Keeway Motorcycles Price Reduced In Bangladesh

Keeway Motorcycles Price Reduced In Bangladesh. Speedoz Ltd has reduced the price of Keeway Motorcycles in Bangladesh after following the new government regulation of progressive manufacturing (Source). The new price will be valid across all dealers of Keeway from 15th January 2017. Keeway turned out to be the first Chinese company to announce the price reduction and overall it is the 4th company to do it overall.

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The new regulation set by the government in the budget of 2016-17 where a company will place a progressive manufacturing plan to concerned government authority and upon approval they will get import permission on reduced duty till two years from date of approval.

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On the Second year importer has to localize 10% of parts that is parts made in Bangladesh locally and then assembled with the motorcycle. Gradually each year importer has to add another 10% of parts till 5th year when the localization ratio becomes 50%.

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In the past we did test ride review on Keeway RKS125 which is their most sold motorcycle in their lineup & next month we will publish our test ride review on Keeway Superlight150. Currently they have a lineup of 6 models, of which Magnet is entry level 100cc bike while Keeway RKS100 is one of the most stylish 100cc motorcycles in the market with front disc brake as standard.


They have two 150cc commuting motorcycle in the name of RKS150 & RKV150. On paper both the RKS150 & RKV150 are same as they both share the same engine, gearbox, tyres, but minor difference like suspensions and speedometers are different but the biggest difference between them is the looks, from the front  RKS150 does looks a bit close like KTM Duke while RKV150 like TVS Apache RTR.

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With the purchase of every bike the customer will get 2 years and 20,000 km engine warranty and recently Keeway opened a brand new service centre in Tejgaon to give better after sales service to the customers. In the past there were some service complain about the service team and Speedoz Ltd ensured that their new service hut will give better service to the customers.

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Question which many will ask is why they haven’t reduced the price of Keeway Superlight?  The reason is Superlight currently come in Bangladesh in CBU (Complete Build Unit) so as of now they won’t reduce the price but in the near future they will reduce it. Also they will discontinue Keeway TXM150 in Bangladesh but will be providing spare parts for the motorcycle on market demand. Here is the new price list compare to the old one.


Keeway Motorcycles Price – After Reduction

Model Name Old Price New Price after Reduction
Magnet 108,000  89,900
RKS100 124,500 104,900
RKS125 148,000 129,900
RKS150 Sports 179,500 159,900
RKV150 177,500 155,900

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To our equations there are 18 different motorcycle companies in Bangladesh who assemble motorcycles in Bangladesh of which everyone have to go to follow progressive manufacturing process if they want to survive in the market & this new policy of government will also help to develop the economy of Bangladesh. With Speedoz reducing Keeway motorcycles price,  it is high times that other Indian/Japanese/Chinese companies come forward and join the trail.

Keeway Showroom:

Name Speedoz Ltd
Adress Holding # 60,Amtoli New Airport Road Mohakhali
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Phone 01990 400666, 01783 444488
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