Hero Honda Hunk vs Yamaha FZs

There are many 150cc bikes currently in Bangladesh. The gorgeous looking Pulsar, the aggressive looking TVS Apache RTR with its new LED daytime light and then there is the Owl eye shaped Yamaha Fazer. They have different personality and today I am going to talk about two more of them. One of them is Hero Honda HUNK while the other is Yamaha FZS. Hunk has been one of people choice for a long time while these days many prefer FZS.  So let’s get on with Hero Honda Hunk vs Yamaha FZs, shall we??

hero honda hunk vs yamaha fzs

The Hero Honda Hunk has a stepped seat and rear-set foot pegs that give the rider a sporty stance without sacrificing rider comfort. The vibrations are well controlled. The bike also features gas-charged adjustable rear shock absorbers and rear tire with a tuff-up tube. It has an advanced microprocessor ignition system, there is no engine kill switch of this bike and I kind of like the way the tank scoop channel the air around the bike.

hero honda hunk

It has a good initial pick up and the throttle response is quiet good. The engine as is Honda spec is very smooth and the ride is very comfortable. Gear shifting is slightly hard which is a problem with all Hero Honda bikes the brakes are good but its better that you don’t take a bike that features a duel disc as the rear tyre are too thin and has less grip for a rear disc brake. It comes with semi-digital dashboard, ridged exhaust cover with front and rear disc brakes, tubeless tires and contoured visor.

yamaha fzs

There is no vibration what so ever from its engine no matter whatever RPM you ride or whatever speed you travel. The MUSCLE type body does give it’s an attitude. But the biggest negativity about this bike is that it comes with an AC electrical system where the light intensity increases as you increase the throttle which is a very bad thing on the highway at night time. The tyres are Tuff up tube for puncture resistance. The braking is good but not as good as its competitor.

hero honda hunk odometer

The Yamaha FZS on the other have a 3 position TPS throttle position sensor which works as the ignition system comes with a specially configured 3 dimensional advance control. The latest model bike has been tune down with power to increase fuel efficiency but the torque level is what shoots the bike out of the corner exit.

yamaha fzs odometer

Unlike Hunk this bike is equipped with mono suspension which inhibits bottoming while riding with pillion providing a comfortable ride. It is equipped with  an engine kill switch and most important of all it has a DC electrical system. It has a smooth engine and the gear changes are very smooth. The tyres are very wide and there are tons and tons of grips when you corner. But the quality of the tyre for puncture resistance isn’t good at all.

yamaha fzs headlight

Due to the less tuff it’s very easy for this bike’s tyre to lose all its air in a puncture. The headlight of the FZS is very powerful while Hunk isn’t that powerful as convection to its AC output. Under braking the FZS is more stable then the Hunk, the Hunk always feels a bit nervous in emergency braking. The new FZS has a double accelerator cable which helps you to shift gear without the need of reverse the throttle which makes a very smooth gear change.

hero honda hunk headlight

Both have nearly the same capacity but though the Hunk delivers 14.2 BHP the FZS only does 13.8 but as it weighs only 135 kg which is 11 kg lighter then Hunk, you really don’t realize that downsize in power and that is because for that torque that Yamaha engine pumps out. It gives out 14 NM of torque where the Hunk bog down with 12.8 NM.

yamaha fzs engine

I did try to open the throttle as much as I can but due to lack of space I only managed to do 112 kmph in Hunk while FZS did 115 kmph. I still think given a long enough runways still that FZS will be ahead of Hunk by a country mile. I like the hand grab rail of the pillion of FZS they are positioned beautifully.

hero honda hunk engine

The FZS features a full LCD meter with a crystal display of speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and to be honest I hated that LED RPM meter, it day time it is something tough due to reflection to understand what RPM I am. Then there is the FZS tail light which seems stolen from a Honda CUB 50. The finishing of both the bikes are great, no worry about quality.


To me Yamaha FZS is the best 150cc commuter bike ever to land in Bangladesh, I would suggest any biker to buy that bike even to a person who will buy his first bike because it is very easy to ride even handles well, brakes well and ask any stunt rider they will say this is the best stunt bike available in BD currently. Strikes the perfect balance between power and control. It’s probably the best bike out there in the market. BUT there are 2 reasons why I would choose Hero Honda Hunk over Yamaha FZS.

1. Price-

Yamaha FZS Latest Price in Bangladesh 242,000 BDT, Hero Honda Hunk Single disk Latest price in Bangladesh 192,000 BDT, yes though the FZS is better technically in every angle but sorry I still can’t find why it is 50,000 BDT more.

2. X factor-

I agree it is better in every measurable way than the Hunk. But that it lacked sparkle, panache, zing. It is too technical and too soulless. FZS is a bike that everyone can ride very fast at a first sight but for Hunk you better be awake to ride it very fast. Because this is a bike that wants to KILL you if you cross that LIMIT, and the closer to DEATH you are the more ALIVE you feel and that to me is THRILL. Looking for your valuable comment about this Hero Honda Hunk vs Yamaha FZs comparative review.


I want to give a special thanks to Al-amin Tayef vai and his friend Mahmud Reza  for helping me in this article by giving me feedback and pictures

By Wasif Anowar 

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