GearX Launches KYT Helmets In Dhaka Bike Show 2019

Ahmed Shazon
March 14, 2019

GearX Bangladesh is a renowned motorcycle accessories Importer in Bangladesh, and they are the official distributor of many helmet brands in Bangladesh. Now, they have launched KYT Helmets in Dhaka Bike Show 2019.

kyt helmets

KYT Helmets is one of the most popular helmet brand in the world. KYT Helmets is a premium Italian brand, who focuses on producing premium quality sports helmets. KYT Helmets is one of the leading sports helmet manufacturer in the world, and they are considered as one of the first category helmet manufacturer all around the world.

KYT Helmets is really different than many of the helmet brands around the world, cause they always maintain the same quality in their product no matter where it is being shipped or no matter the targeted customer base. They always maintain their quality, therefore they are one of the most premium sports helmet brands in the globe. KYT Helmets are also used in MotoGP, SBK, Moto2, Moto3, and in a lots of popular and highly intense race events.

kyt helmets in bangladesh

GearX have launched various models of KYT Helmets in Bangladesh, and every helmet is gonna have one year of official warranty. There will be special discounts and gifts for those who will pre-book KYT Helmets at the GearX Bangladesh Pavilion in the 5th Dhaka Bike Show 2019.


KYT NX Race is a full carbon fiber helmet which is one of the most premium helmets officially available in Bangladesh. it has a Optical class 1 visor which is full vision and UV protected. It also has DD ring, along with washable padding and both ECE and DOT certification.

The KYT NX Race Helmet in Bangladesh costs 24,999 BDT and it weighs 1300 grams.

kyt helmets price

KYT NX Race (Tri-Composite Technology)

This is a similar helmet to the NX Race with similar visor and other features but one thing that makes it unique is that, it is made from a combination of three kinds of material – Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass.

The helmet weighs 1350 grams and has a price tag of 24,999 BDT


This is another Tri-composite helmet from KYT which is also wind tunnel tested for one of the best in class aero-dynamics and full vision UV 380 Anti Scratch visor.

KYT KR-1 Helmet in Bangladesh has a price tag of 25,999 BDT


KYT NF-R has a ADV Shell and built in sun visor, and it also has a pinlock visor as the front visor. It has goggles compatibility, and it also has support for Bluetooth communicator.

It has two versions – one is the regular graphics which has a price tag of 13,999 BDT. and then, there is the MotoGP graphics version, which costs 14,999 BDT.

KYT Falcon 2

This is a relatively entry level helmet in the KYT line-up in Bangladesh, and it has an anti scratch visor along with ADT advanced shell, removable cheek pads and a price tag of 11,999 BDT

KYT Convair

This is the only helmet of KYT in Bangladesh which is a flip-up helmet. This segment of helmets are also known as modular helmets, and it gives really good protection. The price of the KYT Convair is 10,999 BDT

off road helmets in bangladesh

KYT Helmets in Bangladesh is really a great news as this marks the official arrival of level one helmets in Bangladesh. GearX Bangladesh is giving exclusive discounts on KYT Helmets in their pavilion on Dhaka Bike Show 2019, so it is a great time to check out the helmets.

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