KYT Helmet Price In BD

KYT is an Indonesian motorcycle helmet brand that produces a wide variety of safety helmets for the motor rider and professional motor racer. Under the brand KYT, this helmet manufacturer produces different categories and purposes of motorcycle helmets. Further, the same company also owns numerous helmet brands named INK, MDS, BMC, HIU and manufactures those in their own manufacturing facilities.

KYT Helmets In Bangladesh



DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price14,000 BDT



NameKYT NX Race Pol Espargaro
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price20,000 BDT

KYT TT Course

blackhole green

NameKYT TT Course
DistributorGearX Bangladesh
Price9,000 BDT

KYT Helmet Bangladesh

KYT Helmet – PT. Tarakusuma Indah (TARA Group)

The motorcycle helmet brand KYT born as the “Racing Idea Project” focusing on the quality and attributes of motorsport racing performance helmets. The project started in 1998 adopting motor RACING DNA to provide maximum support to the race riders. Thus the helmet brand KYT established on an ideal philosophy and started manufacturing race featured quality helmets for the common motor riders and of course the professional motor racers.


This Indonesian-originated global helmet brand KYT has born in the stable of Indonesia’s largest helmet manufacturer PT. Tarakusuma Indah therefore TARA Group. The manufacturing company founded in 1980 by Mr. Eddy Tedjakusuma and now it’s the largest helmet manufacturer in Indonesia and one of the largest manufacturers in the world. The manufacturing facility of the company is located now in Lippo Cikarang Industrial Area beside Jakarta, Indonesia.


The Indonesian pioneer in helmet manufacturing the TARA Group is experienced in helmet manufacturing since its foundation in 1980 and mastered itself in helmet manufacturing not only own branded helmets but also other world-renowned helmet brands. Currently, the company is manufacturing versatile features, categories, and purposes of motorcycle helmets owning five different helmet brands underneath.


Accordingly, TARA Group is holding and manufacturing the INK, KYT, MDS, BMC, and HIU branded helmets and distributing the same in the domestic as well as in the global markets. The company is producing various types of helmets meeting various safety certification standards starting from 1992. Therefore, their helmets meet or exceed the regional and global safety standards like Indonesian National Standard (SNI), Japanese SG, US DOT, European ECE 22.05, SNELL, etc.


In the production of KYT and other labeled or local brand helmets, the company follows strict control over all the manufacturing stages. Further, they use quality material, the latest technology, and technical supports from global associated experts. The company also owns its own R&D that nursing a specialized team supported with Italian designers and experienced European & American expert hands. 


In manufacturing, the company adopted composite fiberglass technology for high-class racing helmets and thermoplastic (injection molding) to manufacture standard category helmets. Further, the manufacturing is extensively supported by sophisticated machines to do the shell printing, water jet cutting, digital painting, graphic & decal making, EPS & inner liner manufacturing, helmet assembling, and storing.


Therefore, the company is dedicatedly manufacturing KYT and other branded helmets blending with quality material, modern design, the latest innovations, and technologies. Thus KYT is not only supports the safety of the riders but also ensures comfort, style, and racing performance to the motorcycle riders. Accordingly, KYT is one of the popular motorcycle helmet brands in Asia and in other global markets.


In Bangladesh, KYT helmets are distributed by GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. is the concern of Rasel Industries Limited which is the dedicated distributor of motor safety gears & accessories in Bangladesh and has numerous display & distribution points in the capital city Dhaka. Further, the distributor is covering countrywide distribution throughout the postage support in Bangladesh.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is KYT?

KYT is an Indonesian motorcycle helmet brand that produces various types and categories of safety helmets for motorists and race riders.

2. Who manufactures KYT helmets?

KYT helmets are manufactured in the KYT’s own manufacturing facilities owned by PT. Tarakusuma Indah therefore TARA Group, Indonesia.

3. Where do the KYT helmets make from?

KYT helmets are manufactured in the KYT’s own manufacturing facilities located now in Lippo Cikarang industrial area beside Jakarta, Indonesia.

4. Who is the official KYT helmet distributor in Bangladesh?

KYT helmets are officially imported and distributed by GEARX Bangladesh Ltd. in Bangladesh.

5. Do KYT helmets meet the world helmet standards?

KYT helmets meet or exceed the regional and global safety standards like Indonesian National Standard (SNI), Japanese SG, US DOT, European ECE 22.05, SNELL, etc. according to the model.

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