Hero is one of the popular bike brands in Bangladesh. Hero is popular for their commuter segment bikes. Hero Splendor is one of the best selling motorcycle in it’s segment. Hero is giving Hero Eid offer 2021, which is a cashback offer and up to 13,000 BDT cashback on purchase.

hero-thriller-160r-red-color-engine-abs-front-disc-brake-suspension-exhust bd

Hero Eid offer 2021

ModelPriceCask backOffer Price
HF Deluxe - Self95,990 BDT7,000 BDT88,990 BDT
HF Deluxe - All black97,990 BDT7,000 BDT90,990 BDT
Splendor Plus - Self97,990 BDT7,000 BDT90,990 BDT
Splendor Plus i3s IBS101,990 BDT7,000 BDT94,990 BDT
Splendor Plus - SE102,990 BDT6,000 BDT96,990 BDT
Pleasure127,990 BDT5,000 BDT122,990 BDT
Maestro Edge134,990 BDT5,000 BDT129,990 BDT
I Smart Plus105,990 BDT9,000 BDT96,990 BDT
Passion Xpro - Disc112,990 BDT9,000 BDT103,990 BDT
Passion Xpro - Drum106,990 BDT9,000 BDT97,990 BDT
Glamour119,990 BDT10,000 BDT109,990 BDT
Glamour BS4121,990 BDT8,000 BDT113,990 BDT
Ignitor126,990 BDT9,000 BDT117,990 BDT
Ignitor - Techno128,990 BDT8,000 BDT120,990 BDT
Hunk SD151,990 BDT11,000 BDT140,990 BDT
Hunk DD161,990 BDT13,000 BDT148,990 BDT
Hunk SDM156,990 BDT13,000 BDT143,990 BDT
Hunk DDM166,990 BDT13,000 BDT153,990 BDT
Thriller 160R SD189,990 BDT5,000 BDT184,990 BDT
Thriller 160R DD199,990 BDT5,000 BDT194,990 BDT

In this Hero Eid Offer 2021, Hero is giving up to 13,000 cashback on their bike models. Hero have mostly commuter segment bikes, on Hero HF Deluxe series, Hero is giving 7,000 BDT cashback on every purchase.

One of the popular bikes models from Hero is Splendor, Hero is also giving 7,000 BDT cashback of this series bike, only Splendor Plus – SE has a cashback of 6,000 BDT. On the other hand, in the scooter segment hero have two popular models one is Maestro Edge and another one is Pleasure & they are providing 5000 BDT cash back on both those models.

Hero Thriller 160R First Impression Review

In the 125cc segment, Hero has two models one is Glamour and another one is Ignitor. Glamour has two version one of them is a regular and another one is BS4 engine. In the regular version, Hero is giving 10,000 BDT discount and on the BS4 version, they are giving 8,000 BDT cashback. On the other hand, Hero is giving 8,000 BDT and 9,000 BDT cashback on Ignitor and Ignitor Techno version.

hero-ignitor-125-price-in-bangladesh hero

Hero Hunk is one of the popular models of Hero. This bike model is one of the most selling models in the 150cc segment. Now hero has four versions of this model & they are giving 11,000 BDT – 13,000 BDT cashback on different versions of Hunk.


A few months ago Hero launched their first 160cc motorcycle, Hero Thriller 160R. This is Hero’s first bike in the 160cc segment which comes with lots of new features including like Single Channel ABS, Fuel Injection, LED headlight & LED tail light & a fully digital speedometer.

hero eid offer 2021 cashback offer

After launching Hero Thriller 160R is gained much popularity. This bike has also two variants single-disc and double-disc. Hero is also giving cashback on both variants. Hero is giving 5,000 BDT cashback on both variants.

Day By Day COVID-19 spreading too much, now it’s difficult to travel or commute because of the safety issues. This Hero Eid Offer 2021 cashback offer will help the bikers to get their desired Hero bikes this season. Stay safe, stay home. Thank you.

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