How To Ride In Bad Weather?

Hello everyone. We all know the basics of riding a motorcycle, and some of us are really expert in that matter. But one thing is for sure, we all struggle when it comes to ride in bad weather. So, today we are going to discuss about some tips on how to ride in bad weather.

how to ride in bad weather

Many of us don’t ride in bad weather at all, and some choose other vehicles over bikes whenever the weather goes wrong. Bad weather is one of the worst enemies a biker can face, and with the start of the Bengali year, this is going to be a thing we will see more than often.

The beginning of the month Baishakh means that there will be a lot of storms – containing both dusts and rain. Imagine yourself riding down the road in a really bright and sunny day, and suddenly really strong wind with dust come towards you – and a heavy rain follows it. What should you do?

Whenever you see strong wind coming towards you, stop the bike immediately and park it at a safe zone. Usually, a lot of dust comes with these kinds of wind, so be cautious about those and keep your helmet visor down.

Riding in a storm is probably the worst thing you can do as there is a lot of wind pressure, rainwater, and dust – everything combined will be a heaven for motorcycle accidents. The chance of an accident happening in storm is really high up so always avoid riding in storm. Continue your journey after the storm passes away.

bad weather

Tips On How To Ride In Bad Weather

We all know that in many cases, it is not possible to always stop and wait for the storm to pass away, sometimes there is no scope to waste time and therefore the biker is forced to continue on his journey. In cases like these, always follow these pointers on how to ride in bad weather.

Keep your Tyre Pressure to minimal: In this stormy season, always keep your tyre pressure a little lower than the recommended amount. This will lower your bike’s acceleration and mileage by a slight margin, but in dusty or heavy rainy roads, it will provide more grip on the road and therefore, the ride will be safer.

Ride at minimal speed: Whenever a storm appears, always try to reduce your speed to a minimal. Whether there is dust or rain, both of these can make your bike slip or lose control. So, ride at a very minimal speed in the storm, and don’t make risky overtakes or lane changes.

Brake Slowly:  Always Brake slowly in case of rain and wind. As the roads become very slippery and wet, sudden braking means that the tyres could fail to stick to the road and therefore the bike can fall and there could be an accident. So, always look for slow braking in normal rainy situation.

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ride in bad weather

Watch the wind: Most of the time, it is not the rain or the dust, but the wind which gets you into trouble. Always tackle the wind with your intelligence, and in case of side winds, ride safely so that it can’t get you into any trouble.

Always carry raincoat: This is probably the most common advice riders hear nowadays – because it is a really good one. As this season is really unpredictable and no one knows when a storm or rain is going to crash the roads, you should be prepare for any situation. So, always keep a good quality raincoat in your bag – it will keep you dry and also save you from dusts in a sandstorm. And, somehow if you fall, hopefully the raincoat will save you from minor scratches.

Always Wear Full Face Helmet: A full face helmet should always be the first priority of any biker – and it is a really essential thing in rainy seasons. A full face helmet provides complete protection from not only head injury, but also the strong winds, dusts, and rains. In case of half face helmets, there is a good chance the rider will get dust blown inside of his helmet and rainwater in his chin area. But, a full face helmet provides complete resistance from all of these.

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Bottom of the story is, even an expert rider could struggle in the rain, and therefore one should always avoid riding in the storm. But, if you are really bound to do so, please follow above mentioned tips on how to ride in bad weather. Ride safely, and always wear helmet.

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