Gliders & Jazz Helmet Price In BD

GLIDERS Helmet is one of the known Indian motorcycle helmet brands in the motorcycle helmet and accessory market in this South-Asian region (source). Under the brand GLIDERS & NXT, this Indian manufacturing and supplier company manufactures different types of motorcycle & bicycle helmets including other helmet accessories and distributes in the market.

Gliders & Jazz Helmets In Bangladesh

Jazz Decor-D4


NameJazz Decor-D4
Price1,400 BDT

Jazz Decor-D7


NameJazz Decor-D7
Price1,400 BDT

Jazz D5


NameJazz D5
Price1,400 BDT

Jazz DLX


NameJazz DLX
Price1,200 BDT

Gliders MC-3


NameGliders MC-3
Price2,350 BDT

Gliders City


NameGliders City
Price1,040 BDT

Gliders & Jazz Helmet Bangladesh

The brand GLIDERS is owned by the company T.P. Industries Limited that located in Sonipat, Haryana, India. The key person of the manufacturing and supplier company is Mr. Rajesh Thakkar and his family. The company is now one of the top listed supplier companies in India and a leading seller of some listed products.


The company T.P. Industries founded back in 1993 as the safety helmet supplier and distributor company in India. At the same time, it involved the manufacturing of protecting accessories, safety equipment, and helmet gears. Thus it allied with the manufacturing and supplying motorcycle helmets & accessories for over two decades. 


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In 2005 the company introduced its expanded product line under the tagline NXT. Under the NXT, T.P. Industries presented a wide range of motorcycle and other types of sporting safety helmets. This product range enhanced with a wide variety of color and graphics schemes that nicely matched the target customer requirements.


GLIDERS helmets are proudly manufactured in India guided by Indian safety standards. The company gives quality and safety as first priority in every manufacturing cycle and ensures taking necessary precautions in every cycle of production. Thus they ensure the quality, feature, and standard of each of the manufactured products.


Currently, the company has a larger coverage across India and also in South Asia. They are rendering their business with a comprehensive product line, widespread dealers, and distribution networks in the market. Thus GLIDERS also has a modest presence in the motorcycle helmet market of Bangladesh.


GLIDERS helmets are much popular in the market due to their versatile design, attractive color & graphics scheme, and mostly due to their exclusively lower prices. The most popular series of the GLIDERS helmets are JAZZ, STREAM, FUSION, COBRA, ULTRA, MC2, AXXIS, CITY, RAPID, VENUS, etc. currently in the market.


The sub-brand X-Lite was born in 1998 where the mother company Nolan established in 1972 by Lander Nocchi (source). Lander Nocchi was an official Guzzi driver and a businessman in the motorcycle racing industry. Thus he tended to produces helmets for motorcycle riders. 


Hence after the former brand Nolan, the company established another helmet brand Grex and then X-Lite. Sequentially another brand N-Com formed to manufacture personal communication systems for the riders. Here all the helmet and accessories products are manufactured by Nolan and all of those made in Italy.


The brand X-Lite represents the philosophy of making the safest possible helmets. Thus it focused to build helmets composing of the most advanced technology and material to build the highest possible quality helmets which can give maximum safety and support to the race riders.


The brand X-Lite owns a special manufacturing plant in Bergamo, Italy for its exclusive production of helmets to ensure control on all the production phases including inception, research, testing, and development. Further, all the stages of manufacturing, assembling, and packaging are exclusively taken care of to achieve the highest possible manufacturing and industrial quality.


Therefore, X-Lite engineers have uncompromised control over the design, material management, manufacturing, assembling, testing, and storing. Thus all X-Lite helmets are manufactured ensuring précised manufacturing standard and qualify the global and racing safety standards those formed and standardized by the related institutes.


In the sales and distribution X-Lite therefore the mother company Nolan has the global coverage. Nolan has dedicated dealer and distribution networks in Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. In Bangladesh Nolan & X-Lite helmets are sold and distributed by ACI Motors Limited who also is the official sole distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

GLIDERS is one of the most well-known Indian motorcycle helmet brands in Bangladesh.

GLIDERS helmets are manufactured and owned by the T.P. Industries Limited of India.

GLIDERS is an Indian motorcycle helmet brand manufactured in India.

In Bangladesh, GLIDERS helmet has no official distribution but those helmets are imported and distributed by the individual helmet suppliers in the market.

In the production of GLIDERS helmets, T.P. Industries follows Indian Standards.

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