Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh Factory Visit By Team BikeBD

Suvro SenMarch 25, 2014

On 23rd March on our way back from Runner Automobiles factory me and June vai were having a tea break in Ujilab, Sripur. Then just as we were taking off June vai asked me “Isn’t Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh Factory  in this area”? I thought for a while then I said YES it is. We asked the locals and they showed us the place where the factory is and nearly at 4 PM that day we reached their gate.

Down here things were a bit different because unlike Runner we didn’t have any initiation and neither had we made aware to the people of Honda that we are coming. So we showed them our visiting cards and then we were warmly welcome by Mr. Hiroshi Mitsuyoshi The Chief Manufacturing Officer & GM of Bangladesh Honda Private Limited who helped us around the factory and explained us many things about the operation of Honda in Bangladesh.

honda motorcycle bangladesh factory

He was a very gentle person and has a great sense of humor. Just as we were about to park the bike inside their factory he stopped us and said, “WHAT YOU HAVE BOUGHT A YAMAHA IN HONDA FACTORY”??  We laughed as our ride for that day was a FZS. So let’s begin with the factory.

It isn’t that big a factory then the one we saw at Runner but to be honest Honda is in the primary stage of their operation in Bangladesh so they will take at least a year to complete things to get that big. Currently they are manufacturing Honda CD 80 and Honda Dream NEO as CKD format.

honda motorcycle bangladesh

We say round about 100+ CD 80 in their factory and within this month they will provide Brac 100 pieces of CD 80 for their employees. There were around 15-18 Dream Neo which will be going to many sales centre on Bangladesh. We went to their warehouse where we found one Honda Shine, 1 CB Trigger and 1 Honda CBR 150R .

honda cb trigger bangladesh

We talked with one of the engineers and got answers to many question which many motorcycles fans in Bangladesh wants to know:

1.     Why is Honda so late in bringing out the motorcycles to the general public?

ANS:  They don’t have enough machines or man power to go in mass production because HONDA cared about QUALITY than QUANTITY so they are making sure that they get the right people in work. Another thing is that due to political unrest in Bangladesh last year they couldn’t bring many heavy machines from Japan as they are doing it now, that’s why they are a bit slow in process.

2.     Why the prices are high?

ANS:  This is a wrong conception to the people, mind you HONDA still haven’t started building motorcycle by their own in Bangladesh expect for CD 80, as to build a motorcycle like Trigger or CBR they need heavy machinery so until those comes they won’t be able to go in full production, as for now they are brining those bikes from India as CBU format paying high taxes. So right from the moment they will bring as CKD they won’t be able to lower the cost.

honda cbr 150 bangladesh

3.     Ok forget price why isn’t there enough CBR 150R or Trigger in Showroom?

ANS: Bring a full faired motorcycle from India isn’t the best thing on earth to do as there is a huge amount of risk involve so that’s why they bring very little CBU ( Complete Build Unit) motorcycles like SHINE, TRIGGER and Honda CBR 150R from India. Even if they find a 1 cm scratch on their motorcycles they will reject it and even if you are ready to pay twice its value Honda won’t sell that bike to you so that’s why they bring very few numbers of motorcycles to lower down that risk.

4.     Where are their showrooms?

ANS:  Currently they have showrooms in Tangail, Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Rajshahi and Thakurgaon. While very soon they will open in Barisal and Pabna. BHL will offer a wide range of services including sales of service parts as well as the regular maintenance of motorcycles to accommodate the needs of local customers in Bangladesh.

Honda will strive to increase the number of dealers in Bangladesh in the near future, and aims to expand joys by offering Honda motorcycle products through the newly established dealers. Showroom in Dhaka will take some time as they bring very little motorcycles in Bangladesh so until and unless they can fulfill the demands they will take one step at a time.

The sun was setting and then we moved back to Dhaka from Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh Factory  . We want to thank deeply from the bottom of our heart to Bangladesh Honda Private Limited who without any notice lets us enter their factory. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Current Models of Honda Motorcycle Bangladesh & Price

CD 80 80 96,000
Dream Neo 100 1,42,000
Shine 125 1,58,000
Trigger 150 2,02,000
CBR 150R 150 4,90,000


-By Wasif Anowar


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