Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine Comparison Review

Readers, previously we have published some comparison review on some 150cc bikes. In response some of you asked for the comparison on some lower capacity commuter bike.

So we are herewith Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine Comparison Review. I think this review might help you better to select your desired one. Let’s head in.


First of all we should brief a little both of the bikes as intro. The Hero Glamour is the bike which was developed in cooperation of Honda and Hero on 2005. That was marketed previously as Hero Honda Glamour. After the separation of Hero from Honda now it is Hero Glamour.

On the other side Honda CB Shine is directly developed by Honda which is made in India and marketed on 2006. The bike first time came with the badge as Honda Shine afterward it badges as Honda CB Shine. The CB shine was developed to compete the hard competition within the 125cc category.

Exteriors – Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine

Before entering the core comparison therefore the technical part we should discuss about the visual part. You will definitely agree with me that the exterior is one of the important part of a bike to evaluate.


Coming first with Hero Glamour it’s a very good looking commuter from Hero. But credit definitely goes to the previous Hero Honda R&D team.

In present time Hero just deliberately enhanced some feature and graphics. The new Hero Glamour is more aggressive looking than the previous.

On the other side Honda CB Shine is designed with very decent looks and graphics. It does not look aggressive but very pretty in design. Its simplicity of exteriors made this bike very much fitted with all type of rider’s personality.

To make comparison Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine there is very few corners can be compared. And those are very minimal issues to be compared. So here we can ignore them as both bikes are very good looking and choice varies person to person and of-course choice is yours.


Technical comparison – Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine

So guys, here comes the core comparison part of Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shina. Before entering our today’s Technical comparison part you should glance over the specification table of the both bikes. Here you may realize the similarities and dissimilarities or strength or weakness between both bikes. So here is the specification table.

EngineDouble Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Water Cooled, SOHC Engine
Displacement124cc (Each Cylinder)
Bore x Stroke44mm x 40mm (over square – short stroke)
Compression RatioNot Found
Maximum Power10.88 HP (8 kW) @ 9500 rpm
Maximum TorqueAchieved @ 6500 RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
Starting MethodElectric
Transmission5 Speed
Final DriveChain
FrameSteel tube double cradle
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)2335mm x 965mm x 1100mm
Ground ClearanceNot found
Weight160 Kg
Fuel Capacity14 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic fork features with cartridge / Mono Shock
Brake system (Front/Rear)Twin Disk / Single Disk
Tire size (Front / Rear)Front 90/90-21 and 160/80-16; Both Tubeless
Top Speed135Kmph
SpeedometerAnalog Round Pit
PriceBDT 2,50,000.00

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.

So after that comparison table of technical specification here we should elaborate more. First of all you can see the engine of both bike is constructed with quite same platform. Both the engines are with same displacement capacity with same bore and stroke.


Here you should keep in mind that both the engine designed by Honda. The Glamour has handed over to Hero but in parallel they developed the CB Shine. But both the engine has huge dissimilarities.

The significant dissimilarity is the engine alignment. The Hero Glamour powered with the horizontal engine. In a word this type of alignment is featured to be fuel efficient commuter. Less friction against force of gravity gives effortless movement of piston and connecting rod. So the power decay is minimal.

But disadvantage of such engine is higher rating of power production ruins the piston and cylinder life. So most of the time such engine does not use for higher power production but this kind of engine is perfect for fuel efficient commuter.

On the other side the Honda CB Shine comes with vertical aligned engine. This type of engine is more capable to produce higher figure of power. This engine is more durable than the vertical aligned engine. But vertical aligned engine consumes more fuel than the horizontal aligned engine as this type of engine has to work against the pressure of gravity.


You if you see the specification table can see the Hero Glamour produces less power than the Honda CB Shine. Both the bike produces quite same figure of torque.

Here comparatively lower compression, horizontal aligned engine, low RPM operation all the thing made Hero Glamour as a fuel efficient commuter. But it lacks power than the rival CB Shine.

In comparison comparatively higher compression, vertical aligned engine, higher rev capability, shorter intake channel made the Honda CB Shine a powerful commuter. But this feature somewhat sacrificed the fuel efficiency than the Hero Glamour. But the user got the opportunity to exercise more power.


So these are the basic character of the both bike in terms of comparison. Other than the engine part both bike are updated and very successful model from Hero and Honda. In the dimensional character both bike are very similar to each other.

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More over both the bike comes with very same type of wheel, suspension, brake, seating position, handle bar etc. But the Honda CB Shine is one step forward here as it comes with tubeless tires.


So now choice is yours weather you need a power machine or fuel efficiency; you need effortless maintenance like tubeless tires or spent little less money and happy with only commuting. Here again we will mention to keep you in mind that both the bike is designed by Honda at their core. So decide according your means and requirements.

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So Guys, here we can come to end of our Hero Glamour VS Honda CB Shine Comparison Review. But we are expecting discussion from you with our FB group, pages and here at the massage box. Thanks.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question:

1. Which is the latest bike of Honda In Bangladesh?

Ans- Honda Has many awesome bikes in our Bangladesh and also these bikes are so much popular for their built quality and performance. Recently they launch “The New Honda CB Shine SP” & “Honda CBR 150R ABS“.

2. What is the price of Honda bike In Bangladesh?

Ans- There are many bikes and scooters of Honda In our country. The price of the bikes and scooter is different from each other. We already have an article and a page about all the Honda motorcycles and scooters price. The Article is “Honda Bike Price In BD“.

3. Which is the best fuel efficiency bike from Honda?

Ans- First of all we know there are 80-160cc Honda bikes in our country. So if I say that 80cc is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda but on condition of looks and design the 80cc is not good enough for this modern age.
So by thinking all circumstance I would say that “Honda CB Trigger” is the best fuel efficiency bikes in Honda.

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