How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle?

Suvro SenMarch 20, 2014

Every year many people die out of motorcycle accidents, and many people also gets severely injured by the hit of a large vehicle. After the accident the culprit always claims that he has not seen the motorcycle rider.

So it is very important to make yourself visible in front of other vehicle riders. How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle? There are some methods that you should follow to make yourself visible in front of other vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident

  • The very first way of making yourself visible is to stay away from the blind spots of other vehicles, whenever you are riding your motorcycle make sure you are always riding it in a road where you have good space for yourself.
  • You must make sure that you are able to see the drivers of other vehicles by your mirrors or by eye contact and only than you can think that you are also being watched by other drivers.
  • You should always maintain a big distance around you so that other vehicles are in a little bit distance of your vehicle so that you don’t end up in trouble.
  • Try never passing the Trucks, because trucks are larger than the motorcycle so overtaking trucks can be dangerous for you.
  • If you are riding with your friends or in a group than you must maintain distance from other vehicles. Keep enough space for yourselves.
  • Try not to ride a bike of black color because black colors easily get mixed by its surrounding and thus it gets less visible for other riders. So you must ride some bright color bike such as white, yellow or red.

How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle


  • Another idea for making yourself visible in front of other drivers is that you can wear a bright or a colorful gear.
  • Try to find jackets and pants that have reflective finish because they are visible at night time, so at night you will not face that much problem.

reflective motorcycle jacket

  •  If you cannot find reflective gear or reflective jackets than you must try to find out reflective tapes so that you can stick the tape in places like your helmet so that it can be visible.
  • If you ever rode a bicycle than you must know that there are some signals that you can give to the other driver by your hands, you can also use them while driving a motorcycle but be careful while doing this so that you doesn’t lose control.
  • If you ever get followed by a car at a very short distance and you have no space around you than you should tap your brakes so that the car can see the brake lights.
  • Running the headlights are always important for motorcycles but if you are stuck on a traffic jam than you can use the high beam and this high beam can add extra visibility for you.
  • You must use two other extra lights in your motorcycle to make your vehicle visible, and it can also help you in traffics.
  • If you want to make yourself visible in crowd than you can also use your horn to make yourself visible. And you must use it in such times when it can save you from accidents.
  • As I have told you earlier you must buy dark color motorcycles in the same way you must also buy a helmet that will be visible to others. So you must buy a helmet same as your bike or of a contrast color.
  • You must sit properly while riding your motorcycle. Try to sit straight while riding it, try not to bend back.

These are possible tips that I can give you in avoiding a life taking motorcycle accident and being visible on a motorcycle. As a human you can also share these How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle? tips with your friends and family so that they can be safe too and share this information to everyone.

Being visible is really important while riding a motorcycle, I have given this tip before but I want to repeat it again as this can be one of your greatest mistake for facing an accident, never ever ride a black motorcycle. A black motorcycle has always been one of the big reasons for major accidents so try to avoid it at night time.

If you want to be safe and visible on your motorcycle then try these “How To Stay Visible on A Motorcycle?” tips and always remember these tips while riding it, and hopefully these tips will always protect you from an accident and it will save a precious life.


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