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Keeway is one of the most promising motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and with the officially launching just a few months back, they are already giving a tough competition to most other brands. In this article, we will discuss Keeway BikeBD Price 2020 and along with Keeway Motorcycle Price BD 2020, we will be discussing Keeway bike models.

Keeway has been a really famous motorcycle organization in Bangladesh. Despite being a Chinese corporation, Keeway Motorcycles are broadly praised by way of the bikers all over us of a for his or her correct value, correct styling, and, problem unfastened ride. So, we’re right here with the Latest Keeway BikeBD Price 2020.

Here is the list of Keeway BikeBD Price 2020>>

  • Keeway RKS 150 Sports – 1,49,900 BDT
  • Keeway RKR 165 – 2,15,500 BDT
  • Keeway RKV 150 2016 – 1,39,000 BDT
  • Keeway RKS 125 – 1,18,500 BDT
  • Keeway RKS 100 v2 – 99,900 BDT
  • Keeway RKS 100 v3 – 1,09,900 BDT
  • Keeway Magnet 100 – 86,900 BDT
  • Keeway RKS 150 CBS – 1,49,900 BDT

keeway bikebd price 2019


Keeway BikeBD Price 2020

ModelPriceClick for the latest price
Keeway RKS 150 Sports1,49,900Click for the latest price
Keeway RKR 1652,15,500Click for the latest price
Keeway RKV 150 20161,39,000Click for the latest price
Keeway RKS 1251,18,500Click for the latest price
Keeway RKS 100 v299,900Click for the latest price
Keeway RKS 100 v31,09,900Click for the latest price
Keeway Magnet 10086,900Click for the latest price
Keeway RKS 150 CBS1,49,900Click for the latest price

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Keeway BikeBD Price 2020 list

keeway bikebd price 2019

Keeway RKR 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway RKR 150 is an upcoming 150cc sports bike from Keeway. Keeway has been simply famous with their commuter bikes, and now they’re bringing in Keeway RKR one hundred fifty in Bangladesh for sports activities motorcycle lovers. Keeway RKR 150 is a sports bike with true styling, body kits, break up seats, and all the capabilities of any cutting-edge sports bike.

keeway motorcycles rks 150 cbs

Keeway RKS 150 CBS Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway RKS 150 CBS is the up to date model of the preceding RKS 150 Sports. The largest improve within the motorcycle is the braking system, which has been up to date to CBS. ABS braking system is a modern braking characteristic like ABS to make sure safe and better braking in any scenario. The motorcycle additionally got new graphics and color schemes, and the design is essentially the same. It is an incredible motorbike for riding in any kind of roads and anywhere, and it is a good price for cash.

keeway rkv 150

Keeway RKV 150 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway RKV 150 is the greater muscular version of the 150cc motorcycle lineup from Keeway Motorcycle Bangladesh. Keeway RKV 150 is designed as a muscular motorbike for a bit extra style and correct performance. Keeway RKV 150 Pumps outright price for money – and consequently has an awesome recognition in the segment.

superlight 150

Keeway Superlight Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway Superlight is one of the few cruiser motorcycles in the marketplace proper now, and honestly an excellent one. Keeway Superlight is a cruiser motorbike constructed for cruising down the dual carriageway in each consolation and fashion. Keeway superlight is an excellent preference for bikers who opt to experience in the long roads with excellent comfort and relax.

keeway bikebd price 2019

Keeway RKS 125 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway RKS 125 is one of the maximum famous motorbikes from Keeway. This bike is a 125cc motorcycle which became truly famous due to its exceptional styling and proper performance as 125 cc motorcycle. It is most famous amongst all of us who need a 125cc bike and also prefers precise styling.

keeway rks 100

Keeway RKS 100 v3 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway RKS 100 has been the maximum interesting 100cc bike since it launched several years in the past. Keeway RKS 100 has been an absolutely popular motorbike the various 100cc commuters who wished an elegant bike with the desirable provider, and true performance.

keeway magnet

Keeway Magnet 100 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Keeway Magnet 100 is a comparatively more modern version from Keeway – which have become the new favorite 100cc bike especially because of its genuinely aggressive price comparing to the alternative bikes in the phase. It has suitable appears, right reliability, and good performance – so, it’s miles a simply proper value for cash.

Keeway is a great motorcycle company in our country for their bikes. So if you choose one of them and want to buy Keeway motorcycle then see the Keeway BikeBD Price 2020 price list above. Thank you all. Stay with us for more update information and don’t forget to subscribe on our channel.

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