Keeway RKR165 Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

There is a very good demand for Chinese Sports bike in Bangladesh, these bikes give a good amount of performance but the prices of these bikes stay less comparing to the Japanese brands! We already saw the two of the prominent in the market, Lifan KPR & Taro GP so what does Keeway has to offer us with the RKR165, we will explain this in the Keeway RKR165 Test Ride Review.

keeway rkr165 test ride review

Keeway has been around in Bangladesh for a very long time, they established themselves as a good Chinese brand in the commuting segments. This is the first time they entered in the sports bike with Keeway RKR 165.

Keeway RKR165 Test Ride – Engine

This engine is the same one which they used in Benelli 165S, the engine still gives out that 17.8 BHP @ 9500 RPM & 14 NM of Torque @ 7000 RPM.  They added that same 6-speed gearbox to the bike & connect to that the EFI (electronic fuel injection) system which helps to transfer the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.

This makes the acceleration of the bike smoother. This is helped by the 3 spark plugs which this bike has & also that very good EFI system which helps the bike to have a smoother acceleration. The 3 spark plugs also help to burn the fuel more efficiently which also helps to increase the mileage of the bike.

keeway rkr165 engine

The bike is big, it is very wide due to the looking glass which spread a lot on the outside of the bike, the handlebar of the bike is upright which helps for a comfortable ride both in the city & also on the highway.

Keeway Bike Price In Bangladesh

The riding position is so comfortable as a sports bike that I can’t find people will have back pain or pain on the wrist while riding this bike. Also, you don’t need to bend at all to ride this sports bike.

Keeway RKR165 Test Ride – Features

The switch gears of the bike are moderate, this needs improvements. The speedometer has an analog rev counter with a digital speedometer that shows speed, gears, fuel gauge, odometer & clock.

RKR165 has a halogen headlight, although it has two headlights the left headlights turn on at a low beam while the right headlight turns on at high beam. The indicators are LED & there are also LED taillights.

keeway rkr 165 speedometer

As a bike it is very wide & although it is a SPORTS BIKE, it doesn’t have the aggressive looks which many in the market have these days.

The gear change of the bike isn’t smooth & the clutch is a bit hard but the suspensions aren’t. The front telescopic suspensions & the rear mono-shock suspensions with adjustable payload do a good job to absorb all the bumps of the good & bad roads of Bangladesh.

With the pillion the front suspension sometimes gives away but the rear suspension always stays sharp on bad roads, they provide very good feedback.

Keeway RKR 165 Price In Bangladesh

RKR165 carried the legacy of Keeway good build & finishing quality, they also gave the bike good color finishing, but they needed to increase the quality of the switch gears of the bike.

cbs braking system

Keeway RKR165 Test Ride Review – Brake & Mileage

In this sports bike they added 260 mm front disc brake which is situated at the left-hand side of the wheel, this according to Keeway helps to make the weight distribution better way. Also having CBS as standard we found very good braking feedback.

The 15-liter fuel will ensure you for a good long ride without refueling, as in Dhaka city we received a mileage of 35-38  km while on the highway that mileage figure went up to 42-45 km. The engine also ensures a good top speed of 132 kmph.

Despite being a sports bike the ground clearance of the bike is very high, the bike’s saddle height is high too for bikers who have a height of fewer than 5 feet 4 inches will have a tough time handling the bike.

rkr 165 ride review

The pillion seat is comfortable with a good grab rail which will be comfortable for long-distance ride, although the pillion seat is small in dimension which can be a bit of a headache for people who are a bit healthy.

Over the years I rode many Chinese sports bike but to me, this is the most comfortable of them all, it has been achieved due to the soft suspensions & upright handlebar but also it is this handlebar why this bike doesn’t lean too much on the corners.

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Tire grip & chassis are well set up but due to the height of the bike & upright handlebar this bike isn’t a friendly guy on the corners. If you look at the features this bike has I think they have overpriced this bike a bit, 2,15,000 BDT I think it is a touch too much for this machine.

keeway tail lights

Keeway RKR165 Test Ride Review


  • Powerful engine
  • Build quality
  • Finishing
  • Rear Suspension
  • Riding seating comfortable
  • The riding position for the upright handlebar


  • Looks not aggressive
  • Too big for Dhaka city traffic jam to maneuvered
  • Front suspension is good for cornering but not as good as on off-roading.
  • Exhaust design not up to the mark

keeway rkr 165 price in bangladesh

The Bangladeshi motorcycle market is going through a very rough patch, many people will move towards personal mobility instead of going for public transport, people who want to buy a sports bike with the good build quality & also with the highest level of comfort then Keeway RKR165 is one of the best option out there in the market.

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