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Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R Comparison Review - BikeBD

Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R Comparison Review

Bangladesh Honda Pvt. Ltd. (BHL) recently has released Honda CB Hornet 160R in our market. Along with this new 160cc machine Honda CB Trigger is already doing nice in 150cc segment. Considering this minimal volume difference in engine displacement many of the users are in curious in between the bikes. Hence covering this issue we are herewith Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R Comparison Review. So let’s try to figure out here the comparative picture of the both motorcycles.


<<Click Here For Honda CB Hornet Test Ride Video Review>>

Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R Comparison – Overview

You know the Honda CB Trigger launched in Bangladesh on the year 2014 where it knocked the Indian market earlier. It caries the same trusted engine of old Honda CB Unicorn but of-course the tuning & tweaking is little different. Therefore till now it’s running on our road flawlessly satisfying the users with its performance and reliability.

On the counter side the Honda CB Hornet is the new comer in our market. It also has launched in India in earlier years and available in other countries. The CB Hornet is completely a new machine that carries a new engine. This 160cc engine somewhat inherited from the Honda CB190R specially reducing the bore. Whatsoever this engine used in wider range of Honda motorcycle models those marketed in South America and Asia.


Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R – Design & Appearance

You know Honda Motorcycles are exclusively dedicated to their performance and reliability. But coping with modern tends they are also giving importance on design & appearance of their products. Hence in terms of looks, design and appearance both the motorcycle is pretty good.

Here Honda CB Trigger comes with comparatively basic and conventional type of looks and design. You cannot figure this motorcycle design sporty but of course it featured with modern design. Honda CB Trigger is solely designed as commuter. Hence it’s not only a basic commuter but it’s a power commuter both for city and for our tiny highways.

In terms of design & appearance CB Trigger looks pretty. It looks a bit sporty but quite in conventional mode. The fuel tank dents, bikini cowling, slim rear panel and compact headlamp assembly all are good looking. But one thing is missing that is macho attitude and aggressiveness. Here the most itching part is its exhaust that doesn’t matches with its cool appearance. Excluding that no one can complain on other part as those really looks good.


On counter side Honda CB Hornet 160R is damn macho, sharp and aggressive looking motorcycle. Its design carries the flagship of sports commuting. It’s also a pretty good looking motorcycle that blended with the juice which is somewhat craving to the young age riders.

It comes with all new muscled fuel tank that is much bigger with wider and extended cowlings.  A nice carbon matt strip goes through it.  The side panel is sharp edged with nice sharp carves. It nicely matched with the X-shaped tail lamp under the double horn grab rail. The headlamp is a compact unit but designed with new look. Here another attractive part that is new bloated and compact exhaust which is really impressive.


Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R – Wheel, Brake & Suspension System

Honda CB Trigger and CB Hornet 160R both the machine is caring the CB DNA that is categorized for commuting. But of course in this modern time commuters are also crafted with sporty features. Hence both the motorcycle is featured more than a conventional commuter. Accordingly they come with capable wheel, brake and suspension system.

Here Honda CB Trigger comes with a very attractive package of wheel, brake and suspension system. The 17” wheels are equipped with all alloy rims with tubeless type tires. The tires are not so wider or nor narrow that specially matched for optimum mileage and smooth power delivery.


CB Trigger comes with hydraulic disk braking system in its both wheels. It also comes with optional drum type braking system in rear wheel. Coming to the suspension system its telescopic hydraulic type in front and rear one is mono type. So in terms of wheel, brake and suspension system no one can complain about its capability.

On counter side Honda CB Hornet also featured with capable wheel, brake and suspension system. This motorcycle is specially focused on young age rides concentration. Here the wheels are fatter and wider then the Trigger; its 100mm in front and 140mm in rear. Along with wider dimension its tires are tubeless type and it comes with all alloy rims.

Again its suspension system is telescopic hydraulic type in front that fatter than the Trigger. The rear one is also a single unit that attached with swing arm which is same in Trigger. Coming to the braking system CB Hornet also has options like Honda CB Trigger. Disk brakes are available in both wheels and rear drum brake also comes as an option.


Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R – Riding & Handling

Coming to the Riding and handling feature you know Honda does no compromise on their motorcycles. Here both the motorcycle is featured with comfortable commuting ergonomics. Here both the motorcycle comes with upright riding arrangement of seating, handle bar and control levers position. But in comparison there is a little difference in riding behavior of the bikes.

