Kawasaki Z125 PRO Feature Review

Kawasaki motorcycle officially has started its business in Bangladesh in the month of March of this year. Participating in Dhaka Motor Show 2018 they have showcased four different models of Kawasaki motorcycles including the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Hence focusing on the features of this nice-looking compact motorcycle here is our Kawasaki Z125 Pro Feature Review. Let’s head into the featured picture of the motorcycle with our discussion.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a pretty small size, tight & compact sports motorcycle (Source). The motorcycle is basically designed for city commuting, sports riding and for young age, people learning.

Considering its different dimensions and feature it cannot be categorized as a pocket bike but it is also not a regular bike. Therefore somewhat from the category moped the word Mini-Bike suits pretty well on Kawasaki Z125 Pro.


Kawasaki Z125 PRO – First Look & Appearance

At first look, you will find Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a nice-looking sports bike with compact dimensions. Its wheelbase is shorter than a scooter. The wheels are also shorter than some of the scooters. So you can guess overall it’s a compact motorcycle like a pit bike.

Though it’s a mini bike it is featured sporty looks & design. The motorcycle comes with a very compact body panel, a smaller seat, and a fuel tank. It’s quite a miniature of a regularly featured motorcycle, so nothing is sliced out or sacrificed from its features.

Z125 Pro comes with a very impressive cutting edge profile in its design. Starting from the headlamp assembly it’s a compact unit but fitted with regular light and indicator fittings. The ODO is featured with a full digital display that is added with a nice analog rev-counter.


The fuel tank is not so small that comes with a capacity of 7.4 liters. The tank looks pretty gorgeous with extended & sharp bikini cowling. Moreover the underbelly engine cowling with underbelly exhaust it’s really damn impressive.

The motorcycle was constructed on a backbone frame. But it is covered with a wider frame-like plastic panel that nicely matched the side panels. Coming to the rear there is nothing like a grab rail but comes with a full-size mudguard, number plate bracket & turning indicators.

The most appealing part of the rear is its double Z-shaped LED tail-lamp assembly that fitted under the seat. The seat is not a large unit but sufficient for a full-aged rider.

Carrying a pillion will be critical but no matter if they are aged teens. Again riders over 5’8” will literary struggle to ride this mini-size bike. But whatsoever overall it’s a nice-looking sporty learner motorcycle for both the boys and girls.


Kawasaki Z125 PRO – Wheel, Brake & Suspension System

The motorcycle Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a learner category mini bike. But the motorcycle is featured with a standard package & mechanism on the wheel, brake, and suspension system. It’s a short wheelbase motorcycle with a wheelbase of 1,175mm where the wheels are also shorter in size.

The wheels of Z125 Pro come with a 12-inch alloy rim that is designed with 10 alloy spokes.  Here the tires are tubeless type street sports tires where those are much wider to cover grip on the solid surfaces.

Coming to the braking system Z125 Pro comes with hydraulic disk braking assembly on both wheels. The brake disks are petal disks on both wheels where the clipper assemblies are single piston type.

The suspension system of the Z125 Pro is much more advanced than the premium sports bikes. It comes with a 30mm USD telescopic fork suspension in front and the rear one is a single unit.

The rear suspension is uniting with the swing arm from the right side. The feature is somewhat like hired from the bigger sports bike of Kawasaki. Hence overall Kawasaki Z125 Pro is packed with premium features.

kawasaki-z125-pro-engine power-torque

Kawasaki Z125 PRO – Controlling & Handling

You can see as Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a different category bike. Its wheelbase, dimension, wheel size is completely different than a regular size motorcycle.

It’s a learner for younger aged riders and mostly suitable for different kinds of sports like stunts. Hence being shorter wheelbase and smaller wheeled its controlling and handling is comparatively different.

Basically shorter wheeled and shorter wheelbase motorcycle is very much suitable for learners and young aged beginner.

This kind of motorcycle also is suitable for solo riding and commuting in heavy traffic situations in busy cities. Regarding these advancements, Kawasaki Z125 Pro is very much capable and well-featured.

Its seating arrangement seems much comfortable with very straight and upright seating and riding position. The handlebar, footrest, and other control levers are also positioned for superb controlling and handling in upright riding mode.

Hence being weighted simply 101kg it also can be handled comfortably even by young aged boys or girls. With all those nice characteristics along with comparative wider tire, it seems it’s really a nice machine for sports, stunts, and commuting.


Kawasaki Z125 PRO – Engine & Specification

The Kawasaki Z125 Pro is a mini bike but it featured very attractive sports bike-like features. The machine is powered with a 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke and air-cooled engine.

The happy thing is this engine is not a tiny 125 engine and it’s powerful enough. It delivers the power figure around 9.4PS and torque around 9.5NM.

Hence you can see Z125 Pro is not only a mini commuter but also a mini sports machine. Here above we already have described its other premium features. So for more details here we have attached below the official specification table of the bike. So you can take a look at the table for more information.

Code generationCBR150RG TH
EngineFuel injection system PGM-FI 4-stroke / double overhead camshaft. Cooled water
Displacement (cc)149.4 cc
Cylinder width (mm.) X Stroke (mm.).63.5 x 47.2
Compression ratio11:01
System ClutchWet multi-plate clutch overlap.
TransmissionsThe sixth gear
IgnitionDigital Transistorized
The engineStarting hands
Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm.).695 x 1,977 x 1,130
The wheel spacing [mm.].1310
Ground clearance [mm.].185
Seat height (mm.].793
The Lancaster / Long Trail [o '/ mm.].25 ° 00 '/ 90 mm.
Fuel capacity [liters].13.1
FrameTwo twin diamond
Suspension [page]Thales Copic
Suspension [back]Mono Shock
Net weight (kg)138
Brake systems [page]Dual-piston disc brakes
Brake systems [back]Disc brakes
WheelAlloy Wheels
Tire size [page]100 / 80-17 M / C 52P series stainless steel tube.
Tire size [back]130 / 70-17 M / C 62P series stainless steel tube.
FuelUnleaded Gasoline. Oil or Gas Gasohol Octane 95 or 91 octane with a mixture of ethyl alcohol up to 20%.

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.


Kawasaki Z125 PRO – Learn, Play & Enjoy The Ride

So readers, after the discussion on the features and official specifications we think you got more knowledge on Z125 Pro. Hence nothing to be surprised or plagued as this is really a compact and premium toy with an attractive bundle of PRO features.

Therefore if you love to enjoy city commuting or playing or want to do motorbike stunts then it can be a good machine for you. Again nothing is to be disillusioned if you are a simple rider or commuter.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro also is a nice and gorgeous commuter and learner motorcycle for the youngest age riders. So you can go for it and enjoy the ride.

FAQ-Frequently Ask Question: 

1. What does Kawasaki mean?

Ans- Kawasaki was founded by a man named by Kawasaki Shozo and this company was named after his family name “KAWASAKI”. So The “Kawa” means river and “Saki” means cape.

2. How old Kawasaki is?

Ans- Kawasaki is almost 122 years old. This company started on October 15, 1986.

3. When and which is the first Kawasaki Dirt bike made?

Ans- In 1963 Kawasaki made the first  Kawasaki B8M  dirt bike.

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