furious looking scooter which is really popular among scooter enthusiasts in Bangladesh – mainly for it’s sheer design, aggressive graphics, and fierce sound and performance.

Current price of Italijet Moto Charger: 1,47,000 BDT

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Meiduo is one of the newest scooter company in Bangladesh among all other. Meiduo is a respected Chinese scooter brand and they have been selling a good amount of models in Bangladesh.

meiduo bws

Meiduo has three models in their lineup – Meiduo M6, Meiduo BWS and Meiduo M Spark.

While the M6 is a relatively bulky scooter, the M Spark is a minimal city commuter. Things are a little different on Meiduo BWS, which is an off-road scooter.

meiduo m spark

Latest Price of Meiduo Scooters in Bangladesh:

Scooter Name Price
Meiduo M6  1,60,000
Meiduo BWS  1,35,000
Meiduo M Spark  1,35,000



Znen is one of the most popular scooter brand in Bangladesh. Though they have the lacking of sales and service centers, they have a good lineup of scooters from entry level to expert level tourer.

updated scooter price in bangladesh

Latest Price of Znen Scooters:

Scooter Name Price
Znen RX150 1,45,000 BDT
Znen Vista 2,00,000 BDT
Znen T9 2,15,000 BDT
Znen Roar 1,85,000 BDT
Znen A9 1,45,000 BDT
Znen R8 1,05,000 BDT
Znen Goldfish 98,000 BDT
Znen T6 1,65,000 BDT
Znen Classic 95,000 BDT
Znen King 1,40,000 BDT
Znen Falcon 8 1,40,000 BDT

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