Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

We are living in very strange times, where breathing fresh air has become a curse. Going to work now demand more risk than ever & riding on a public transport not only will throw your life at risk but also will increase your daily allowance. During this time of your life a motorcycle can be your very good friend, could one of your friend be a Haojue KA135, lets find out in our Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review.

haojue ka135 test ride review in bangladesh bikebd

Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review – Engine

We already reviewed Haojue’s best offering in the market, Haojue DR160, a bike I really like a lot. So what does this KA135 with a price tag of 1,22,000 BDT have to offer to us. First of all it has an engine which produces 10.7 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 11.3 NM of Torque @ 6000 RPM. The engine is matted with a 5 speed gearbox with a feet & toe shifter. The 135cc engine is air cooling, has 2 valves & carburetor fuel feeding system.

The high efficient TSR engine provides maximum possible performance including a significant fuel economy. During our testing we found a fuel mileage of 42-45 km/l in the city while on the highway it went all the way to 45-50 km/l
The bike weighs 126 kg and has a saddle height of 770 mm. The bike is equipped with both self & kick starter. Unlike many commuting bike in this segment it doesn’t have a spread out handle bar but it didn’t compromise the turning radius of this machine. You can easily move about the bike in Dhaka city.

haojue ka135 engine bikebd bangladesh

The switch gears are standard quality, there is a fully digital speedometer with REV counter, speed gauge, gear change indicator, low battery light , warning lights & engine oil change indicator. A fully digital speedometer in a commuting 135 cc motorcycle is very rare to find.

The speedometer is fully digital, with lots of features which even include an engine oil change indicator. They have given standard quality switch gears to the bike.

haojue ka 135 speedometer

Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review – Appearance

Although this is a commuting motorcycle Haojue did their level best to adapt some sporty & energetic looks & design in this bike. The bike has a arrowhead halogen headlight, muscular fuel tank, split seat & sporty body panels.
The headlight of the bike is designed aggressively including the pilot lamps, multi shade housing & sporty dents at the front.

The fuel tank is probably the bolder part of the bike, it features a sporty dents on both sides with extended plastic shrouds which gives an even sportier appearance. The side panels are crafted with both matt & glossy parts hence the rear of the bike is now narrow & sharper.

haojue ka 135 front looks headlight

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What will most attract you about this particular bike is the colour, they added green and then some sparkle glitters, am still to test a bike which has such an unique colour & it isn’t just for show, the colour quality is good too. They gave the bike double horn grab-rail on the rear for the pillion rider to seat comfortably, they added exhaust heat muffler & mudguards which are designed matched with it’s sporty profile.

Just like any conventional commuting bike they added saree guard, crash guard, extra footpeg for female pillion to keep both their legs on one side which will make your life very easy day in day out.

haojue ka135 indicators

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You might say that is the end of it but it isn’t, the bike is build on steel frame, it comes with alloy rims & tubeless tyres but here the tyres are bit narrow which helps in speed & fuel economy but it won’t be helpful when you lean the bike on the corner. It isn’t standard to have 90 section rear tyre for bikes in the 125-135 cc segment, as only one bike as of now we tested have this spec rear tyre.

The bike feature a 270 mm single piston hydraulic disc brake at the front, the rear there is an conventional drum brake. Again at front they gave telescopic front suspensions with the rear is setup with double loaded rear suspensions. I don’t have any complain about the suspensions setup but in the modern time they need to fit duel piston disc brake up front.

ka 135 front disc brake

The halogen headlight is good for night riding in Dhaka city but it still needs more illumination from the headlight as the light isn’t spread out, instead it is concentrated on a small area.

I rode this bike for straight one week, covered around 800 km and not for a single moment I felt tired or exhausted while riding the bike. The engine is smooth and refine, you will find the vibrations from the engine around 6000 RPM which you can feel on the footpeg & handle bar. This vibration is also minimum which you won’t feel for everyday ride.

haojue ka135 footpeg

The brakes are good but due to the single caliper attach with the front disc the initial bite is something not as efficient as it should have been. A bike of this engine capacity needed to have twin caliper at front. The rear brake is good, although it is a drum unit but if you press it way too hard then you will end up locking it, so you need to apply the rear brake with fience.

The acceleration is soft, the engine doesn’t scream when you are at high rpm. There isn’t any ready pickup to the engine. To be honest with you all, the way this bike has been designed and worked around you won’t feel to ride this bike at full speed, you would love to keep the speed around 60-70 kmph and sober down, & enjoy the feel of the ride, enjoy the view & cherish the moment.

Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review PROS:

  • Build quality
  • Colour quality
  • Good chassis which helps to do medium speed cornering
  • Good suspensions.
  • Softer gear
  • Good mileage feedback, good as 125cc bike.
  • Good engine braking gives good feedback to the rider.

haojue ka135 riding experience

Haojue KA135 Test Ride Review CONS:

  • Due to front single piston brake you don’t get initial bite.
  • If you press the rear brake too hard it will lock and skid
  • Headlight of the bike needed to be a bit more powerful.
  • Lack of top end.

If you are a person with a moderate height & want a bike which has a good build quality & gives a good feedback on the mileage from a Chinese brand then Haojue is one of the best choices in this segment.

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