HID & Projector Light For Motorcycle Basics

Many friends have been asking about the HID & Projector Light For Motorcycle Basics , hid and how to install them so i have tried to put in a beginners guide.
Disclaimer: the below mentioned process can be followed ONLY in certain bikes which have a DC supply and not AC. for some of the bikes coil rewinding might have to be done so please confirm it with the vendor of the HID or somebody else who have done it in a similar bike before proceeding
Xenons without projectors are considered illegal…..its a knowledge good to know thought this law is not in action in BD coz of lack of knowledge of the authority…..they only understand the CC…. lolz……

hid & projector light for motorcycle

About hid kits first:
1. Types of hid h1, h3, h4, h7
2. H4 is available in 2 types single xenon and bi xenon. single xenon has 1 halogen bulb for low beam and 1 xenon for high beam. bi xenons have both xenons for low as well as high beam.
3. wattages available for HIDs 35W, 55W and 100W.
4. color temperature ranges available are from 3000K (halogen yellow) to 12000K(purplish tinge). temperatures above 4300K shoudnt be used. Price range for Hids 2000 tk (for cheap Chinese ones) to 20000 (for Philips (available only for cars)). Some of the dealers also give a warranty of at max one year.

hid & projector light for motorcycle

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Now the projectors:
1. The projectors are available in BD but only in few select locations.
2. Types of projectors are also the same as that of the hids mentioned above.
3. The bixenon projectors are a bit costly
4. Only one type of hid can be fitted into a particular type of projector.
5. Cost of projectors starts from somewhere around 2k and go upto 15k for good ones with a proper cut off.(cut off is the level from where you dont want the beam to go higher which in the cheaper ones is not proper and might blind the oncoming traffic.)

hid & projector light for motorcycle

For Installation:
1. First remove the headlight from the assembly.
2. Now separate the glass from the reflector using a. Hot air gun on the sides to melt the glueb. Oven: put the whole assembly in the oven for a couple of minutes after the glue melts separate them easily.
3. Cut the part of the reflector not required.
4. Take care to install the projector such that the beam is on the lower side and not on the higher side.
5. Once you get the position of the projector fix it with either clamps or by using M-seal(very sturdy and un shakeable)
6. Put the glass back on the reflector the same way you removed it.
7. Now fix the hid in the projector.Congratulations you now have your very own highly directional flood lights.The cost of the entire setup might range from 4k to as high as 20-30k.
So enjoy the HID & Projector Light For Motorcycle Basics  to get brightness in the dark.
-Russel Rider

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