Kawasaki Motorcycle Showroom Address In BD

Kawasaki Motorcycle Showroom In Bangladesh, Dealer List

Kawasaki is a brand that is known all over the world for its monstrous bikes. The “Guinness World Record Of High Speed In Bikes” hold by this Companys bike (Source).

So here is the address Of Kawasaki motorcycle Showroom in Bangladesh.

kawasaki motorcycle showroom in bangladesh

Kawasaki Motorcycle Showroom Address

Asian Motorbikes Limited

House 21, Road 103, Gulshan 02,

Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh

Hotline: 01844560056

Email: info@kawasaki.com.bd

Facebook: facebook.com/bdkawasaki


So here is the Showroom address of Kawasaki Motorcycle. So if you are interested to buy a bike from Kawasaki then don’t hesitate just go there and buy it.

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FAQ-Frequently Ask Question:

1. What does Kawasaki means?

Ans- Kawasaki was founded by a man named by Kawasaki Shozo and this company was named after his family name “KAWASAKI”. So The “Kawa” means river and “Saki” means cape.

2. How old Kawasaki is?

Ans- Kawasaki is almost 122 years old. This company started in October 15, 1986.

3. When and which is the first Kawasaki Dirt bike made?

Ans- In 1963 Kawasaki made the first  Kawasaki B8M  dirt bike.

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