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Kuakata Tour by Pro Riderz

Pro Riderz is a touring based Motorcycle Group in Khulna, currently they have three active members but in the future they believe that they will grow bigger in size. Few weeks  back when the whole of Bangladesh was fuming in heat they performed a day long tour to Kuakata from Khulna; they rode 500 km in a single day. It was Pro Riderz Tour of Kuakata written by Md. Sakib.

Yes! We were bored on usual life’s daily ongoing. And we group Pro Riderz were planning to have a hardcore day long tour. As we are maintaining a group of different professionals, we needed to map out for vacation/holidays.

Just before the night of the day (7-5-16) we three Sakib, Munna & Soheal who are the regular riders of our club made a plan to pay a visit to the queen of sea Kuakata for a day long tour, which will made us ride 500 km in one day, which saw us to twist our throttle for 9 hours . Me Sakib was riding with my PULSAR AS150, Munna was riding his HUNK and Soheal with his Apache RTR.

Ignition of Kuakata Ride

Here’s the story begins with the journey along with Munna’ s phone at 4.30 am..Then I woke took my Fazar prayers and took a short bath as well as I took some clothesline on my tiny haversacks. After taking filling up my bike  we had tea at Rupsa bridge side, then we three planned that our average speed will not below 80kmph.

As it’s a 251*2=503 km total ride in a day we need to twist the throttle a bit harder than usual time. We also planned that we will avoid ferries most and take the route of Rupsa bridge-katakhali-Gopalgonj,Kathi bazar-Gournadi, Barishal-Patuakhali city-Barguna-Lebukhali ferry-khepupara, kuakata.


In the way at 7 am we reached at Gauranadi, Barishal had our breakfasts over there with their traditional sweets and bread which was very tasty. After leaving Barishal we visited Barisal university campus, paid visit to Patuakhali university campus on our route. The entire highway of Gopalgonj , Patuakhali, Barisal were irritatingly full of Platina which are use for RENT purpose in those area They disturbed us while we are on our rhythmic riding at an ant-line speed of 85-90. kmph.

We audaciously noticed that most of the bus driver of kuakata-dhaka route, barisal-kuakata route is idiosyncratic. They push us all the way while they can.
By the way some times we just don’t maintain the rules n rode over 110+ kmph towards Kuakata.

 Khulna to Gopalgonj roads are butter smooth. But Barishal to Patuakhali roads are narrow & scratchy. We did some cool cornering. But you have to keep it in mind that roads are not yours rather you have to make it on your way.

At 11.23 AM we trio safely reached to the beach and covered 251 km. We got some pals & buddies there as the renowned stunt group of Khulna tagged Ferocious flash’s Fahim vi & his team made a sudden visit with us at the beach too.

After a while, we can’t but wait to jump into the sea! We changed our attires & got salty wash of Bay of Bengal at the beach side.  Sohel Vai was interested to have a ride on lucrative Yamaha jet skiing on the sea. He did that. Munna was busy then to purchase some foodies & sea shell made ornaments.

At 1.20 am we made Kas’r namaz at local Mosque. By the way our stomach was sharply waiting to devour some sea foods.Ya, we have lunch at Rajdhani hotel but the taste of hilsha fish is still making me salivating. Munna & Soheal vai tasted many other type of fishes.

Bill of those restaurants is not decent but this one was real good. After having a short visit at Rakhain palli, Lebutala Beach we were bit worried to see clouds. We packed back for Khulna at 4 pm , after crossing Patukhali pathetic rain let us to be washed away but after a while it naturally got dried as we made an average speed of 90-100+


We changed our route to see the ominous scenarios of nature do took the route of barishal-Jhalkathi- bekutia ferry ghat- Bagherhat- Khulna.At the ending time of twisting the throttle, we again need to made a pause of our ride and there at rain-time we tasted delicious street foods After completing the tour at just 8.27 PM we reached At Rupsa bridge again and got home sweet home smile.

I had the chance to ride with one of their rider Munna in the past when we went to Sundarban, hope in the near future I will get to ride with the rest of the pack for a long tour. Thanks to Sakib vai, Munna vai and Soheal vai for the wonderful safe tour and I wish Pro Riderz all the very best for the future.

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