Motorcycle Wheelie – How To Do Wheelie

Several times I wish to do a motorcycle wheelie and at last I did it. Not considering exceptions I think you also tried to do this or wished to do. Its true most of the riders at the earlier age at least thought of how to do a motorcycle wheelie and tried several. Whatsoever not intended to make you a stunt rider here is the basics of how to do a motorcycle wheelie. Let’s learn.

motorcycle wheelie

Motorcycle wheelie is the most basic type of stunt. Hence being a stunt it’s also related with risks of injury. Therefore pulling the front wheel and riding keeping balance only on the rear wheel is really a matter of technique. Of-course it comes in control after huge practices. As it related with risks of injury and some damages of the bike so it need basic precautions. So let’s do the wheelie in safer way following the below steps.

Motorcycle Wheelie – Choose Proper Bike

Making a wheelie the first concentration is choosing a proper bike. Of-course little higher capacity powerful motorcycle is preferable. But it doesn’t need getting a super bike for making a wheelie. Only mid level or entry level motorcycle is enough for the basic type of wheelie. Only for the power wheelie or rolling wheelie high capacity motorcycle is needed.

So you can do basic wheelie even with your 125cc commuters and some expert also can make it with scooters. So don’t be disheartened if you are owner of a low capacity motorcycle. Just roll on and do practice. Here is most significant thing is matching with the bike with which you are attempting for learning wheelie. That’s the core thing. So choose the proper bike according to your controlling capability.


Motorcycle Wheelie – Choose Free Road or Tarmac

You can not learn or do the wheelie on the public road like highways or in the city roads. It’s completely illegal, you can’t do it. It’s risky not even for you but also for others. So choose the free place like back yard, unused walkway or the roads which is not used frequently.

You also can start your practice when people are not frequent on that place like morning or evening. Here solid asphalt or concrete surface is preferred but you can do it also on the ground. Just avoid the wet, muddy or gravel surface. So when you became expert then you can try anywhere hence no matter about the surface.


Motorcycle Wheelie – Wear Proper Safety Gear

This is the most important term before practicing a wheelie. You should wear proper safety gear before doing a wheelie. Practicing wheelie is really a risky job. Before being habituated or being expert anytime you can crash, skid or thrown off. So you need proper protection from injury.

Wear full safety gear including chest and back protector. Use full face helmet, high ankle boots, gloves; guards for knee elbow and shoulder. Use armor that covers the chest & back.

It’s very common you may fall with your bike several time. Hence the guards will save you from serious injury. Another thing is most important that is use only full face helmet. Don’t use half size or motocross type helmet for learning. It will risk your face or your neck.


Motorcycle Wheelie – Warm Up With Motorcycle

So you are now prepared for the wheelie. Let’s warm up with the motorcycle. Be habituated with the motorcycle dimension therefore the size and weight. Its better not having the tank full fuel as it may spill out. So keep it half or less then half. It also will help to keep you in balance.

For the safety reason you can disassemble the extra body part like panels, light & indicator, windshield etc. Hence if the bike falls down or crash it will not crack those parts.

Again you can also fix auxiliary crash guard or other type of protection to save the bike from damages. Finally keep the rear tire air pressure around 20 PSI for better traction and balances.


How To Do Motorcycle Wheelie – Let’s Make The Wheelie

Hence you are now ready to make the wheelie. You know it’s a synchronized job that needs to practice and to be habituated. The basic thing of the basic wheelie is to pull up the front wheel and come in balance on the rear wheel, then keep rolling. Secondly landing the front wheel safely and come in control.

Hence pulling the front wheel from quite standstill position needs an extra power delivery. So it should be done in low gears like 1st or 2nd gear considering motorcycle size and engine power.


Here is the sequence of basic wheelie

  • Start rolling in 1st or 2nd gear in very low speed like 10-20kmph.
  • Pull the clutch lever and let the bike move free.
  • At the same time rev the throttle over the mid RPM and release fast the clutch lever.
  • At this short time the rear wheel will get an extra power and lift up the front wheel.
  • Hence keep the throttle twisted and roll on balancing on the rear wheel.
  • Hence don’t forget to put your leg on rear brake pedal as applying the rear brake it will help you to balance. Furthermore you have to land the front wheel applying that brake.
  • So when you got habituated with that synchronization try to lift up the handlebar back forcing your body weight. It will help flying the front wheel easily.
  • Do the same synchronization again and again.


So you can see it’s a sequence that you should perform within few seconds and it needs huge practice. Don’t get hurry and keep patience, you will be ably to make a perfect wheelie and can roll for long.

Remember, in higher capacity motorcycle it’s quite easy and hassle free as it can easily lift up the front wheel. But while you attempting for learning you can’t take risk with higher capacity motorcycle. It’s comparatively easy and safer learning with small motorcycles. So learn with small motorcycle and then go with bigger.


Motorcycle Wheelie – Practice & Practice

So guys these are the steps for basic wheelie. Once you got your balance point of lifting up and keep rolling you can do more experiment. Again we should say every skill comes with huge practice.

Only practice can make everything perfect. So keep patience and continue practice. Again don’t forget to practice with safety measures. Therefore stay safe and keep other safe. Wishing you a happy wheelie day, CHEERS!

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