Keeway RKS 100cc Review By Tanvir

From the childhood I have a dream to buy my own motorcycle. My father never supported me to have a motorcycle, so for three years I had driven my uncle’s Chinese motorcycle with sorrows. After completing my graduation, I got a job and I started to save money to buy my own motorcycle. And I also started to research about motorcycles.

Requirement for my motorcycle was fuel efficiency, speed and exhilaration. Engine, controlling and balance, modern features, design, quality, durability, brand and at last reasonable price. I need all these things at one motorcycle. At first I chose a local brand motorcycle as my first choice but after finishing the Internet study, when I started the physical study at the local market this bike attract me so much.

Because this motorcycle contains modern features, outstanding looks and it is also in reasonable price. When I returned to my house I through all my options and decided to buy this motorcycle. So I waited for the right time and I finally bought the motorcycle! If I want to share my feelings of that time I have write another page so leave it.

keeway rks 100cc review

So let’s come to my Keeway RKS 100cc Review
Before buying something we saw how the thing looks like. So the outlooks are much important along with the features. Let’s see why this motorcycle attracts me so much.

Key features
Bike name: RKS100
Band: KeeWay (Hungary)
Engine: Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, single cylinder, 2-valve
CC: 100
Color: Black, White, Red
Price:1,17,000 TK

In a word the design is outstanding. Aerodynamic design, vinyl with lovely name font. Available at three colors, all of them are beautiful. Paint quality is very good and screech proof. If you look at the head and rear light you wont be able to remove you eyes.

If you compare the fuel tanker with a giant it won’t be wrong. 16 liters fuel can be stored at this sexy and well designed tanker. Every body parts such as looking glass, handle grip or back seat bar all are made with excellence. The design of this motorcycle makes the difference from the other motorcycles at the street. You will definitely feel hot when you ride it!

keeway rks 100cc price in bangladesh

All modern features are given at this motorcycle. Digital speedometer, stylish analogue tachometer, gear display, fuel level display and setting buttons. Front disk break, hydraulic fluid viewer, DC headlight with pass light and rear LED light added by sporty LED indicator light.

Quality standard of all parts and function are very good of this motorcycle. From the button to gear box every thing is made very smoothly.

The entire old bike I had seen of my model is fresh and sound. I also handle my motorcycle with care and at the running in/ break in period I maintain my motorcycle carefully. So I wish my bike will also give me a better service.

keeway rks 100 review in bangla

This motorcycle is from KeeWay brand. This a multinational brand of Hungary which has build a partnership with Italian “BENLI” and China “QIANJIANG” company for motorcycle design and manufacturing. “BENLI” is the most popular and old(1911) motorcycle manufacturing company who manufacture high and racing types motorcycles at modern world.

On the other hand “QIANJIANG” is at top of Chinese Motorcycle Company and because this KeeWay motorcycle is manufactured by them its price is reasonable. At present world, manufacturing and distributing channel of KeeWay are available. They distribute their product to 80 different countries along with Bangladesh and for this they become a multinational brand.

Enough talking about design and style lets see how you will feel after riding this motorcycle-

Speed and Acceleration

I have purchased the 100 CC motorcycle and I am really satisfied with the speed. I have already reached the speed of 93 KM/H at my motorcycle. Basically the speed of this motorcycle gets up at 80 KM/H at a blink. After that the speed increases one by one. I guise the max speed of this bike is 100K M/H.

Controlling and Balance
In a word it is awesome. At 5-10 or 80-90 KM/H speed the balance of this motorcycle is all the same. No problem will occur to control the motorcycle.
At top speed hard breaking is not a problem at this bike.

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Vibration and noise of this motorcycle is very low because of sporter SOHC engine. At the speed of 80 KM/H this motorcycle does not sound much. Just a smooth sound came out of the engine very slowly.

Fuel efficiency
This 100 CC bike it giving me maximum fuel efficiency. At the city of Dhaka my average speed is 60 KM/H but on average I am getting 45 KM/L mileage. Because of new engine this is the mileage but after finishing running-in period on average the mileage will be around 50 KM/L.

Riding Posture
Riding Posture of this motorcycle is standard. You can seat both racing as commuter setup and after you seat at your motorcycle it will adjust automatically. For this reason you will fell comfortable during riding. The seating position is also very comfortable, for this you will feel no problems to long journey. Pillion seat is 2 inches high and it is covered by lather cover for this reason during hard breaking passengers’ wont skid.

keeway motorcycle price in bangladesh 2015

The front suspension is supper of this motorcycle. Rear one is average. After few days I will change the suspension to nitrous suspension for this my riding will become more comfortable.

Road Grip
At this side this bike is again perfect. At the top speed it does not skid, and for the arrow dynamic design and big front tiers it keeps the control of speed. Rear tiers help the motorcycle to run at slippery road.

-Modern function and features
-Good quality engine and parts
-Long wheel base
-Large tiers.

-Average rear suspension.
-Less pulling power.

At last I will say this motorcycle is heart touching because of its features, design, quality, efficiency and reasonable price.

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