Japanese Motorcycle Brands In Bangladesh

Japanese Motorcycle Brands In Bangladesh. Fortunately, currently, all the four Japanese motorcycle brands are operating in Bangladesh. Hence here we have the list of all the available motorcycles in Bangladesh under each Japanese brand.

Below mentioned motorcycle models are sorted here chronologically in consideration of the category, latest design, market reputation, popularity, reliability, performance, brand image, aftersales service, etc. In this model page, we have listed the bikes from various price ranges.

Hence for further more information about the bikes, you can go through the specific bike specification and profile page. Therefore the latest updated prices also updated with each bike spec sheet.

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  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki





Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh (BHL)

Honda, therefore, Honda Motor Company Limited is the Japanese multinational company established by Soichiro Honda.  The company operating worldwide with the giant brand name Honda. Honda is largely known as the manufacturer of the motorcycle, automobile, and power equipment. Further, in the other sector, Honda has a spontaneous presence as a giant corporation.

Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh, therefore, Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) is a joint venture company. It’s a joint venture under Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation and Honda Motor Company Limited.

The joint venture signed on September 27, 2012, and the private limited company incorporated on December 04, 2012. Bangladesh Honda Private Limited started its commercial production from November 1, 2013. Initially, they had showcased five different models of motorcycles and a model of scooter.

Initially, with the support of two dedicated dealer houses and service centers, they started their business operation. And now they have the countrywide coverage with dedicated dealer and service supports.

Contact: Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd.

Crystal Palace (12th Floor), House # 22, Road # 140, Gulshan-1,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 985 8361
HelpLine:08000 430430
( 9 Am - 4 PM)
E-mail: info@bdhonda.com

Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh

Yamaha Motor Company Limited is the Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer established in 1955. The brand Yamaha is globally known as the manufacturer of motorcycle, automobile, snowmobile, watercraft, and different motorized vehicles.

Yamaha formerly produces musical instruments and also producing intelligent machinery, electrical equipment, light & heavy industrial equipment. Hence, the brand Yamaha is engaged with varied segments of manufacturing.

In Bangladesh, Yamaha Motorcycle has quite a large and successful history. Through cooperative business operation and authorized distribution, Yamaha motorcycle has a glorious presence for many decades in this country.

In the earlier time, Yamaha Motorcycle used to distribute by the Karnaphuli Motors Limited in Bangladesh. From June, 2016 ACI Motors Limited officially clutched the distribution of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh. 

ACI Motors currently holding the distribution of Yamaha Motorcycle in Bangladesh. Beholding the distribution of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh, ACI Motors continuing the operation very progressively.

Instantly they adopted customer-friendly strategy and policies. Thereby, in quick they expanded their market through dedicated sales, service, and spare parts support.

In the sequence of expansion and development, ACI Motors initiated a new CKD Assembly Factory by the direct collaboration of Yamaha Japan. The factory addressed in Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

In this factory, they are assembling most of their motorcycle models. This first step before manufacturing helped them to achieve Bangladesh Government import tax rebates. Thereby, assembled model motorcycle prices reduced in a range.

Contact: Yamaha Motorcycle Bangladesh

ACI Motors Limited

ACI Centre, 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area,

Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

Customer Care Helpline: +88016509 (9AM-6PM)

Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh

Suzuki is the Japanese automotive brand under the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The company formerly known as Suzuki Loom Works that established in 1909 by the inventor and businessman Michio Suzuki.

Currently, Suzuki is globally known as the manufacturer of the four-wheeler, two-wheeler, ATV, marine engine, and internal-combustion engines. Further, they also manufacture other types of products in a limited range and have a contribution in world sports.

RANCON Motor Bikes Limited, therefore, RMBL is the independent concern of Rankon Group in Bangladesh. This RANCON wing officially formed in 2013 promising the official distribution of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh. Primarily they tied with Suzuki Motorcycle India which is serving this subcontinent being an important part of Suzuki Japan.

In the following year 2014 after establishment, the first shipment of Suzuki motorcycle arrived in CBU condition. That time all the imported motorcycles sold one month before the arrival of the shipment.

Further, the positive market response strengthened the newly formed company. Resulting, they established the assembly factory from the beginning and did CKD condition motorcycle imports. So on, Rancon Motorbikes, therefore, Suzuki Bangladesh has the full phase assembly facility. All the showcased models for the Bangladeshi market are assembling in their assembly line.

Further, they have introduced the manufacturing line from the year 2018 in support of Suzuki Japan. The factory situated Rankon Industrial Park, Gazipur. In this facility, they gradually entered into the manufacturing of all of their showcased motorcycles.

Contact: Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh

226 Tejgaon I/A (Gulshan-Tejgaon link road),
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Call: 01709637398, 01755-662288

Kawasaki Motorcycle Bangladesh

Kawasaki Motorcycle is one of the four Japanese giant Motorcycle brands underneath the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited. The motorcycle company officially formed in 1963 emerging a Kawasaki wing named Kawasaki Aircraft and Meguro Motorcycle. Formerly, Kawasaki-Meguro and later Kawasaki Motorcycle Company Limited is continuing its journey as Kawasaki Motorcycle.

Kawasaki Motorcycle officially started its operation in Bangladesh early in 2018 in cooperation with Asian Motorbikes Limited. In the earlier times of the ’80s & ’90s, Kawasaki motorcycle was also available in Bangladesh through unofficial and individual imports. Hence that limited quantity of motorcycle remained way out of further aftersales service or genuine spare-parts support.

Henceforward, entering officially in the Bangladesh market, Kawasaki is now offering a wide range of category-motorcycles. Therefore, they also provide dedicated aftersales service, genuine spare parts, accessories and riding gear supports. Thereby, Kawasaki Bangladesh has the full-faze product and service support considering motorcycle and motorcycling in Bangladesh.

Contact: Kawasaki Bangladesh

277, Tejgaon Industrial Area
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Showroom: 85/A, Eskaton, Dhaka
Call: 01844-560056

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

Currently all the four Japanese motorcycle brands Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki are operating in Bangladesh.

BHL therefore Honda incorporated on December 04, 2012 where the joint venture signed on September 27, 2012. The commercial production started from November 1, 2013 in Bangladesh.

Currently ACI Motors Ltd. is the official distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Rancon Motorbikes Limited currently is the officially distributing Suzuki Motorcycle in Bangladesh.

Asian Motorbikes Limited currently is the official distributor of Kawasaki Motorcycles in Bangladesh.