Honda Wave Alpha Given To Team BikeBD For Test

Honda Wave Alpha given to BikeBD for long-term Test. Bangladesh Honda Pvt Ltd just has given a brand new Honda Wave Alpha to BikeBD team for doing extensive testing on the bike. The bike is a moped or cub series from the company which feature a 100 cc engine, these types of bikes are very popular in countries like Vietnam, Thailand & Indonesia. In those countries Cub are mostly used for city commuting & to carry heavy duty goods.

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honda wave alpha

In the event where Honda Bangladesh Pvt Ltd handed over Honda Wave Alpha to Bikebd were present, Mr. Shoichi Satoh, Chief Production officer of BHL, Mr. Rakhibul Hassan, Assistant Manager (Sales & Marketing) of BHL, Mr. Mostafizur Rashid, Managing Director of Wings BD Ltd (Dhaka Region Dealer). On behalf of BikeBD the key was handed over to Mr. Suvro Sen (Founder) & Wasif Anowar ( Editor & Test Rider). It was a great honor for us to get the key from a brand like Honda

From the outside it looks like an ordinary bike but the build quality and the power to weight ratio of the bike is epic, because the bike is new so we are yet to report back about the performance of the bike but we can say that the build quality of the bike is very good & even better than many Indian bikes.

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The bike was introduced to the market in the mid of March of this year in Bangladesh & already it is making a name of it, cub bikes are not so popular among the bikers, in general it is a motorcycle with some features like scooters. But unlike scooters you need to spread the legs like a motorcycle.

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The new Cub will feature a 100cc 4 stroke engine with advance EVAPU system which according to Honda engineers will help to increase the fuel efficiency, according to their test the mileage they claim that the bike will return 80km/l.

honda bangladesh

The new bike is a harmonious combination between modern lines and vivid colours, attracting everyone so that they stare at the bike on the road. The bike features halogen headlights with the ability of multi-dimensional reflection.

honda wave alpha review

The fuel tank is equipped with evaporation control system, which minimizes the spread of petrol vapor to the atmosphere. There is dry cell battery & the exhaust is designed with 2 layers of outer shield.


The indicators are integrated to the body for safety, there is a grab rail & I think the cub does look good in its part. Because it is a cub I think both Male and Female can enjoy the ride with maximum pleasure.

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The engine of the bike makes an epic noise from the exhaust & it feels like more of a sports bike rather than a small commuting bike. There is no clutch with the bike but there are 4 gears which for starter will make things a bit odd but it is a hassle free thing for new riders as when learning most of us always have issue with the clutch release point.


So far everything looks ok about the bike, it also have a small under seat storage capacity & as stated the build quality is epic but I still think that the price of the cub is a bit high and if Honda can manage to reduce the price then this will be one of the best selling 100cc bike in Bangladesh in the coming years.

Honda Wave Alpha 100cc Specification

Mass: 98kg
Length x Width x Height 1908 mm x 699 mm x 1,070 mm
Axle distance 1,234 mm
766mm saddle height
Ground clearance 135mm
3.6 liter fuel tank capacity
Pipes cage forks, hydraulic dampers
Fork after cylindrical springs, hydraulic dampers
Gasoline engines, 4-stroke, cylinder, air-cooled
Cylinder capacity of 97 cm3
Diameter x Journey piston 50 mm x 49.5 mm
Compression ratio 9.0: 1
The maximum capacity of  6.84 BHP / 8,000 rpm / min
Maximum torque 7.0 N.m / 5500 rev / min
Oil capacity 0.9 liter machine when the machine apart / 0.7 liters when the oil change
Starting system Electric / Pedal foot

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