Honda XBlade 160 2300 KM Ride Review – Chayan Shaikh 

I’m Chayan shaikh. I live in Khulna. Honda XBlade 160 is the first bike of my life and now I am using it. It is a 162.71 cc naked sports bike. Today I will share some of the experiences after riding my bike for 2300 km.

honda xblade 160 highway tour

I learned to ride a bike in 2009 with the Yamaha 80. There are no guys who don’t love biking, and I am one of them.

Bikes are not only affordable for everyday commuting but also save you time and give you comfort and convenience. I like to travel for which there is no better vehicle than a bike. Biking makes your personality interesting. There is no biking jury to go around with your life partner.

My bike is Honda XBlade 160 from the Japanese company Honda. When I needed to buy a bike for my hobby, I saw videos, posts from several online sites and channels, and went to different showrooms for test rides and saw that we have with a budget of 2 lakhs, and my height is 5 feet 4 inches.

Honda XBlade 160 Price In Bangladesh

The Honda X-Blade bike was perfect for me in terms of my choice and comfort, braking, mileage, controlling, so I chose this.

Honda XBlade 160 officially launched in Bangladesh in December 2019 and I took the bike on 12 January 2020. Honda official dealer from Momo Motors, Nirala, Khulna. I bought the bike for 1,72,900 Tk.

x blade user

Since the hobby thing is the bike and lets me tell you my bike was bought by my elder brother (Dadavai). For a few months now, I have been having trouble choosing a bike by myself.

Eventually, I chose the Honda X Blade and chose the day of purchase. But all of a sudden I could not bear the rush, I took the money from the bank with an immediate decision before the election day and left in half an hour to bring the bike to the showroom.

Honda X Blade 160 In Bangladesh

Two days before that I gave the booking for the bike with a little money. My brother-in-law and two friends were with me when I bought the bike.

When I was given the key to the bike, I thought I was the happiest person in the world. I got to the moon in the sky because before that I used to ride my family bike all the time but this is my first personal bike.

The feeling of riding my bike for the first time is hard to express in words. All bikers will understand this. It was a very happy and emotional moment. As soon as I got the bike in my hand, I left everyone in the show-room and came to Khulna city in one go.

The main reason for riding a bike:

  • Commute daily
  • Hobby
  • Maintaining personality
  • Love biking
  • Going for a walk
  • Save time and money

The main reason for riding the Honda XBlade 160 bike:

  • Robo Face Look
  • Braking
  • Weight balance
  • Controlling
  • Mileage
  • All times headlight on (AHO)
  • Within my budget

The Honda X-Blade is one of the most beautiful and remarkable bikes in the 160cc segment of Naked Sports bikes.

The main features of Honda XBlade 160 are:

  • Robo Face LED Headlamp
  • Street Tech Digital Meter
  • Dual outlet muffler
  • Rear Edge T Shaped LED Tail Lamp
  • Aggressive and muscular fuel tanks
  • Thick tires with Hager Fender
  • Powerful 160 cc engine
  • Comfortable grab rail
  • Hazard switch
  • Low maintenance seal chain

honda x blade in bangladesh

The overall design is exceptional, the muscular and aggressive shape fuel tanks and body kits have all been placed here with great care. The seating position is a little higher at the back, which means that Honda has skillfully given a special touch of design.

The dual-outlet muffler brings a sports look and the new additions add an extra dimension to the design. Not only this, with the help of a five-step alloy rim and beautifully designed disc plate, but the great color combination has also made the bike even more dazzling and dazzling.

In terms of suspension, this Honda bike has the same features as its peers. Telescopic on the front and mono-shock suspension on the rear have been used. Which will make the walk more enjoyable. CBS or ABS may be expected with this new model for better control and safety.

All Bike Price in Bangladesh

Disc and drum brakes are used here but their performance is much better than other bikes. 276 mm diameter disc plate is used in the front wheel and a 130 mm drum brake is used in the rear wheel.

Tubeless tires with 5 step alloy wheels have been used on both sides. Quite wide tires can be noticed on the rear for better gripping and cornering. There are 80 / 100-17 tubeless tires on the front and 130/70-17 on the rear. So it can be said that the rider does not have to bother too much to handle or cornering.

Full digital instruments can be noticed on the X blade. It is called Street Tech Digital Meter which anyone will love once they see it and they can be read well. RPM indicator, gear indicator, and speedometer, clock, two trip, and an odometer and fuel gauge indicator can be noticed.

honda xblade 160 user in bangladesh

On the electrical side, I first mentioned that this is the first time that a Robo Face LED headlamp has been used here, along with a T-shaped LED razor edge lamp on the back. On the other hand, another new feature is the Hazard Lamp, which allows the rider to use the two indicators together in an emergency.

And a 12-volt battery has been used in the Honda X blade to conduct all these electrical aspects.To tell the truth, I have a great feeling in my mind while riding the bike every day. Feel very happy.


I have serviced my bike only once so far. Momo Motors is from Khulna, Nirala and they have worked with enough sincerity. I am satisfied with the service.


I have ridden my bike for about 2300 kilometers. I got an average mileage of 52/53 km per liter octane in the city and 56/57 km per liter octane in the highway which surprised me and I am highly satisfied with the mileage.

bike ride in night

Engine oil:

I change the engine oil on my bike every 500-600 km. And use the Honda 10W30 Genuine as the engine oil. Seems perfect to me for my new engine.

Everyone should know that Honda’s bike parts are durable enough. So far no parts of my bike have been changed or modified. On the bike, I reached a maximum speed of 116 kilometers per hour. However, avoiding high speed is the job of an intelligent and smart biker.

Some good aspects of the bike:

  • Perfect value for money
  • Very nice breaking, controlling and weight balance
  • Awesome robotics looks + all-time headlights on
  • Best mileage in this segment
  • Very Comfortable Rider and Pillion Seating Position and Smooth Sound + Smooth Riding

Some bad aspects of the bike:

  • The front wheel tire 80/100/17 means a little thinner
  • Expected a little better build quality
  • The bike has less power in 2nd gear. However, 3rd and 4th gear generates very good power
  • The engine in the bike could do liquid cooling
  • The rear drum brake is good enough. Even if the price is increased a little, it would be better to give the rear brake disc or ABS / CBS is desirable for all bikers at this time.

bike photography

Long tour

I haven’t gone very far with the bike yet. However, I have visited Khulna-Gopalganj-Khulna a few times. The bike is much smoother on the highway especially in 4th and 5th gear and the ready pick-up is good enough.

Finally, I can comment that except for a few negative sides, I think the Honda XBlade 160 bike is the best in Bangladesh within this budget. Anyone looking for a naked sport, beautiful look, and a stylish, standard, affordable bike with a budget of 2 lakh XBlade is waiting for you. The street-allrounder Honda X-Blade. Thanks, everyone.


Written By – Chayan Shaikh

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