Here Honda CB Trigger riding followed quit conventional upright mode and Hornet followed a bit sporty upright mode. The difference is not much wide but both are sweet and tasty for any kind of rider. Here we should mention as both the bikes comes with superior controlling and handling.


From other corners here CB Trigger is little lighter in weight and ground clearance is also little increased. Moreover the gear lever is toe & hill type. Hence along with boxed chain and sharee guard it’s nice to handle even to the aged riders.

On counter Hornet comes with little more weight, few millimeter of lower ground clearance. Hence with wider tire, toe only gear lever and naked chain it gives the rider a sporty impression. It’s definitely adorable to the young age riders. Lastly we should mention again both the motorcycle comes with superb handling and controlling feature but with little different taste.


Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R – Engine & Specification Comparison

You know Honda CB Trigger and Honda CB Hornet carries different engine with different capacity of displacement. Here CB Trigger engine capacity is 149.1cc and CB Hornet is 162.1cc. Hence this 13.61cc difference literary makes no difference but considering our narrow cc limitation and motorcycle segmentation it’s an issue.

This few cc displacement increment along with little higher compression ratio gave the CB Hornet little more power and torque. It put the Honda CB Hornet before the CB Trigger. But if you go through the below specification comparison table you will notice the difference is not wide or significant.

Of course this little power and toque increment has a least impact on performance. But considering other features like the fatter tire and 5kgs of more weight those literary eats that increment of power. Hence all together with entire features it will put CB Hornet side by side with CB Trigger on the road. Here we should mention as no one can question on CB Trigger performance as it already tested and proved.

Specification Honda CB Trigger Honda CB Hornet 160R
Engine Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 2-Valve, SI Engine Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 2-Valve, SI Engine
Displacement 149.1cc 162.71 cc
Bore x Stroke 57.30mm x 57.8mm 57.30mm x 63.09mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1 10:1
Maximum Power 10.3 KW (14BHP) @ 8,500RPM 11.68 KW (15.66BHP) @ 8,500RPM
Maximum Torque 12.5 Nm @ 6,500RPM 14.76 Nm @ 6,500RPM
Fuel Supply Carburetor Carburetor
Ignition CDI CDI
Starting Method Electric & Kick Start Electric & Kick Start
Clutch Type Wet, Multiple-Disc Wet, Multiple-Disc
Lubrication Wet Sump Wet Sump
Transmission Constant mesh 5-speed, 1-N-2345 Constant mesh 5-speed, 1-N-2345
Air Filter Viscous Viscous


Frame Type Diamond Diamond
Dimension (LxWxH) 2,045mm x 757mm x 1,060mm 2,041mm x 783mm x 1,067mm
Wheel Base 1,325mm 1,345mm
Ground Clearance 175mm 164mm
Saddle Height Not Found Not Found
Weight 135 KG 140(STD) KG
Fuel Capacity: 12 Liters 12 Liters

Wheel, Brake & Suspension

Suspension (Front/Rear) Hydraulic Telescopic Fork/
Spring Loaded Hydraulic Mono Shock Absorber
Hydraulic Telescopic Fork/
Spring Loaded Hydraulic Mono Shock Absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear) Front 240mm Disk;
Rear 220mm Disk
Front 276mm Disc;
Rear 130mm Drum /220mm Disk
Tire size (Front / Rear) Front: 80/100-17
Rear: 80/110-17
Both Tubeless
Front: 100/80-17
Rear: 140/70-17
Both Tubeless

Electrical & Other

Battery 12V 4Ah(MF) 12V 4Ah(MF)
Head lamp 12V 35/35W 12V 35/35W
Tail Lamp Bulb LED
Speedometer Full Digital Speedometer Full Digital Speedometer

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.

honda cb trigger vs honda cb hornet 160r

Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R – Better Option

So readers, those were all of our discussions on Honda CB Trigger VS Honda CB Hornet 160R. Hope after the discussion and illumination on the features you got the both bikes image more clearly. Here you can see both the machine comes with different features but after summing all both the machine shows quite same value. Right now Honda CB Hornet 160R price is 1,99,800/- and Honda CB Trigger price is 1,91,000/- (Double Disk Brake) and 1,81,000/- (Single Disk Brake).

Whatsoever the performances seems near & close but of course their appeal, attitude and focus is different. The target customer of both motorcycles is also different. Again choice differs person to person and also changes with age. So you can see here Honda kept option for different taste of user. Now choice is yours; so choose your machine according to your personality, need and taste. Hence wishing you the happy moments with your Honda therefore thanks to you all.

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