Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh Update: November 2015

Back in September Hero motorcycle Price In Bangladesh updated list published where they have lower down the price of Xtreme, Splendor Pro and HF Dawn but increased the price of Xtreme Sports and Hunk. Just a week back Hero started a new Winter Sales offer which will see some good changes in the price of the bikes in Bangladesh. They have revealed two different packages for the customers.

hero motorcycle price in bangladesh & offer 2015

The biggest news in the Winter Sales offer is that Hero has decreased the price of 2 of their 150cc motorcycle models. Niloy Motors Ltd decreased the price of Hero HUNK and XTREME SPORTS by a very good margin for the bikers in Bangladesh. Here are the new updated prices of those two models:

HUNK (SD) 2,06,000 1,92,000
HUNK (DD) 2,17,000 2,03,000
XTREME SPORTS (SD) 2,09,000 2,00,000
XTREME SPORTS (DD) 2,25,000 2,17,500

** All prices are in BDT**

The winter sales offer will be valid till 31st December of 2015 and it might change at any moment in time, we have TESTED Hero Xtreme Sports just last month and according to our findings it is currently the best the 150cc bike among the 4 Indian brand that are in Bangladesh currently.

Watch The Hero Xtreme Sports Review

The second package is sadly only for the Nitol Niloy Employees and their Friends and Family. This time they will get some 10,000- 30,000 BDT discount on some particulars Hero bikes, this offer will be valid till 30th November 2015 and can be extended until the stock runs out.

Hero Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh Update November 2015

Hero Dawn:                                     92,500.

Hero HF Deluxe:                         1,14,000.

Hero Splendor:+                         1,15,000.

Hero Splendor Pro:                   1,19,000.

Hero Passion Pro:                      1,29,500.

Hero Super Splendor:             1,28,500.

Hero Xtreme Sports :                1,60,000 . (SD)

Hero Xtreme Sports:                 1,70,000 . (DD) 

Hero also stated that only Nitol Niloy Employees and using their references their friends and family will get to buy bikes from them in EMI with ZERO down payments and ZERO PERCENT interest rate for a period of maximum 24 months. This offer will be valid till 30th November 2015 and it can be extended further by the Niloy Motors officials.

hero motorcycle bangladesh price list

I literally love the idea that they decreased the price of HUNK and Hero Xtreme Sports by a formidable margin so that bikers can enjoy them but equally am sad that the cost cutting and EMI scheme are only for the Nitol Niloy Employees. If you look closely then you will see that they cut down the price of Hero Xtreme by 40,000 BDT by the price it was right after 2015-2016 budgets.

So hurry and go to the nearest Hero outlet for your beloved Hero Xtreme Sports and if you want to enjoy even more discount on Hero motorcycle price in Bangladesh then go and search for any Nitol Niloy employee in your family tree and treat him in FFC or Pizza Hut and enjoy the huge sales discount.

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